Hollywood Shocking Alert: Top 7 Celebs Who Are Hard to Work With

Go Viral Story presents: top 7 Hollywood celebs who are hard to work with!

We’ve talked about Hollywood stars many times, and that’s because their world seems so far away from us that it draws us like moths to the flame. At the end of the day, celebrities are people, and just like everyone else on the planet, some of them like to make the most of their careers and privileges.

Many people, including other stars, said that the Hollywood world is full of celebs who are hard to work with. From acting like divas on set, having a weird attitude towards the other members of the cast, to refusing to perform until all their needs are met, here are the top celebs who are hard to work with!

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1. Jennifer Lopez

Many people say that Jenny from the Block is one of the many celebs who are hard to work with. Is that true or not? While the gorgeous actress and singer is known as a hard-working woman whose talent and beauty are very appreciated worldwide, she is considered to be a true diva.

People said that she refuses to perform until all of her demands are met, and that includes staying in many-star hotels, traveling on a private plane, and having assistants who are ready to satisfy her demands at any time of the day. What do you think about JLO?

2. Jennifer Aniston

Since Jennifer Aniston is considered to be America’s sweetheart, it can seem hard to believe that she’s one of the celebs who are hard to work with. However, people say that the gorgeous “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” actress can sometimes be a diva on set.

They claim that she doesn’t always want to stay with the other members of the cast while on set, and she prefers to eat alone and have all of her stuff a few feet away from her colleagues.

On the other hand, she’s known to support cast members, and she doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind when she sees someone being mistreated. For instance, a few years ago, she threw a chair at a director because he was being extremely mean to a script supervisor. As she said, it wasn’t her proudest moment, but she wasn’t okay with that sort of behavior.

What are your thoughts on this one? Do you think Jenn is part of the celebs who are hard to work with?

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3. Beyoncé

Did you know that fabulous Queen B is known as one of the celebs who is hard to work with? While sources say that she’s changed a lot since she became a mother and became better at balancing home life and career, she said during an interview that she’s a workaholic.

The star added that she doesn’t need sleep, and if she’s not sleeping, nobody is. I guess it’s not easy to be a member of her team, but we have to admit that the results of her hard work are amazing.

Even though Beyoncé is part of the celebs who are hard to work with, her songs are catchy and will make you dance, so here’s one of her best albums. It will put you in a good mood, trust me!

4. Madonna

Madonna is a talented and gorgeous singer, known for being one of the celebs who are hard to work with. She’s popular for putting her career first and working hard to build an image, but people say she tends to act like a diva.

One journalist said that they agreed on an interview with the star, but Madonna made them wait a lot, and when it finally happened, she refused to answer the majority of the questions and only wanted to talk about her achievements and work ethic.

But that’s not all. Another reason why the blonde diva is considered to be part of the celebs who are hard to work with is because she makes the people in her team work for multiple hours a day, and sources claim that she doesn’t pay her staff on time.

Moreover, she was sued multiple times by former employees due to the payment problems. Besides that, some of her fans know her for letting them wait hours for her to come on stage. What do you think about Madonna?

Keep reading to discover other celebs who are hard to work with!

5. Kanye West

I don’t think it is a surprise that Kanye West, who changed his name to Ye, is part of the celebs who are hard to work with. Many people complained about his attitude, saying that he does what he wants when he wants and that it is quite hard to make him collaborate.

Someone said that Ye was listening very loudly to rap music while he was in a room with people working, and he refused to lower the volume. Another time, one of his former bodyguards stated that the rapper gave strong instructions on how he wanted to be safeguarded.

Ye told his employee to stay 10 steps behind him on the city streets, and while it’s understandable to want to live a sort of normal life, this choice was making the bodyguard’s life harder. If something were to happen to the artist on the street, it would’ve been very hard for the bodyguard to jump in and protect the rapper.

Did you know that Ye West is one of the celebs who are hard to work with?

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6. Lea Michele

Did you know that Lea Michele, known for portraying one of the singing stars, Rachel Berry, in the glamorous show “Glee,” is considered to be part of the celebs who are hard to work with?

Former cast members said that she adopted the ruthless attitude of a true high school diva when it came to her actions on the set. She wasn’t nice to people involved in the project, making the actors and staff wait a long time until she was ready to start filming. Moreover, sources claim that she avoided talking to less experienced “Glee” employees.

Do you know any other celebs who are hard to work with? Tell us in the comments below!

7. Charlie Sheen

Let’s continue with these celebs who are hard to work with because, when it comes to Charlie Sheen, his behavior and lifestyle were making his colleagues’ lives harder than expected.

Different magazines claim that Sheen’s hard-partying lifestyle has made working with him on the set of his popular show “Two and a Half Men” more challenging.

Some of the people who worked with him even said that he had multiple episodes of well-chronicled and increasingly erratic outbursts, and his unhealthy lifestyle changed his attitude toward work.

He was so full of substances that it was hard to keep up with the lines, and he started making weird remarks about other people on the show.

Even though the producers gave the star multiple chances to clean himself up in rehab and continue with his role exactly where he left off, the actor didn’t follow through. In the end, the staff was sick of his attitude, so they eliminated his character. Instead, they hired Ashton Kutcher for the show’s final four seasons.

Did you know about any of these celebs who are hard to work it? Which one of these stories did you find the most interesting? Let us know in the comments below!

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