The Amish Community: 10 Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know

amish people
Photo by Oleg Anisimov from Shutterstock

4. Clothing

Sneakers, ties, gloves, belts: banned! The Amish people have a very simplistic, minimalist dress style as a part of their overall life philosophy. Their clothes are usually of a solid-color fabric and also handmade, so you won’t see an Amish person looking for clothes at the mall.

Vests and coats are fastened with eyes and hooks, while the shirts have buttons. Men’s trousers must not have cuffs or creases. Mustaches are not allowed for married men, although beards are required.

Amish women are not allowed to cut their hair, nor can they wear patterned clothing or jewelry. The length of dresses and skirts is also rigorously governed by the Ordnung.

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