Types of People Who Don’t Belong in Walmart

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4. The Town Gossip

You used to see the town gossip in other places: corner stores, locally owned hardware stores, and hole-in-the-wall cafes. These places are now all gone, and you can only find them at Walmart. The most difficult obstacle for the town gossip is locating a convenient location to camp out and take up the local news.

They used to be able to sit at the diner’s front table or lean against the counter at the local store, but now they have to prowl the lawn and garden area with their shopping cart, waiting for unsuspecting neighbors.

Though this generation of town gossips get a lot more exercise than their forefathers, running from one store to the next with their shopping cart, they also have to work a lot harder to obtain information.

We’re sure they used to receive far better gossip if they could just stay in one spot all day and suck it up. At the very least, they and we now have Facebook to compensate for the absence of tasty local news.

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1 thought on “Types of People Who Don’t Belong in Walmart”

  1. I am one type of person who don’t belong in Walmart: I have a social conscience and I am at least somewhat conscious of my appearance when I go out in public.B

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