Everybody Loves These 6 US First Ladies – Do You?

Everybody loves these US first ladies – do you?

Honestly, becoming the first lady of the United States is sure to leave your mark on history. While it began as a job title that just suggested the traits of a White House “hostess,” as time passed, it turned into a chance for women to change their nation.

The US first ladies have a big impact on their husbands’ political careers, and they have their own projects and agendas. We can say that they have made a big contribution to making the country a better place, and we’re here for that.

When we stop to think about it, a lot of the first women in American history were essential to the events of this day! Their elegance and grace were admired, but so were their knowledge and commitment to their nation. This is how all Americans have come to love and respect the US first ladies.

Speaking of these strong and capable women, which one was your favorite? Statistics say that these were some of the most appreciated presidents’ wives, so let’s discover them!

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1. Michelle Obama

Without a doubt, one of the most passionate and inspirational first women in American history was Michelle Obama. She was successful in making a difference because she truly wanted to, and millions of people were cheering her on.

She spent 8 years at the White House, from 2009 to 2017, and she was one of the most loved US first ladies the country’s ever had. She was the driving force behind the creation of the Let’s Move! campaign to eliminate childhood obesity and the “Let Girls Learn” organization, which enabled young women to pursue higher education.

Her second project, the “Reach Higher Initiative,” continues to give kids the direction and tools they need to pursue post-secondary education and positions in the workforce.

Another thing she’s done, thanks to which she captured the hearts of people while also changing their lives, was the fact that she used her power and influence to help those in need.

For instance, she used her fashion choices as a way to express her beliefs, and she wore several creations of young people who weren’t popular, such as black or Hispanic creators. Mrs. Obama hoped that by being dressed in the fabulous clothing made by these people, she’d help them gain popularity, and she succeeded.

2. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

There’s no doubt that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, or Jackie O, as many people referred to her, was one of the most adored US first ladies in our country’s history.

Sources say that the gorgeous fashion icon made it her mission to turn the White House into an inspirational museum of American history and culture.

With her extensive experience as a reporter, Onassis made every effort to shield her two kids from the press while she was living in the White House, and she’s done a wonderful job.

She was considered an icon by many people, thanks to the fact that she was always elegant, nice, friendly, and dressed like a true president’s wife. If you loved Jackie O as much as we did, here’s a wonderful book that will help you gain more insight into what her life was like.

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3. Melania Trump

Donald Trump was one of the most controversial presidents our nation has ever had, but millions of people supported his political views and ideas. His wife, Melania, is a stunning woman who was a discreet presence during her husband’s tenure, but there’s no doubt that she was one of the most loved US first ladies.

While she and her partner were subject to many controversies during the presidential mandate due to cheating and breakup allegations, the couple showed everyone that they were stronger than the rumors.

Besides that, one of the things that made Melania such an important force in the White House was her FLOTUS agenda. She emerged with an initiative called “BE BEST,” which consisted of three things that were important to her: children’s social and emotional health, social media and the effect it has on youngsters, and opioid abuse, which was meant to show children how much damage that habit could do to them.

Were you a fan of Melania’s? Let us know in the comments below!

4. Jill Biden

Jill Biden is the wife of Joe Biden, the 46th president of America. People say that her personality was what made her one of the most loved US first ladies.

For instance, when her husband became the most important man in the country, she didn’t want to end her career as a teacher, so she kept going to work, which made citizens appreciate the fact that she was down to earth and she loved her career very much.

The causes she decided to support as a first lady were also approved by people: helping military families, pushing for greater access to education, and doing her best to help end cancer.

When the pandemic was a huge threat to many people across the globe, she encouraged both adults and children to get COVID-19 vaccinations to protect themselves and their communities. What are your thoughts on Jill Biden? Do you agree that she’s one of the most loved US first ladies? Tell us in the comments below.

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5. Rosalynn Carter

We continue our list of beloved US first ladies with Rosalynn Carter, the woman who was appreciated by millions of citizens during her husband’s tenure at the White House.

Many Americans respected Rosalynn’s diligence because she took her responsibilities as the first lady seriously while her husband served the country from 1977 to 1981.

She was a powerful spokesperson for mental health issues, and we couldn’t be prouder because mental health is an important subject for everyone across the globe, and not only in today’s hectic world we live in.

She also vigorously advocated for the Equal Rights Amendment and showed strong support for the arts. Just like her spouse, Jimmy Carter, Rosalynn was loved for her egalitarian outlook and pragmatic mindset.

Did you know that the head of staff for the president was paid the same as her chief of staff?

6. Bess Truman

As the spouse of Harry S. Truman, Bess Truman is remembered in our cultural consciousness as one of the most modest US first ladies in history.

As information from the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum says, Mrs. Truman kept her old routine even when she became the most important woman in the country.

One of the habits she didn’t want to say goodbye to was her weekly beauty routine: manicure, shampoo, and set at the same old beauty parlor. If she was happy with the service, why change, right?

Bess Truman, who was only 97 years old, passed away in October 1982 due to congestive heart disease. She has lived the longest of any First Lady in American history, and she won’t be forgotten.

Which one of these US first ladies was your favorite? Leave a comment below, and if you think that we forgot any FLOTUS who made a strong impression, feel free to let us know!

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