9 Celebrities Caught Riding The Subway Just Like You

Image courtesy of bestofgarfield from Twitter

#6 Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield’s role in the Spider-Man series helped tremendously in the process of achieving the level of fame he has today. “Hacksaw Ridge”, a historical drama that earned him his first Academy Award nomination, also helped boost his professional status.

Andrew Garfield, who used to be the friendly neighborhood hero, continued to use public transportation despite the obligations that came along with his extraordinary power. These days, it’s quite challenging to identify him. Therefore, this guy is extremely fortunate to not have hordes of fans chasing him around.

Actually, this time, the lucky person is the one seated next to Andrew Garfield in the above picture. He probably doesn’t even recognize the star, based on his comfortable and laid-back attitude. The folks that manage to be so near celebrities are always those who don’t follow them!

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