You Won’t Believe What These 10 Baby Boomer Celebrities Do Now!

diana ross
Photo by Kathy Hutchins from Shutterstock

9. Diana Ross – Now 77

There’s only one Diana Ross, and surely no other musician will be like her. The baby boomer star grew up knowing that she was meant for the entertainment industry and hit the jackpot in the ’60 as the lead singer of the best-selling girl group The Supremes.

While surrounded by her talented peers, Ross still stood out as a great musician, which helped her pursue a solo career. Her move brought her even more success, and she’s now one of the greatest singers worldwide.

But that’s not all. After becoming a famous musician, Ross wouldn’t rest and decided to give her other love, acting, a shot. That’s how she scooped two nominations for the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award.

Since the baby boomer star still entertains her fans by doing a tour every year, we could say she does a pretty good job in her late seventies.

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