8 Famous Actresses Who Went Full Frontal On-Screen

Photo by Andrea Raffin from shutterstock.com

8. Helen Mirren

The last actress on our list who agreed to reveal everything for a movie role is Helen Mirren. In conformity with several sources, the star is not afraid to appear nude in movies, because she sometimes has to do it for her job.

Even though she revealed some areas of her body in numerous scenes, the one that is the most popular of them all is the one from the film called “Savage Messiah”, where she had to pose nude for a talented painter.

During the time she served as a muse she actually had a monologue that she had to tell. When she was asked to reveal a few details about her whole experience, the star stated that she was comfortable while shooting the scene and she just doesn’t care about what men in the audience might think of her exposed body.

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