These 8 Popular Actresses Revealed EVERYTHING For a Movie Role

…Did you know that actresses are ok with revealing EVERYTHING in order to obtain a movie role?

When I was a little kid, I was extremely curious about everything that was considered hot in the Hollywood area. From singers, comedians, actors, and directors, to models, I knew something about all of them.

For instance, I remember that in one of my French classes, I learned about a few actresses who were so dedicated to their roles, that they didn’t mind staying in character even though they were done with filming for the day.

These talented women wanted to do everything perfectly, so they worked a lot for their parts. When I grew a little older, I was reading different types of glossy magazines and I found that many actresses were required to take all of their clothes off for a movie role.

At first, it was a bit strange for me, due to the fact that I was very shy and I couldn’t have imagined that, but after a while, I realized that was their job, so they were just following the instructions.

I’ve recently watched “The Devil’s Advocate” and I saw one of my favorite actresses, Charlize Theron, strip every piece of clothing off of her body for a scene. This gave me an idea about today’s article.

Are there any other actresses who took off all their clothes for their job? Yes, there are many. If you are just as curious as I am, keep reading to find out who are the stars who revealed everything for a movie role.

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1. Charlize Theron 

In 1997, beautiful actress Charlize Theron starred as Mary Ann Lomax in the movie “The Devil’s Advocate”. She was the wife of Kevin Lomax, one of the best lawyers in the country, who hadn’t lost a single case in his whole career.

Given the fact that he was so good at his job, he was contacted by a powerful law firm in New York City, which convinced him to move there from Florida.

However, since Kevin was hired by John Milton, the director of the firm, the life of the Lomax household completely changed. Mary Ann felt that things weren’t right and she started to see weird things when she was all by herself, which made her husband think that she’d gone crazy.

A few months later, she ran away from home and sat on the bank of a church, covered in a pink blanket. When her husband came to her, she said that she was hurt by John Milton and she stood up, threw away the blanket that covered her, and revealed her slim, toned, and naked body.

…If you didn’t watch this movie, you should, because it’s a classic!

2. Elizabeth Berkley

There is something about exotic dancers that makes everyone freeze and just look at them. In 1995, actress Elizabeth Berkley starred as dancer Nomi Malone in the movie “Showgirls”.

She had a scene where she danced in front of a couple and took her clothes off, to perform better. There are people who said that this movie was a good one, while others say that it was nothing, but a piece of junk.

…Did you watch this film? What did you think about it? Tell us in the comments down below!

3. Dakota Johnson

If you’ve watched the “Fifty Shades” trilogy, you already know that actress Dakota Jones had quite a lot of no-clothes appearances. She played the role of Anastasia Steele, a girl who was never intimate with a man before, but who fell in love with Christian Grey, a male who was obsessed with everything that was bedroom-related.

She appeared in s**y outfits, tiny dresses, or completely naked, even though there wasn’t actually any frontal nudity in none of the films in the trilogy.

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4. Liv Tyler

Even though Liv Tyler is an actress who was never known for sporting moments of frontal nudity on TV, the beautiful woman left all her self-consciousness feelings behind when she appeared in the show called “The Leftovers”.

This is a television series that whirls around an apocalyptic catastrophe that made 2% of the world’s entire population die out. Even though she gave her fans a few moments of nudity in the show, according to an interview, some of the cast members stated that it’s harder to shoot intimate scenes, but they try to crack a few jokes or make a bit of fun of themselves, in order to make things go smoother.

5. Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston is a popular actress who was also the wife of well-known celebrity John Travolta, between 1991 and 2020. When she was at the beginning of her career, the beautiful woman starred as Marilyn McCauley in the teen comedy-drama “Mischief”.

The film follows the story of three teenagers who have to face their raging hormones. In one of the scenes in the movie, the young Marilyn McCauley has to seduce the inexperienced and shy Jonathan.

Even though most of the scene shows the actress topless, you can actually see her naked when the camera zooms out.

…Would you agree to shoot a movie scene completely naked just to get a part in a movie?

6. Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson is an actress that is known for giving life to intense, strong, and dramatic characters, both in television series and films. She played in the emotional movie “Seven Pounds”, in “Top Five”, and she also had a few appearances in some of Marvel’s productions.

Dawson is a very appreciated actress, given the fact that she played in over 70 different tv shows and movies, many of which turned out to be huge blockbusters.

Even though she is not a star that is famous for on-screen nudity, she had to strip off some of her clothes for her role as Roxana, the wife of Alexander the Great, in the movie called “Alexander”.

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7. Juno Temple

Juno Temple is an actress who is very popular for her frontal nude episodes that were necessary for her movie roles. The celeb had her biggest moment of nudity in the movie called “Killer Joe”.

According to an interview with the actress, she was never afraid to shoot a scene where she needs to strip her clothes off, but she was scared to do it in the movie mentioned above.

She had to give life to an intimate scene with her on-stage colleague, Matthew McConaughey for the “Killer Joe”. Temple stated that McConaughey is one of the kindest men she’s ever known, so he made things very easy for her during the shooting.

8. Helen Mirren

The last actress on our list who agreed to reveal everything for a movie role is Helen Mirren. In conformity with several sources, the star is not afraid to appear nude in movies, because she sometimes has to do it for her job.

Even though she revealed some areas of her body in numerous scenes, the one that is the most popular of them all is the one from the film called “Savage Messiah”, where she had to pose nude for a talented painter.

During the time she served as a muse she actually had a monologue that she had to tell. When she was asked to reveal a few details about her whole experience, the star stated that she was comfortable while shooting the scene and she just doesn’t care about what men in the audience might think of her exposed body.

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