10 US Presidents EVERYBODY Disliked

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Who do you think was the WORST president?

Not all US presidents are missed once they leave office. There have been many heads of state in American history, some good and some bad. But out of all of them, who should get the worst-president-ever award? In this article, we will take a look at 10 men who received this award (metaphorically speaking, of course) and see exactly what made them so unpopular.

Some led the country into unnecessary wars, others were corrupt, and still, others failed to get the job done. Whatever their reasons, these 10 men are known to be the most disliked presidents in American history!

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231 thoughts on “10 US Presidents EVERYBODY Disliked”

    1. Most hated and most effective. And everything he did positive was spun into something negative or completely ignored and replaced with some *(#* about things unrelated to his presidency. And the established club is still absolutely terrified of him threatening their control.

      1. Christine Taylor

        Effective at being nasty and divisive. He was also 100% incompetent. He lost because he lied about the virus. He knew how dangerous it was Nov. ’20 and didn’t tell anyone. How many hundreds of thousands lost their lives because of him???

        The only thing we should be terrified about with him is losing democracy.

        1. I agree with you ! Why are so many people so loyal to him when he shows loyalty to no one? He is a self centered control freak. Wannabe dictator! People need to wake up.

    2. And most misunderstood. He was and is the only prominent U.S. politician who is trying to prevent the destruction of western civilization by the internationalists who are perfectly willing to consign all manufacturing to slave labor in China and other totalitarian (i.e. communist) countries while sucking all the wealth out of the western democracies, particularly the United States, by encouraging massive deficits while they take up all the government and other loans.

      1. Your points were said in a well-thought-out way. I hope you are right because my observation and intuition show him as transparent, and self-serving in ways that don’t benefit all of us American. One author alone was able to put all of the disturbing things he said in two novel-size books. I can only see his manipulative behavior and abuse of power . Sigh! We won’t truly know until we have more hindsight

    3. Donald Trump by far and away. He’s a narcissistic pathological lying sociopath. He worships dictators and hates our Allie’s. He doesn’t believe in climate change or exercise. He’s an immoral, unethical crook.

    4. Arlen Mansfield

      Sorry. Only the Democrats and their lapdog media hated Trump as President. The absolute worst was Barack Obama. No one in recent years (not even Jimmy Carter or George Bush Jr.) did more to destroy America than him (although Joe Biden is trying to out do him).

      1. Christine Taylor

        Are you kidding me? Obama pulled us out of a near depression! He saved the banks and the auto industry. Everything was smooth sailing when he left office. Great economy, low gas prices. And he was a nice guy to boot.
        Then y’all brought in frumpy. He destroyed everything and what a nasty, liar he is! No thanks once again.

    5. Trump was definitely the worst: he lacked the necessary skill set and was and is corrupt through and through. His only concern: himself, screw this country. “W” is definitely deserving of his low marks as well. I think History will be kind to Biden. He has accomplished more in 2 years with his hands tied by the joke-of-a-Republican-party than was thought possible. If you doubt this, look at the list of things in the bills that were passed and tell me you aren’t benefiting (or about to) from something in them. Lower prescription drug costs, specifically insulin? Infrastructure improvements: roads, bridges, etc.?

    6. The fact that Trump is not #1 on this list of most hated presidents for his 40k+ lies while in office, his ridiculous and immature rants and name calling, to his efforts to overthrow the government to put himself back in office, just to name a few, leads me to believe that goviralstory.com is as full of s… as Trump himself is and I won’t read anything else they put online. The fact that they didn’t mention anything about those particular issues shows me that Trump lovers are more than likely in charge. What a joke!

    7. Trump was fine when he first started, went nuts after that.
      Biden is the worse one, country is a total mess. Looting, stealing , big time crime , he is totally out of it, half of the time he has no clue where he is or what the heck he is saying, scary.

  1. Trump is the worst. His rants on Twitter, causing the Riot at Capital Hill and horrible tax cuts for the rich only.
    Before his running the comments he made about grabbing women because he was rich. He should have never been elected. ABC fired Billy Bush over that video and our country for some odd reason overlooked it and elected him President.

    1. Awwww, poor little wokies got their feeling in a bunch over one of the greatest Presidents EVER, because you hated his mean tweets…boohoo. Find a safe spot to grow up in.

    2. Your a total idiot. Trump was attacked from day 1 and still did a amazing job. If the libs would have tried to worked together our country wouldn’t be where we are in Bidens world ,Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine and we wouldn’t be paying $5
      for milk.

    3. You think those democrats have our best interests at heart? They are supposedly the party of anything goes….as long as it goes their way, that is. Tolerant until you have a different opinion, rage against anyone that won’t line up and then hurl accusations of all the silly “isms” they can pull out of the air. Yes, you know it’s true…any dissension is met with accusations galore. Just look at the Twitter Files (which aren’t even discussed on mainstream news) with the collusion proof of all sorts of democrats asking for conservatives to be silenced. Liberals aren’t liberal, what a joke. They push every ungodliness under the sun, are too clueless to even see how bound they are by their own ignorance “advanced” beliefs. Yes, all the ones and mire that go against normalcy and nature. Good grief, half the country are quacks and the quacks are almost entirely on the liberal, progressive, democrat side by far.

      Humans truly are a piece of work, they think they are so smart but then have less sense than dumb brutes. The animal kingdom has more sense about the laws of nature than people. What a disgrace American have become. No light or beacon on a hill shining to the world here, just an increasingly dimwitted kingdom of fools. Lord help us.

    4. James Quasebarth

      Don’t forget the Helsinki debacle, Kim Jung il love letters after he tortured an American college student to death, Porno star affair while his wife was pregnant, blatant nepotism, looting our national treasury, weaponizing the DOJ, corrupting the supreme court, prolific lying & stealing our national secrets (presumably to sell to our enemies) just to name the highlights. We couldn’t have searched 3 state prisons to find a worst candidate. BTW holds the record, twice impeached one term president.

    5. And yes, they fired Billy Bush, but let this parasite become a president I cannot get over how they let this disgusting parasite, Donald J Trump become president of our country. What the hell is going on in our world allowing all this corruption, and they all get away with it all of them all his minions all his many parasites. As Tony Montana said in Scarface, he’s nothing but a cockroach, parasite, psychopath, narcissist, liar, along with all his followers , they are nothing but a bunch of cult leaders destroying our country, and the government sits back and allows, i can’t get it through my head so sad what is our world coming to. I feel sad and scary for my grandchildren.
      Like I said, I think all that hair dye has warped his brain, he needs to take that pillow off his head give the brain some air he’s incompetent, and he has nerve to say that he is the most competent president in the history of our country. Don’t know what planet he came from but I hope they send him back, them balloons that were flying around in our skies. That’s Donald Trump‘s people they were looking for him to take him back home. Could say so much more, but I’ll give it a rest for now.

    6. He might have been the most hated by Drmocrats but he accomplished more than any President since 1980. Look at the mess our country is in now! Just my opinion without spewing hate. SMH

    7. OBVIOUSLY your uninformed, under educated, closed minded and basically talking out of you BUM ! IF you were not these things you speak of, especially in light of recent events? Would not demonstrate a lack of ability to analyze, compare and rationalize. That despite your ( T.V. fake news mentality)! Though Trump may or may not have the charisma of a timid and humble man. The media can not discredit his accomplishments as to the improvement of this country in multiple ways. If you would prefer to be totally oblivious to reality, or possibly unable to grasp reality? As your statements would lead one to believe. Then retract your comprehension to an appropriate IQ level that can allow you the ability to simply open your eyes and look around. If your of an age in which you can legally drive an automobile. ? Observe the present gas prices under the current administration. Then if your capable of math calculations? Evaluate the present grocery prices and availability VS the Trump administration. Then after taking these statements under consideration. Then ask yourself this. WHY? do the vast majority of this country approve of Trumps accomplishments anonymously?

    8. Trump was an awesome President and did more for this county and it’s working class than any president it the past hundred years!
      The worst possible president in the history of the great nation is between Obama and Biden. Both horrible presidents and both horrible humans being!!

    9. Biden putting China first and selling out America. Under Trump 3% interest, lowest gas prices and energy independent, lowest unemployment for minorities and he was reducing the debt. Not sure what u are on but get some facts. Joe is sending us into a deep depression with his money printing

    10. I guess Bill Clinton was an angel!
      Biden keeps touching girls and rudely sniffs women.
      Jimmy Carter was a brilliant scientist and majored in Nuclear Physics, but he had zero understanding of how to run the country or how our military works and was very prejudiced against black and Jewish people.
      Trump has his faults just like everyone else, but he did more to get our great country back on its feet and recover from the depreciated military that Obama made, so we could defend ourselves and deter any foreign government from taking on the most powerful country in the world. There is so much more good that Trump has done for us that I could go on and on, including while he was president, no country was invaded nor started and wars. Have a nice day and continue to exercise your right to free speech while we still have it.

    1. Very true. He started the American Civil War to free the slaves. Today, slave decendants claim that Lincoln did it for the sake of an increased taxation once the slaves are free and started paying personal income tax.

    2. Joe Biden is without a doubt the worst ever!
      His policies have damaged our country to the point of him trying to force the country into buying electric vehicles that only a few can afford. And, the electrical grid is not ready to handle the extra demand for recharging electric cars. Plus, he is stuffing his pockets with money from other countries by underhanded deals via his son Hunter!!!!

    3. michelle newman

      he was one of the best! gas prices were down low. other countries were afraid of him. he really ran our country good!

    1. For what? Its Trumps fault Biden ran and trust me he did not want to but the chaos and riots and idiots armed at state capitals an the plans to kidnap a govenor and Jan 6th had to stop. Did you want Trump to have a 2nd term and kill us all. Trump had literally hundreds of charges against him, sold russians and others the top secret and will be in jail soon. Biden although not the strongest of Presidents changes all that during as war and covid and today gas is 4.16 in Ca. Yes the word is going through econimic strugles but you should be grateful

    2. /Ward G. Johnson

      Very true. However Camilla Harris may beat him to this list since the democrats seem to be hiding her from the general public fearing embarrassment from may erupt from her mouth next. Lets all hope and vote to remove both of them in the next upcoming presidential election.

      1. Camilla who? Before Ms. Harris it was Pelosi before her it was Michelle Obama, Clinton. You would probably hate Elinor Roosevelt.

      2. Please give FACTS of what they don’t want her to say!!! Trump appointed Pence to oversee Covid-19 but never let him speak!!!

    3. Why soon? He is already the worst after just 2 years. He already volunteered Americans to goto war with Russia in support of Selensky who supported his Son from Giuliani’s investigation of corruption. Now, its daddy’s turn to support volodymer and he is enlisting all Americans.

    4. Agreed. And he’s not through with his failed policies!!! This is the worst I’ve seen this Country in my 73+ years and having studied History. The next two years can’t go fast enough !!!

  2. Donald Trump..Honorable mention?…………….You’ve got to be kidding……………..By far, he was the worst and most hated president ever.

    1. Y’all need to read a history book or two.
      Trump was a fairly good President.
      Kept us out of war and got our economic engine running again. FYI, the rich always get richer
      Regardless of party affiliation. Trump created opportunities for people of color. Obama (elected twice) was shrewd but not that bright. He sold out to the banks and big pharma. Nixon was probably the worst President as he created the drug war to oppress black and brown people.

    2. Donald Trump was the best president we have had. Take your poll to the middle class and the poor and you will see. I don’t know where you got your information

    3. tiffany Williams

      Donald Trump best President ever that is why all the working people are his supporters because he ggeared his policies to their concerns. You see the rallys for our country, the patriotism and the American Flags on their trucks. The most hated President has to be Joe Biden who brought us the worst conditions ever with the inflation tax, war in Ukraine, losing the peace in the middle east and only working for himself, illegals and other countries. How much money has he made in the last few years?

    4. Trump. Actually one of the best president that ran our country!! Democratic defunded our military started with Obama. Then Biden got ridd of thousand of soldiers do to vaccine mandate, And defunded our military, And violence in the cities, Trump has strengthened. Our military And done a hole lot for the Americans

    5. You know…it’s amazing how no one talks about the great things that Trump did!
      Remember ISSI? It started under Obama and grew! Looked to be taking over the entire Middle East. Massacres and beheading. Trump became President and within 6 months, they were DONE!
      How about Russian Collusion? All lies! Invented by the opposition and promoted over and over for YEARS! The dems knew it was a lie and surely the FBI but they let it run. When proven a lie, no apologies just move on to impeach him….. He said that he was going to drain the swamp and the swamp fought back. The had 3 years of peace and prosperity in America then the Dems cranked up the protests. (All in Democrats controlled cities). George Floyd terrible death BUT it happened in a Democrat controlled State, city, mayor and police chief. How was his death any part of Trump’s presidency? BLM…Antifa all part of the Dems machine.

    6. Only in your lifetime. Still with his mistakes he is not to be blamed for what has happened to the United States since the day Biden and Harris to over.

    1. Carter might have been naive to presidential cutthroat politics but was well respected internationally. He was a leader in human rights, led the Camp Davis Accords, was responsible for the Salt II treaty ,created the superfund for cleanup, built the Carter Presidential library, was instrumental in the Habitat For Humanity and was an accomplished author. Carter was ironically blamed personally for the wrong air filters in the plane and helicopter used for the rescue try of the Iran hostages. Do some research.

    2. To increase human and social services, he created the Department of Education, bolstered the Social Security system, and appointed record numbers of women, blacks, and Hispanics to Government jobs. In foreign affairs, Carter set his own style. Carter reoriented U.S. foreign policy towards an emphasis on human rights. He continued the conciliatory late Cold War policies of his predecessors, normalizing relations with China and pursuing further Strategic Arms Limitation Talks with the Soviet Union.
      Significant foreign policy accomplishments of his administration included the Panama Canal treaties, the Camp David Accords, the treaty of peace between Egypt and Israel, the SALT II treaty with the Soviet Union, and the establishment of U.S. diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China. Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, got involved in the mid-1980s. Through the partnership between the national Habitat for Humanity and the Carter Work Project, the former president and first lady helped build roughly 4,000 homes in 14 countries.

    3. Significant foreign policy accomplishments of his administration included the Panama Canal treaties, the Camp David Accords, the treaty of peace between Egypt and Israel, the SALT II treaty with the Soviet Union, and the establishment of U.S. diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China.Carter reoriented U.S. foreign policy towards an emphasis on human rights. He continued the conciliatory late Cold War policies of his predecessors, normalizing relations with China and pursuing further Strategic Arms Limitation Talks with the Soviet Union.To increase human and social services, he created the Department of Education, bolstered the Social Security system, and appointed record numbers of women, blacks, and Hispanics to Government jobs. In foreign affairs, Carter set his own style.
      Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, got involved in the mid-1980s. Through the partnership between the national Habitat for Humanity and the Carter Work Project, the former president and first lady helped build roughly 4,000 homes in 14 countries.

  3. The list should include Woodrow Wilson, who was responsible for America’s involvement in the First World War. If the U.S. hadn’t entered the war, the Europeans would have fought to a standstill, and there would have been no financial penalties imposed on Germany. That burden led directly to Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Second World War. With his Liberty Bell Tour, Wilson whipped the nation into a pro-British frenzy that eventually led to the rise of the Nazis.

    1. You have to also include the Great Depression of the 1930’s as caused by Wilson. He won the war for the allies by geting the U.S. into it, then gave Britain and France carter blanche to bleed Germany and Austria dry so that their economic failure led to bank failures and spread to the rest of the western world.

    2. How can you be so sure Europe wouldn’t have seen a German outbreak & victory? I seem to remember a certain corporal in the German army who seemed to think they could have won? It’s easy to be an armchair historian to cherry pick from the past to melt into your preferred present day. Let’s just try to get certain people to accept their past? It’s called history for a reason? History deniers will be assured to repeat the mistakes of our past.

    3. And Franklin Delano Rosenfeld (yes) saved communism when the Germans were at the gates of Moscow. Oh, I forgot — the Holocaust. The media would never lie, would they? The Covid vaccine proved that.

  4. I would say President Obama was one of the worst presidents. Joe Biden presently is proving to be a horrible president.

    1. What bullshit. You should go back and read some history. What about the scumbag whose wife secretly ran the country while he was ‘stroked out’ do you even know who that was ya dopes!

    2. Trump should never have been elected and by far the worst. #2 Reagan He supplied weapons to Americas enemies. Illegally supplied arms to both sides of the Iran Iraq war. He supplied weapons to Nicaraguan rebels in violation of law he himself signed. He helped create Al Queda, supported the apartheid government of South AfricA. At least 138 members of his administration officials were convicted of crimes. His economic policies put millions of Americans out of work. His financial policies caused the collapse of the savings and loan industries. He also robbed the social security trust fund to pay for his budget shortfalls.

    3. Obama weaponized all federal agencies and the worst is the IRS collecting Healthcare fines from hard working low income to cover up heath care for the lazy and illegals. He is a communist and Biden is his puppet.

      1. tiffany Williams

        Biden stopped energy independence. He is responsible for the inflation because of his policies. We are now paying for a President that only thinks of his pocketbook. Look at his net worth in the last few years and his homes with walls built around them while he won’t secure the border. Look at the fentanyl killing our youth. Look at his hate for charter schools and school choice. Look at his relationship with teachers unions and other unions that hurt the working class. He seems to be President of illegals and China cause he don’t care about Americans. He took classified documents as a senator and Vp that only a President can do and declassify. His family was laundering money from China to gain his influence. He is compromised.

      2. Obama was caught red-handed colluding with the radical Islamic government. And now everyone is saying it’s the smoking gun proving treason.
        2016, the Obama administration granted a license to Iran to take nearly $6 billion held in Oman and convert it into Euros by passing it through the United States. Obama was desperate to win a “legacy” second-term achievement and bent over backwards to appease the terrorist supporting government. These side deals also included releasing prisoners as part of a swap with Iran which the Justice Department considered a national security threat to the United States. In addition, the Obama administration dropped investigations and arrest warrants of 14 other individuals, many of whom were believed to be connected to Hamas.
        America paid a steep price for the Iran deal.
        The Obama Iran nuclear deal was a devil’s bargain, but one exclusively designed to help the devil. The Obama administration covertly greased the nuclear deal with bribes and secret agreements that made it even worse for America. Over the years we’ve discovered some of them: There was the nuclear side deal to let Iran inspect itself. There was the ransom deal that gave Iran $1.7 billion in cash. There were several wire transfers from America to Iran, ranging from roughly $1 million to $10 million, including a purchase of excess nuclear-related material that Iran never should have been producing and America did not need from them.

    1. Bruce I agree, Carter was feckless, FDR was becoming a dictator.
      Bush 43 is named but no one can point to any action of his that caused a recession. He didn’t have a majority in Congress. Dodd/ Frank subprime?
      9/11? No.
      Clinton was marginalized so his second term was dominated by inaction. The dot com boom wasn’t his doing. Remember how that was deflating by 2000.

  5. Joe Biden will prove to be the most corrupt and certainly is the most incompetent president in history. He’s accomplished this designation in less than 2 years in office.

    1. The pro-Trump lunacy is clearly part of your make-up. I didn’t vote for Biden, but there is absolutely no doubt for me that Trump fits right into the top three at least of this list. Biden has never attacked Democracy itself. Biden has never been in legal problems, or being at risk pof being in prison. Trump couldn’t even get Pence to back his corrupt schemes to block Democracy. Get real.

    2. Eugene Ellsworth

      I agree with you 1000% Chuck, and when history finally reveals the Biden FAMILY history, I know who # 1 will be.

    3. Andrew Jackson is first for me! He is responsible for the “Trail of Tears” and the death of thousands of Cherokee people that it caused!!….
      Donald Trump is just a hair behind him for his four years of agony!!

      1. Check out inflation, border crossings, military degradation, censorship, corruption. Many others, and not all were started by Biden, but he added to all. Then you have his delegation of authority to others – only Wilson was worse here. Biden is also the champ on tyranny – more executive orders than any other president, by far, even though his party controlled Congress for 2 years.

        I rank Biden 5th worst overall: Worst Pierce, followed by Buchanan and Jackson for bringing on the Civil War by encouraging the South. Thern Lyndon Johnson for killing 50,000 plus Americans in Viet Nam for a false world political strategy and lying about the Gulf of Tonkin incident to get Congress to go along. His civil rights stance was pure politics and nothing more, proved by his own writings. Then Biden.

    4. You are mistaken chuck. He has accomplished too much to include here. But you obviously are not interested in reviewing any actual information on the subject.

  6. Trump tops this list. He has to be one of the most selfish, narcissistic persons on earth. He has lost millions, if not billions of dollars with his own company and wants to lead the US for a second term?! He is a liar and he is corrupt as he places his needs and his family’s need above what is best for the American people. He has divided the American people rather than united them. He dines with the likes of Fuentes and “Ye” which sends the message that he endorses racism and antisemitism. He has controlled the minds and emotions of American people by endorsing baseless conspiracy theories. He shouldn’t ever be allowed to be the president of the world’s greatest democratic government. He acts like a third world dictator and perhaps that’s where he needs to be……a place where he cannot cause harm to any US citizen ever again!

    1. World’s greatest democratic government, ha! You moron. United States is a Republic. Trump never placed his family needs any higher than President Biden with his son or Clinton and Clinton did with their family, you talk about corrupt. Also, he himself did not divide this country the democratic party did that on their own by letting every freeloader and croak in this country and harboring all the protesting special interest groups that are all (coming out). Democrat party as a whole have been pushing conspiracy theories against Trump when he took office which proved to all be baseless. What harm has he caused to any US citizen? Baseless None, and how would you know what a third world dictator acts like.

    2. Yeah so selfish the only president who didn’t start a war for personal gain (or for any reason) and the only president who didn’t get paid. His paycheck went right back into the betterment of the country. Turn your news channel and get a check on reality.

  7. I vote for D. Trump as the #1 most hated president ever. He is a criminal, tax evader, lied. And a thief that has stolen classified documents not to mention millions of dollars from Americans.

    1. Eugene Ellsworth

      Bobby watches too many woke news networks, try Fox, or maybe an unbiased news network. The whole honest truth matters to me, very much no matter where the chips might fall.

    2. tiffany Williams

      Trump is the Best President for the American People this century. His policies were geared to the working and middle class while you believe the democrat lies about catering to the rich. What do you think Biden is doing? If he was a criminal or tax evader the Obama weaponized IRS would have him in jail. Presidents can declassify documents but Vice Presidents and Senators can’t which makes Biden the worst President in history for taking documents illegally and being compromised as he and his family collect from the Chinese, Ukraine and the Russians.

  8. Biden should be included on this list! Recession, releasing a dangerous killer and leaving an American that fought for our country, spending billions of dollars over seas when our own people are starving, losing jobs, and businesses going under.

    1. i don’t agree with everything you saying even though your opinions matters as mines, Biden cant run this country if the Republicans is stopping everything he does even sending billions of dollars which they agreed, i feel he didn’t bring our country down because the pandemic crisis did, i agree with you about sending money out of this country and people is starving but i also think it is a choice of theirs because it is several programs to assist the needy, they need a remake of our system, have all these all rich people in their seats and getting paid to do nothing, it should be a time period for them to move on (democrats and republicans)

  9. Donald Trump and James Buchanan worst presidents in history. Also on the list: Jimmy Carter U. S. Grant and Herbert Hoover. Trump is the worst BY FAR.

    1. tiffany Williams

      You would gladly go back to the Trump years after the mess we have now. Trump the best President this century. Obama, Bush and Biden do not do what Trump did for the American people holding our enemies in check and trying to secure our border. There is no question Biden has ruined the country. We were energy independent, peace in middle east, respected by our allies and jobs brought back from China by Trump made him our best President this century. Democrats divided us with fake russian collusion, impeachments, mueller investigations, IRS investigations (unnecessary as Obama weaponized IRS would have indicted him if they could) and fake insurrections. Look at how much Trump had to deal with in distractions and then look up his accomplishments that helped the American People.

  10. I’m torn between Nixon And TRUMP, Nixon was a sneakie one did a lot of under the table deals and didn’t really didn’t have a great number of citizens that would have voted for him . Trump on the other hand was and still is ALL FOR TRUMP no matter who he stepped on screwed up deals that although weren’t perfect they helped us, climate change, nuelear agreements, Texas wall, finance deals that favored the rich ,and screwed the middle class. Favored the insurrction on January 6 th and would not except the fact that He lost the election and did so much to over turn the results that I personal thought were violating the Constitution Combining all the things that He loust up . I would say take away all his rights as an american citizen and place Him on a ship that never docked in any american port. Edward Evert Hales creation come to life.

    1. tiffany Williams

      Your listening to the lies of the left, Trump helped the middle class just look at the middle class under Biden and Obama or are you blind.

    2. Nixon nearly beat Jack Kennedy in 1960, won in 1968 and won 49 states in his 1972 reelection. No problem finding votes. He was a popular President until Watergate. Watergate wasn’t his idea but he trying to cover up for his overzealous staffers is what did him in.

  11. Trump has to be the worst. What other president would oversee an insurrection against the government and and advocate a dissolution of the constitution with lies that he won an election to satisfy his ego.

    1. tiffany Williams

      The head of the capitol security died mysteriously and 4 capitol police committed suicide since so we will never know Pelosi’s part in the insurrection farsce.

    1. Eugene Ellsworth

      Jeanie I was thinking the same about Joe. He doesn’t want a democracy, he wants the democratic party to rule forever. So I won’t be surprised to hear an oath to the US Fuhrer, Biden or even worse, Harris, that won’t be a good day, even worst than the present days we are going through now.

  12. There is no doubt that Trump was the most corrupt, lying twice impeached self serving president by far. He tore families apart and divided this country like no other president ever has. He couldn’t accept his loss and instigated the insurrection at the capital that caused the death of 5 people /officers defending it. He still has his base believing it and it has taken over the republican party because of their feat of that base. He makes Bush look like a choir boy.

  13. I think it would be more interesting to turn this around and determine who were the most loved and admired president’s in American history. Reasons to hate are easy to identify while finding reasons for respect and admiration are more difficult, especially where politicians are concerned.

    1. tiffany Williams

      Trump obviously has to be one of the most admired President’s because his policies were for the American People

  14. Definitely Trump was the worse. First the only President to organize and support an insurrection, including the breaking into the capitol. The only President to be impeached twice. He clearly took classified documents, and as of today’s date, has lied about having even more documents and Is refusing to cooperate with turning them back to the government. Probably the most corrupt President who totally enriched himself at the expense of taxpayers. P


  16. I think the most hated President is Joe Biden. He has done and continues to do nothing that benefits citizens of the United States. His closure of the Oil Pipeline has led to unprecedented Inflation. His withdrawal from Afghanistan caused the deaths of our military and showed a very weak President. Biden only helps illegal immigrants with his open border and does nothing for Americans. His wall at the Delaware beach was paid by US Taxpayers and our border wall is wide open. Hopefully Biden (worst President ever) will resign or be replaced in the near future by a more capable person.

    1. Closure of the “Oil Pipeline” has lead to unprecedented inflation? Withdrawal from Afghanistan, causing the deaths of our military? Wall at the Delaware beach paid by US Taxpayers, and our border wall is wide open? Biden will resign or be replaced in the near future?
      John K. – I guess you got it – writing it down while watching Tucker Carlson at the same time is not easy – I trust you weren’t chewing gum too, because if you were, your brain would have exploded. I suppose the wall at the Delaware beach must be pretty big, huh? Keeping the Marylanders from accessing the chem dumps and DuPont ordinance burial plots on the Delaware side of the beach. Especially vexing as our border wall is wide open – I’m telescoping here – but it was Donald Trump that built/was building the wall on the Mexican border, so if he left it wide open, perhaps, he left the gate unlatched. Could happen to anybody, particularly, if your little man hands won’t reach. Afghanistan, the graveyard of Empires, was going to be a better place if we had stayed another 20 years – good thinking John K. – and of course, there would be no more death at least, if we had doubled down and also found a purpose for all of those wonderful toys of war.
      Sadly, for you at any rate, Joe Biden seems to enjoy being president and I don’t think he will resign (or be replaced) any time soon. As events unfold, the likelihood of Biden running again and winning again is actually the safe money bet. Trump is already running on pure outrage, and since he has the full support of the “Hanging Dingleberries” wing of the Republican party, he probably will be Biden’s opponent in 2024. Let’s see how that turns out, shall we?

  17. I feel President Trump is one of the most hated Presidents by many in the US, but not all, and that is probably why he didn’t make the list of 10. There are many Americans who recognize themselves in him, I believe, I also believe he allowed people to express hatreds that had been suppressed for a long time, i.e. blacks, gays, immigrants.

    1. I like your response. However, “he allowed people to express hatreds” is mild. He didn’t just allow people, he encouraged people to express their hatreds and tried to make their hatreds acceptable. He built his entire term on hate and distain for most of humanity.

      45 was not just our worse president, he’s our worst example of an American.

  18. Are you kidding me! There was no suggestion for a tax reduction for the rich. It was signed into law by Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Making the rich…RICHER!! No suggestion about who is and will always be his first priority, the RICH… not the middle class, not the widows, not the Veterans (me) and not those who need social programs. If we all fell disappeared off this planet, I am sure he would be happy!

    1. Also, that was Marjorie Taylor greens family flying around up there in their balloons space ninjas, another well-suited cockroach, so many can’t name them all right now hopefully these parasites all of them will be held accountable, but he hasn’t paid for anything that he has done wrong since he was in diapers sad , the so-called rich can get away with anything. that tells a story about our America. doesn’t it bring in the money and hell, with the rest of the world . Just think we will never be rid of Donald J Trump. his offspring is already in progress. They’ll take over the corruption , unless someone stomps on that cock, a roach once, and for all

  19. I am confused by your comments on Andrew Johnson, If he was racist and segregationist why would he want to punish the South? The article also states that the Recontruction Acts were meant to restore white supremecy, I would think just this opposite.

  20. As a rule, I’d say one shouldn’t judge a President’s administration until it’s been out of office for 25 years, or so. Having said that, I’m confident that in 25 years Trump will be considered among our worst Presidents. His overt corruption, propensity to tell, and double down, on obvious lies, deterioration of relations with our allies, encouraging foreign intervention in our elections, encouraging political and social divisiveness, attempts to subvert our elections and faith in our election system, and attempted coup to remain in office, being his most egregious traits. Trump would’ve led us to an outright Fascist regime, and I find that inexcusable.

  21. Trump is or will be tthe most hated US President because his role in the January 7
    revolt will be fully revealed once he is tried for treason. He continuously demonstrated being unfit for office by virtue of his being a congenital liar,
    a bully, his penchant for wanting more power and his demagogic preference for ruling rather than governing. He was lazy, uninformed , impulsive, petulent and many of his advisers considered him a moron when it came to an understanding of history and issues

  22. Actually D>J> TRUMP should be the worst. He is Anti-American & tried to overthrow our election & our Democracy…Not even caring about the Rule of Law and destroy our Constitution. I’ve never seen in my 76 years a more hateful person, and disrespect for anyone not White. His stupidity almost destroyed this country & our Congress, and any decency of that office. I place it as SHAMEFUL and DISGUSTING to any real American. As a veteran I can see and feel his Hate for America.

  23. Judy Frazer Brouillette

    Trump is not only the most corrupt and inept president in the history of our country, but he is a traitor to our country, colluding with the Russians to win his own election and inciting an insurrection which caused damage to our Capitol building and loss of life. He refused the orderly transfer of power when he was defeated and commited illegal acts to overturn the election of Biden. He caused our country to lose the respect of our allies by choosing our enemies over our friends.

    1. But the government still allowed the parasite Donald J Trump to become president that’s why it’s so scary and upsetting.


  25. Poor little Wokies just couldn’t handle one of the Greatest President’s mean tweets. Boohoo… find a safe space to grow up in.

  26. I do not know who is responsible for these views of our presidents. While they all had flaws, as we all do, many of them were great leaders who led us thru difficult times. Washington, Lincoln, Grant, and Bush, should be respected by all Americans. There are others that were also great leaders for their day including both Roosevelts. They lived in a different time and economic conditions. It looks like whoever made this analysis of our presidents was among those who are trying to destroy and change our history ! History happened in the building of our nation and yet we survived, improved, and prospered! I see there is a Trump hater in there also ! Trump did many good things for our country.

  27. I’m amazed at your reasoning. A president is condemned for not doing things the way you want them to do. Your criteria seems to not be “who did everyone hate”, but who did you hate. If that be the ground rules, so be it. I will now nominate my “top 3″ most hated president.
    1; Donald Trump, not for being a bad president, but for being a bad person. I was one of the never Trumpers, but I did see that he did some very good things.
    2” LBJ Perhaps he should be considered for #1 because of his handling of the VN war and the US economy, but I concede that Trump even bettered that.
    3; Barry Obama, secret agreements and actually bribery of senators to pass a bill that, according to Pelosi, we have to pass so we can find out what it is.

  28. This can’t be from any legit poll. It is obviously written by an ignorant Trumper that it’s a total piece of garbage! I can’t believe they actually allow this bull shit to be posted here. Next time actually get some real opinions.

  29. You people that say President Trump is the worst have you been living in the same county everyone else has the USA for the last year. Between that senile clown and his side kick the hyena we are in the worst position our country has seen in over 40 years. Biden is worse than Obama and that’s saying something.

    1. no mark they are all brain washed sheep.and all democrats,who only watch msnbc cnn and listen to the ny times and washington post,if they watched hannity or tucker carlson,they my learn something but i doubt it.and read the epoch times for the truth

    2. Agree Mark. How can people not see the difference as to our economy that failed border, allowing drug cartels to get rich. The list goes on. The media ruined Trump and weak minded people listened.

    3. Promising to see a level headed American, on this format. Soooo many fooled, uninformed and just plain stupid people in the US today. Yeah the Vegetable & Hyena – what a ticket, both totally clueless! Since Biden is bought and paid for by China, it’s not a far stretch for him to hand the USA to China on a silver platter. How can people not see through this paper tiger! I’ll try to end this message on a lighter note: “Election 2024 – Biden & Fetterman – It’s a No Brainer!!!”
      Thanks for letting us know, there ARE still true Americans out there!

  30. Trump was the worst! Nevertheless, all he did was allow most White People to Openly show their Racisms Prejudice and dis-tolerance for anyone different. Most of all, show there true belief that even though their ancestors All came here from someplace else, they really feel that this country belongs to them and everyone else is imposing .

    1. Most of the racism you see today is coming from democrats. Trump like the black republican candidates were labelled by the left from the day he announced and they tried to ruin a great President who accomplished a lot for the working class American People that still love him and show it on their trucks and at his patriotic rallys that bring working people together. The elitist democrats can’t come to terms with it and they hate him for getting in the way of bringing about the new world order. Democrats are poison to our democracy, our flag and National Anthem. I love to hear Lee Greenwood play at the rallies it is so American.

  31. Donald J. Trump by far. Colluded with the Russians to win the job, sold out his own Intelligence apparatus, lied continually to the American people, responsible for, directly and/or indirectly, over a million deaths due to his irresponsible Covid 19 actions or lack of action. He was a thuggish, no morality, no integrity, twice impeached, criminal grifter that used the Presidency for personal gain. The absolute worse.

  32. Douglas J Lennox

    Typical mass media crap…
    The comments on Trump indicate how
    Ignorant, uneducated, and uninformed the populous in this country are…We had the most robust economy in history (without inflation) during Trump. All you respondence should check your savings and retirement under Biden. (Oh, how about those utility, gas, and grocery bills, not to mention
    Afghanistan, crime, and the border.)

  33. Not just to Susan J, but to all dumb Liberal’s, you people always hate and complain about the one that does the right and best job for our country. Poor you, but that was not the question, yes hated the most Trump. I rest my case!!!!!

  34. World’s greatest democratic government, ha! You moron. United States is a Republic. Trump never placed his family needs any higher than President Biden with his son or Clinton and Clinton did with their family, you talk about corrupt. Also, he himself did not divide this country the democratic party did that on their own by letting every freeloader and croak in this country and harboring all the protesting special interest groups that are all (coming out). Democrat party as a whole have been pushing conspiracy theories against Trump when he took office which proved to all be baseless. What harm has he caused to any US citizen? Baseless None, and how would you know what a third world dictator acts like.

  35. George Rawlings, Jr.

    I’ve just finished reading all the comments and when you do, you realize how stupid the general population of our country is. They pick one or two things about a president they don’t like and forget the other things he did during his term. This also goes for the authors of the preceding article. Focus on a bad thing and disregard the good things a particulatr president did accomplish. No leader is going to be perfect. You have to look at the WHOLE picture. And to think that these commenters and authors of articles like this vote! It’s scary!

  36. Trump was by far the worse by 200% 2nd would be Reagan. He supplied weapons to Americas enemies, arming Hussein and ignored his atrocities. He illegally supplied arms to both sides of theIran Iraq war. He supplied weapons to the Nicaraguan rebels in violation of the law he signed. He help create Al Queda. He supported tha apartheid in South Africa. At least 138 members of his administration were convicted of crimes. His economic policies put millions of Americans out of work. His financial policies caused the collapse of the savings and loan industries. He robbed the social security administration to pay for his budget shortfalls. JUST TO NAME A FEW!!!

  37. Come on guys, under who were you living a better life…..Trump or Biden?? I’m shocked
    that SO MANY people have been unable to see around a ‘personality flaw’ and not
    recognize all the positives Trump did for this country.
    And by the way, you don’t get to choose your personality; it’s inherited. Trump’s heart
    was in the right place & his devotion to country was admirable!

  38. I agree that Buchannan has to rank among the worst. However, one might consider that among all the presildents, two stand out as wanting to “fundamentally change” America. That goal, alone, would suggest they should be in the running for the “worst”.

  39. Nixon resigned before any impeachment vote was officially made. Nixon resigned because he did not want to be impeached. If Nixon had fessed up about Watergate and not tried to defend his own inner circle of loyalists he would have served out his second term. Nixon won his second term with one of the largest landslide votes in history-how does that make him one of your most unpopular presidents. And your article to say that G. Washington was unpopular also is laughable. Your version of history could only have been written by and extreme liberal revisionist. You can’t fool all the people all the time.

  40. Alice s Templeton

    I told a bunch of ladies I met when voting that trump was a runaway train ready to derail and I believe he derailed most of the country. Trump is the worse example of the little rich boy bullies only looking out for what Trump wants and getting it regardless of anything else not caring who it hurts, kills, or anything else. Biden is having a hard time cleaning up after Trump It is going to take time for this country to be made into the Great Country she was before Trump derailed her.

  41. Trump was the best president of all the presidents he had drained the swamp of those crooks and cronies the only people that hated Trump were your liberals and Democrats socialist communists and LGBTQUEERS I done 30 years in the military and I have known every president since Eisenhower to this worthless dipshit Biden and the Democrats who have been trying to rewrite our constitution for their own political selfish needs GOD BLESS AMERICA AND DONALD TRUMP

  42. Biden has helped kill more Americans with his disobedience of the constitution then most of our wars
    The man and his family has been bought and paid for by our enemies

  43. Ex President Jimmy Carter is very pleased that Joe Biden showed up. Carter no longer needs to be worried about being known as ” The Worse President Ever “.
    However, all the Trump haters answering here tell me that this is an ignorant , left-wing Liberal website with their heads in a very dark damp place.

  44. Im going to say if you took all of the past and present US Presidents and put them in a bag and shook them up and reached in and pulled one out they will be just as corrupt as the other. Only in different ways because of their political views.

  45. Let me ask you something did you just ask democrats answer to all of this I mean Biden hands down he has to be the worst president if even the democrats can’t see what he has done to this country let alone everybody else Then there’s something definitely wrong with the people in the United States I can’t think of one thing and I’m a very open minded person I think he lays awake at night thinking of how else he can destroy and what he can destroy the people he can destroy in the United States hes a liar hes corrupt look at his family

  46. All the viewers said everything I was thinking and more great job.!!!Yes, Donald J Trump, the worst parasite narcissist, pathological, liar the worst thing he did, was hiding the COVID-19 pandemic from the American people. He killed millions of people for the sake of his own fat ass, I think all that hair dye has warped his brain. He needs to remove that cushion up there, so the brain can breathe worst I mean worst there are no words for this parasite, president in the history of our country. And you people want him to run our country again what is this world coming to an end?

  47. Ask yourself!! When was your life better!! I know mine was when Trump was President. It has gone to Hell with Biden. Was terrible with Carter and wonderful with Reagan and JFK

  48. Bush by far was the worst with the wars he got us into. Donald Trump was the best President we’ve had since Regan he doesn’t belong on the list!

  49. An interesting, always overlooked, fact about the best and worst is EVERYONE always assumes that the knowledge and technology of today existed when the person lived that is being judged. Most were relying on days or weeks old information to make their decisions. Then take into account how they got the information or who originated it.
    Step back and think, even for a second, what will life be like in 10, 25 or 50 years. They had no clue either….

  50. Trump is just the most recent most hated president. And why is jimmy carter even mentioned here. He was last president to try and put a stop to the American ponzi Scheme, have your cake and eat it to economic policy. When the can that s been kicked down the road for the past 50 years finally come to rest this place is going to make Thunder Dome look like a walk in the park.

  51. If you don’t know the facts, don’t know the law, and don’t know how to use proper grammar, don’t waste our time.

  52. Trump as to be at the top, denying the result and the chaos he has caused since. Added to that what a vile man, should never have been President, God help the World if he manages to get back again.

  53. Obama and Biden has not done anything good for this country . Trump had done a lot of goods for us Americans. Foods did not go up under Trump. same goes for houses and cars .

  54. tiffany Williams

    You are right Trump is the best President this century to the working and middle class. He promoted peace while the democrats keep dividing us.

  55. Undeniably Trump a/k/a Hitler II. The great divider of this country. Supporter of Quanon and all its ridiculous theories. May he never get back into office. If he does, we are doomed as a democracy.

  56. David Martin Brasket

    There are many. Though I’ve always been a Republican, TRUMP is #1. He’s an embarrasment to the USA. Period. Second, Biden is driving this country into the ground. He is far to old/ weak to run a country. He should be in a nursing home. Clinton was another nut case. A liar. Selfish. My list and reasons could go on and on but these 3 really make me ill.

  57. Obama is by far the worst. Biden is just a puppet of Obama. Obama set race relations back 150 years. Obama started a war against the police. Obama started all of this transgender stuff. Obama was for the criminals and to Hell with the victims. Obama was against the 2nd Amendment. That is just for starters. I can’t think of anything he did right.

  58. Biden is the worst president. He’s just a pawn for the super rich. Trump was the only president that had no reason to be president other than to help this country. All other presidents were politically motivated. When Trump was elected it put a thorn in the democratic’s (super rich) plan to take over this country. So they used the media to discredit Trump in any way they could by telling lies and exaggerating the truth. These days the media will turn any type of story into a controversy to get people hyped up and angry, even if there’s no truth to it, just to keep people interested. They’re no longer able to make money off of telling the truth so they make up lies and spread rumors to get people interested so they can continue making that all mighty dollar. This country was built on every color, religion, nationality and all walks of life. We should all learn to get along. Stop letting the media tell you what to believe. Sorry for getting off subject!

  59. I know a Democrat wrote this piece. All the wrong facts and few truths. Biden and his administration of fools have done more to harm this country in all our history. Nothing passes his lips that is not a lie!

  60. I agree with Mark; some of you people must
    not be living in the same country as we who
    have lived through the Carter, Obama
    and now Biden terms in the White House!
    President Trump kept this country safer
    at the southern border, and at peace
    with foreign countries. We were energy
    independent, had a growing economy and
    could afford gas for our vehicles and food
    for our families. I pray he returns to
    the White House on January 20, 2025

  61. The Simple truth is Trump has become a figurehead for all the arrogance and hatred that exists in the underbelly of our broken country. What (“I LOVE TRUMP!”) really means is I hate anything and anyone who is not in support of White Supremacy. “I LOVE TRUMP” really means hatred, hostility,
    lies, distortions, and blindness towards the “outrageous?” idea that all humans, no matter their color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, OR anything other than White American.
    Fact is America stole this land, massacred its inhabitants, rewrote the facts in our history books
    and now think that announcing that we recognize that we occupy this land that belonged to “such and such” an Indigenous group of peoples is just fine and honorably dandy.
    Donald Trump is not the reason all this came to fruition in America HOWEVER he invited, freely, for the Pandora’s Box of Ugly Hatred to not only be opened wider but to have the lid removed.
    So argue the truth about your reasoning!

  62. It will be interesting to see how History records Pres Trump and Presidents Biden and Obama. I suspect, assuming the United States of America (as a Constitutional Republic based on Judeo Christian principles) still exists, will have a completely different view than the current population has of them.

  63. Richard Ziegler

    Hands down Without comparison Trump is America’s worst and biggest threat to America. Always will be Putins best friend without a doubt . America would be backing Russia against Ukraine if Trump were in office. Obama was definitely a Great President thoughtful everything Trump is not no comparison .

  64. sadly obama and biden caused me a lot of pain for an disabled american elderly as nothing was done good by them. I lost my home..my car..no job so thanks to them.

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