Melania Trump’s Most Inappropriate Outfits

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Whether you like her or not, we have to admit that Melania Trump is one of the most popular women in the United States of America. Since Donald Trump, her husband was the country’s president, the former first lady became a huge subject of mass-media coverage when it comes to her attitude, style, and especially clothes.

After all, fashion is a huge matter of interest in the whole world, especially when it comes to the choice the first ladies of the United States have made. From the beloved red Nancy Reagan used to wear to Michelle Obama’s decision to go sleeveless for her representative portrait at the White House, to Melania’s controversial choices, they are everyone’s curiosity.

As some people say, the outfits these popular political women choose to wear are not only “simple looks”, but they can actually reflect their beliefs and attitudes.

There are a lot of people who believe that Melania Trump used fashion as a way for communicating and making statements to the public. On the other hand, some of her supporters said that the former first lady always dressed well, so there is no need to critique her.

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115 thoughts on “Melania Trump’s Most Inappropriate Outfits”

  1. What about the jacket that said, “I really don’t care. Do you?” She was on her way to Texas to see the children that were taken from their parents at the border and were being kept in cages. She is anything but elegant.

        1. I’m not a Melania fan, but this list is very biased, petty, and ridiculous. Say you hate Malania without saying you hate Malania

    1. I agree, that was the most distasteful jacket to wear
      the country was stunned to see a First Lady making such a statement “not to care” when visiting those poor children. I don’t think we’ll ever forget that.
      Since then my opinion of her is not short of a woman without empathy.

      1. Love how you twist things. The jacket was a reply to all the negative press against her, she did NOT wear that jacket when she got off that plane to see the children who were in awe of her and her beauty.

      1. get your records straight she is here legally and has been for years that jacket wasn’t about the children it was about something else .Stop bashing her since you don’t like Trump

        1. Parris Miller

          How do you know she’s a man? You been down there looking to see, and if President Obama is married to a man why is it any of your concern. You need to mind the business that pays you!

    2. That jacket could apply to any situation Kathy. For example, I don’t care what other political parties think or say about the Trump family! She’s everything elegant!!

    3. You are delusional where is your reference? Enquirer? This is fictional blasphemy I can’t believe they even published your blatant lie on this site!!!!! Anyone can photo edit anything to make it look like a lie….I’m willing to bet you are a democrat

      1. Blasphemy?
        Criticizing the former first lady is blasphemy?
        What the hell do you call your religion if Melania Trump is your god(dess)?

    4. The words on the jacket were in response to certain news media who were constantly criticizing all the good work she was doing!! In case you never bothered to check………..those CAGES…..were BUILT & USED by O’BAMA. The kids that spent a short amount of time is those things were tried more humanely than ever before. Where’s all this rage & protest of the thousand & thousand that the demented bumbling old fool has been treating illegals. Excuse me…..he treats illegals like royalty… its those living at the border he treats like crap!!!

      1. Thank you Donna I wish people would do the research before they open their big mouths.That jacket had nothing to do with children in cages.

    5. You do remember that the cages were built by Obama, don’t you? With all the lies being spread about her and her husband, I can see why she thought “I really don’t care, Do you?”. But you also have to admit that at least she visited the border to assess the situation where Biden or Harris have never expressed an interest in what is going on there and have never visited.

    6. Really admit the truth she is the best thing that ever brought class and wow to the white house than any other first lady Michelle Obama looks like a guy and Jill looks like a crack Head corner girl and Hillary sold herself to anyone that would help her with her politics yes miss Trump is the envy of everyone in America be glad to see her in the white house again and bring class back Go Brandon

    7. Really? that’s what you are focused on a jacket. What about the awful clothes Michelle wore. the dress she wore to a church with the top falling off of her and showing her breasts. Oh and don’t forget the clown costumes that Jill wears. Really people look in your own closets before you trash someone else.

    1. So very true , but haters will be haters no matter what she wore . These people are hating because she was A. Elegant and beautiful no matter what she wore and B. Her last name was Trump . Had it been Obama these same individuals would have been fawning all over her and praising and raving over her wardrobe choices .

    2. Absolutely agree, the Media was so bias they could not give her the respect nor compliments she deserved. Let’s comment on current First Lady…..snoozing

    1. She was always appropriate, I thought she was super smart, kind and and a great First Lady. No way was she ever not dressed correctly.
      She was Beautiful inside and outside.

  2. Melania Trump outfits were perfect for everything she was involved in. She wore beautiful clothes and wore them well. No first lady was as elegant as Melania not even Jackie Kennedy, Jackie dressed beautifully but Melania dressed perfect and beautiful for each occasion.

  3. Get a life. This woman could wear a paperbag and look elegant! She is one of the most beautiful first ladies and she was shunned by magazines and newspapers. Opinions are just that, someone’s thoughts. To each his own. Let it go and find something more interesting to talk about.

  4. Roberta J. Watson

    Melania looks fine in everything she wears. Her high heels might sometimes be inappropriate for the task at hand. As far as the cost goes, her husband is very rich and she has no reason to worry about the cost of a garment. If she tries to wear something from Walmarts, then she would be criticized for that also. Leave the beautiful woman alone.

  5. President Trump took $00 salary. I am quite sure every outfit, pair of shoes was bought and paid for by the Trumps, so where do you or anyone get off by griping about the cost. She is a beautiful lady and entitled to wear what she wants. It is no ones business to pick over her outfits for the day

    1. If you believe that Donald Trump worked for nothing, you are delusional. Yes, when he was campaigning he assured the people that if he was elected he would work for $000,000.00 but after becoming president he definitely was paid a salary

  6. Clearly, you are delusional if you think Melanie was one of the most popular women in the country. She was a “do nothing” 1st lady and made little or no contribution to the country during her husband’s “reign. (Yes, Donald believed himself to be king.). In comparison to first ladies like Michele Obama, Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Reagan and even Roslyn Carter, she falls far shott.

    1. You are delusional. Melania Trump was ridiculed, mocked, bullied, all because of who she was married to. The social justice warriors ( like you Pat) that hated president trump so much that they took it out on his family in order to hurt the president. Shame on “Karens” like you who are horrible people

    2. Pat, you are absolutely right!so many people thinking she was elegant?? Please, she was a former nude model! Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy were two of the most elegant first ladies ever

      1. Or…you, like many others including the MSM took the bait and jumped to your own, wrong conclusions about what this jacket referenced. Did you research if you were correct or follow one side blindly? Did the MSM interview Melania Trump at the time? You were used to the advantage of two groups and their objectives. This is nothing more than emotionality vs critical thinking.

      2. Oh please Michele Obama was never and will never, will be classy she is not in the same league as Jackie Kennedy . Melania is the first first lady to not only come close but surpass with her intelligence, beauty,and class . No other first women has come close to Melania trump .

        1. Then whu does she have to mimic Michelle Obama. Right down to trying to copy her speeches word for word. I will never forget this airhead! and the people she surrounded herself with to try and steal a exceptional 1st lady’s words like Michelle. She cannot hold a candle to Mrs Obama grace. style and human compassion. This woman acts like a robot. Talking about trophy wife. Her face looks like it is about to crack when she tries to fake smile.

        2. No one could come close to her as they wouldn’t want to. She had nothing to say, didn’t do anything, was not intelligent and certainly had no class.

    3. I guess you know nothing about the wonderful work she has done for children especially foster children also young ladies helping them in the business world not just here in the US but all over the world.

  7. Patricia Waldrip

    To all who are whining about her choosing the expensive clothes she wore to events: The woman probably has no clothes that cost under $1,000 y’all. Get real, remember who she is. Those type people are not going to wear something off the rack from Kohls like a lot of us do, or even a little more upscale stores.

  8. Melania was a very elegant First Lady and always dressed very nice, seems the press was always criticizing her and the President for something. The previous one was no comparison and also the one we have now!!

      1. I have to disagree with you, Jill Biden in fact has a lot of class,
        JILL AND JOE BIDEN ARE VERY LOW CLASS. right alongside with the vise President

    1. You are re just jealous, envious, or racist to see that aBlack woman can be really regal, and smart too. A successful attorney I’ll have you know, NOT A CALL GIRL !!!!!!

  9. I have found her to be the most beautiful and well dressed of all of our first ladies. she is always appropriately dressed for any situation she is in.

  10. I think Melania’s clothes are lovely. She wears them well and should look beautiful. Why are people so darn critical of others? Remember her husband was/ is a billionaire, should she look like a peasant women because her husband is now the president of the United States?? Get a grip people!!!!

  11. Absolutely none were inappropriate. What a stupid article. First of all, she dressed liked this far before she was First Lady. She was a model and is married to a wealthy man. She has impeccable style. Why should she dress beneath who she is? All her clothes are expensive, as are all the First Ladies. Have you never seen how executives dress when ceremonially ‘breaking ground’. They all wear suits and high heels for women. It’s a ceremony and photo op for goodness sakes. If people truly are in an uproar about something so dumb, they need to find another avenue for their rage. How silly.

  12. she can afford the outfits so why not wear them. She is beautiful and am sure her greetings and speeches were well received and accepted Leave the poor lady alone.

  13. She looked fabulous on each and every occasion and should not be criticized. People re not satisfied unless they are bitching about something!

  14. No matter who you are or what you do, some people will swear by you and some will swear at you. Of the pictures I have seen of Mrs. Trump, I think she looks great in what ever she wears.


    1. I think it was terrible the way she was treated. She was a beautify First Lady and very intelligent. It was so sad the way the media treated her. The HATE they had for President Trump and his family was sinful. This kind of hate has never happened before. I think our country is raising a bunch of spoiled and do it my way kids. Oh for the good old days where we were proud of AMERICA

    1. Don’t you have anything better to do than pick on Melanie? She was a very classy lady and we haven’t had much of that with the last two Democratic administrations.

  16. Edward Daoud; Ph.D.

    I went through very carefully and all what I found is one, if not the only one, first lady we can be proud to have her as our first, since Mrs. Kennedy. Is is very elegant, respectable in her presentations and proud to call her our first lady after what we have seen previously.
    The first lady is not only representing herself but the country as a whole.
    Most of the criticisms wrote is ridiculous and out of the main subject

  17. Melania is a beautiful and impeccably dressed lady and has always been so . Her critics have been so unfair and have never given her due credit for her tasteful style.

  18. Ernestine Alfonsetti

    Stunning woman who wore appropriate attire in her position. Never seen in shorts with a sleeveless blouse descending Air Force One. She is a class act. She knew her place. Confidant & kind. Beautiful First Lady.

    1. The article noted what Melania wore to meet with the Saudis. I believe that was to make a statement of how Americans (and all Western societies) respect their women. No head covering except possibly for religious occasions. No walking so many steps behind a man. Men should be glad for others to see the beauty of the woman they chose to wed, and the daughters they should cherish.
      As for posing nude at some time in her modeling career, she had no idea she would become First Lady of the United States. Now she is the mother of a grown man who stands at least a head taller that his father. How that boy’s grown.

  19. The designers probably asked her to wear their clothes…she was probably doing them a favor. She looked great…Jill Biden looks great too…I would not want their job.

    1. My wife, a 71 year old retired RN, thinks that Jill Biden’s flower prints are a bit much, especially for a First Lady. They don’t bother me.

  20. Melina looks great whatever she wears. She got class and great style. Some people are just so jealos of her. Now look at Jill Biden now she dresses like a slut and clown She is a joke

  21. Mrs. Trump is wealthy and she was wealthy before she met and married a very wealthy man, former President Donald Trump.
    Seems like some people are all a flutter over someone spending their own money.

  22. I agree, that Malania was always very classy & an elegant Lady, whatever she wore! She was always dressed in appropriate outfits, for any occassion, even before she was the First Lady! Those with the negative comments about her, are probably just jealous of how beautiful she is & have nothing better to do! Talking about inappropriate, are the previous & current first ladies outfits, they sometimes wore! They all just need to leave the Trumps alone!

  23. Barbara Storing

    She was beyond beautiful! Class act all the way. No comparison to any of our First Ladies, she is the top winner for taste, elegant, classy and beauty. Whoever disagrees is either jealous or has no taste.


  25. Melania was a classy First Lady. The press hated her and did not give anything she did any positive publicity. How about Michelle Obama when she got off the plane after vacationing wearing a pair of not so flattering shorts and a sleeveless top….a nice sundress would have been more appropriate for a First Lady. Or wearing what looked liked wal-mart tights. Jill Biden looks like someone from Goodwill is dressing her. So before you cast stones at Melania…leave the poor woman alone. You people can’t stop beating up on the Trumps…Jealousy???

    1. So before you cast stones at Jill…leave the poor woman alone. You people can’t stop beating up on the Bidens…Jealousy???

      1. WELL Idiot clearly stands out in your name, Jill was the babysitter who had an affair with joe when his wife was still alive, and you have the nerve to hold her up on a Peda stool. she’s a low life scum and so is Slow Joe who can’t even get a sentence out of his mouth. this country is in the shit hole because of people like you and the Biden’s.

        1. you are so right Dakota if only the left could be as great as The Trumps who did nothing wrong but loved this country.

  26. She knows what is right for her, however she smeared her personality as the First Lady when
    she went to Texas to visit the children at the border, “I do not care attitude”

  27. you must be brain dead or a very jealous person. You wish you could look half as good as she does lady. jealously is an ugly thing when it rears its head, and it shows all over you.

  28. LMFAO IT’S a good thing I am sitting down, or I would of fell down laughing at such nonsense about Jill Biden, that women is as big a fool as her husband is.
    Malania is and always will be the most beautiful, elegant and classiest first lady we ever had.
    Jill , Joe , and Hunter are all low lives and low-class people who will always be in the gutter where they belong.

  29. I agree that Melania dressed very well, and did wear her clothes well. However, she was a do nothing first lady compared to all the other first ladies. Expensive, beautiful clothes does give you class, that’s something you’re born with.


  31. I see jealous women evil over weight? She looked lovely. In all clothes .These nasty people just want to hurt her anyway they could. What is wrong with a plaid shirt for gardening? who ever wrote this article? Should remeber alot of designer give models clothes to promote their fashion. Most for free. If she were black or brown? they would have drooled all over their self !to say how pretty. Most of these type looks like clowns and dragon nail. Hair to scare you to death. This is their idea of beauty. Moat hate any type white? Will say anything to hurt them. They call us hater. Mrs Obama clothes alway look odd. Jill Biden too>

  32. Melania, we all know the truth is you look good in whatever you put on, whenever you put it on, and however long you see fit to keep it on. Always poised, elegant, graceful, and most attractive. It’s hard to get in a woman’s head when she knows she looks good. Walk on First Lady!

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