You Won’t Believe What These 10 Baby Boomer Celebrities Do Now!

sophia loren
Photo by Kathy Hutchins from Shutterstock

6. Sophia Loren – Now 86

Imagine being in the spotlight at fifteen years old and still doing this in your eighties! Now, that’s what we call a baby boomer legend! With a successful career behind her, Sophia Loren experienced all the ups and downs that come along with fame.

She was a model in her teenage years, and then, at 21, she made her on-screen debut. Still, despite joining showbiz while relatively young, the star didn’t let the pressure get to her, taking on every project she could, including “Two Women,” “Houseboat,” and other blockbuster movies.

The baby boomer actress is 86 now and has decided to spend her golden years with her family away from public attention.

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