True Southerners NEVER Throw Away These 11 Things

Did you know that Southerners never throw away these things? Let’s find out why: 

Mixing the modern and the old is a skill many Southerners possess. Southerners are adept at recognizing the heritage quality in items that others may consider secondhand, whether it’s an antique oak chest or a leather pocketbook. Every room in a Southern house, from Mama’s cast-iron skillet in the kitchen to the guest bedroom’s cozy stack of blankets, is likely to have family memories.

Are there any true blue Southerners among our readers? If so, tell us in the comments if there are any other things you don’t want to throw away for…various reasons. Now, without further ado, let’s see what the Southerners never throw away:

Southerners never throw away
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Cast-iron pans

If you own a cast-iron pan or more, then you probably change them frequently, or at least when they start to wear out. This won’t be the case if you’re a Southerner! You may be surprised to find out, but one of the things that Southerners never throw away is cast iron pans.

Perfect for anything from crisp cobblers to pizza, there’s a reason they are in every Southern kitchen. It’s a well-known truth that certain foods simply taste better when fried in a skillet. So why not take care of it so that it lasts as long as possible rather than throwing it away? Southerners know the recipe for success so that precious cast-iron pan inherited from their parents is going to be in the kitchen drawer for a long while!

Antique furniture

While a lot of folks try to get rid of their obsolete furniture inherited from their parents because it isn’t “on trend” anymore, Southerners are more than proud to collect it. Antique furniture is among those items Southerners never throw away.

While selling these pieces of furniture to those interested in collecting them can bring you a lot of money, Southerners believe they are beautiful, so why not turn the house into a showplace you’re proud of when guests come over?

Now, truth be told, manufacturers will never create such furniture nowadays, so even if you’re not a Southerner, it might be better to try to refurbish your old bookcase instead of throwing it away.

Handwritten mementos

D’aww! These are sweet. At least for me, and I am not from the South. I remember sending a lot of holiday cards to my big family when I traveled to various destinations in Europe in the past few years. It was very fun to do that, and I bet they still have it somewhere in a box in the attic.

Now we exchange a lot of stuff in digital form, but let’s face it, it isn’t exactly as close to our hearts as a handwritten card or a cute message on the back of a photograph.

As you guessed, handwritten mementos are one of those items Southerners never throw away. Many Southerners also cherish old recipes passed down through generations on paper or in notebooks. Isn’t that awesome?

…psst! If you also love keeping memories from important events, these cute vintage boxes are perfect for you. The set comes with three boxes. They come in various sizes, starting at $29.99 on Amazon.

Fine China

…Aah! Childhood memories with your family around the dinner table are probably the best ones. Especially those around Christmas! I don’t know about others, but in every Southerner house, at every significant event, the china is also present, along with the family’s favorite recipes.

Known as “the good plates,” wedding china, or just “the china,” the pattern you choose—or inherit—says a lot about the person you are. It’s almost a Southern tradition to own a set of china, and it’s much more meaningful to get it out to serve visitors if it’s a set that has been in your family for many years.

Bacon grease

Wait! What? This isn’t exactly an item. Yep, that’s true. However, I don’t want to find out what happens if you are in a Southerner house and you suddenly decide to throw away bacon grease! Lord, have mercy on your soul!

Southerners understand the value of having some bacon grease left over. Replace it with any fat that you need—you may use it to sauté fresh vegetables or add it to a meaty pie. Use a small amount in your salad dressing or replace butter on freshly baked biscuits. Just be sure you store it correctly.

Before storing it in the refrigerator for up to three months or in the freezer for, well, as long as you can make it last because it will be so tasty you won’t resist the urge to use it for everything, be sure to remove any bacon bits and put it through a filter.

Southerners never throw away
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Smartwatches are some of the best inventions of this century; however, who doesn’t love a stopwatch inherited from their grandfather? It’s vintage, elegant, and pretty expensive because, according to experts, it can be worth a fortune if it’s well preserved.

Southerners never throw them away or sell them. With a reason! Small, compact, and nice to collect, stopwatches are one of the items they really treasure.


If you’ve been fortunate enough to inherit one, two, or twenty quilts, you understand how much more wonderful it is to take one out on a cold night, knowing that it has provided your family with warmth and comfort for years, even decades. While interior design trends come and go, a quilt never goes out of style. One characteristic that sets Southerners apart is their passion for hanging handmade quilts on the wall like artwork. Fun, right?


A Gullah superstition held that if you hung spoons on your wall, you would keep spirits away from you as you slept. Uuh! The plot thickens! Apparently, the ghosts would leave you alone since they would be preoccupied with their reflection. Even if you don’t think ghosts exist, spoon collections are entertaining and distinctive, especially in Southern households.

Various inherited accessories and clothes

The classics are always in vogue, even with the passing of trends. You may create an entire outfit around heirloom pieces such as your great-aunt’s pearls or your mother’s beloved white oxford shirt. Even Daddy’s antique hunting jacket has a place in a contemporary Southern wardrobe. You know these items are no longer of the same quality nowadays, so it isn’t a bad thing if you like to collect them.

Vintage advertising

Remember those nice-looking Coca-Cola ads? We were totally awesome! Because vintage signs are so special, they make fantastic collectibles. It’s an intriguing selection that includes both historical items and companies that are still in existence.

Fishing lures

A wide selection of bait for fishing is a terrific asset to have if you enjoy fishing with your friends. You can never grow weary of them because they are available in so many various forms, designs, and hues. Plus it’s a staple for all the Southerners!

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