10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump
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Her real name isn’t Ivanka

Did you know that her real name is Ivana? She’s named after her mother, who’s originally from the Czech Republic. In fact, Ivanka is just a nickname for Ivana, which is similar to how a child named Robert could also be called Bobby or Daniel could also be Danny.

Or it’s the same thing as the TV Show “Gilmore Girls”, where Lorelai Gilmore names her daughter Lorelai but calls her Rory. For example, Donald Trump Jr. is named after his dad, so it makes sense that Ivana Trump would also want her daughter to be called after her. Ivanka explained it all to us in a Tweet that dates all the way back to 2010.

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9 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ivanka Trump”

  1. Alice Stephenson

    I found this article on Ivanka extremely interesting. She is just a regular mom doing everyday chores like the rest of us moms. I like that she is friends with Chelsea even though her dad ran against Hillary in the elections. She is smart, beautiful and sticks to her womans rights. God bless her abd her family.

  2. You say Trump its raciest at the beging of article except he did more for blacks that most presidents. Obama and biden gave been against blacks specially biden, look at voting records.

    1. Please!! DJ Trump did nothing for black people. You say he did then name those things he did? Of course you can’t name one specific policy except the one dealing with Senator Cory Booker. I won’t even tell you that one. Look it up . See you didn’t even know that. So stop with the BS.

  3. Where do you get off accusing President Trump of these false allegations? You are either a paid hack for the mindless and Godless purveyors of treason against this nation or just a bigoted, biased and ignorant writer. Never mind about Ivanka, starting your article this way was all one needed to know.

    1. Christine Taylor

      Racist is trump’s middle name. Look it up. He’s been sued for discrimination on his rentals. Look up Central Park Five.

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