16 Items You Don’t Need in Retirement

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Items You Don’t Need in Retirement

It’s a good idea to start honing the focus of your retirement vision as you retire. You must plan how you will spend your time, create a list of things you will require, and determine what you don’t require anymore.

Many retirees downsize in order to reduce their expenditures and simplify their lives. For some, this entails downsizing to a smaller house or moving to a retirement community. Others may see this as just getting rid of items they no longer need.

Here is a list of things you won’t need much when you will start living your golden years.

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11 thoughts on “16 Items You Don’t Need in Retirement”

  1. While interesting as a concept, some objects/ideas are, at least for me most needed (such as books, or some lovely purses for the opera or social events). To a large extent, maybe exaggerated, it’s like adding necessary to buy a coffin when retiring…

  2. Carolyn Bane Hudson

    Thanks for the info. It was very helpful. Do you know how to find out the value of very old items(antiqus);without having to pay a lot of money to just get a estimate.

    1. Go to eBay and type in search your item.
      Then go to filter and click “sold items” that tells you what a similar item has sold for so you can price your item.

    2. I visit antique stores in old cities and you can go to estate sales to get an idea on how much to charge for your antiques…

      My mom had a antique buyer come into the house while I was in school, I came home and found 2 very valuable antiques going out the door and I said how much did you get she said $200 I was like oh my gosh mom they’re worth more than that by far….

  3. If I don’t need my CD’s and DVD’s why does anyone else? Besides, it’s called a “Collection”, not I need the money in my retirement.

  4. How ridiculous to suggest getting rid of an exercise bike or at home exercise equipment. You actually need it more than ever, to keep your heart going and hour muscles toned. Silver sneakers is great to go to the gym but not everyone has transportation to get to a gym. And even if you can go to the gym you usually cant go everyday so having a bike or piece of exercise equipment at home is a great way to stay in shape. You can do it whenever you want at any time you want.

  5. It’s a bunch of boloney, I will take everything I own to my grave! It’s going to be a very deep; hole.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!!

  6. This is the most depressing article ever. What do you keep? Geez! I hope when I retire I will now have more time to read, workout, go out with my purses, etc.

  7. The best method of preparing is not to accumulate so much stuff along the way, and to periodically get rid of stuff that’s no longer needed along the way. Hanging on to stuff thinking the kids might want to inherit it? If you’re done with it ask if they want it now. Not everyone wants china, crystal and silverware, so there’s no guarantee it will sell online or at sales. Same for old electronics. The “advice” is a little overly optimistic about resale. And streaming is expensive.

  8. I have a 9 room house, lots of antiques and 4 generations of accumulation of pretty items. I also have 300 CDs and book shelves full of books. and no clutter. All is in order but …..I’d love to “get rid of” the CD’s, some books (Enclycopedias) and other “collections”. i also have tons of vintage jewelry and watches. My problem, I have no idea how to do this. Suggestions i read about are all confusing to me. Can this be done online? I would not know how to do that. Can pictures be taken of what’s here? How to do this is beyond me. I don’t want to “empty” my house. It’s really pretty, but I’d like to send on what is “extra”. How?

  9. A lot of these items they are telling you to get rid of you might need/want. You would need the exercise equipment to stay healthy. If I don’t need my DVD’s then who else wants them? Why sell your antiques if you enjoy having them, plus the bottom dropped out of the market for selling these!

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