9 Celebrities With Secret Talents You Didn’t Know About

Celebrities are frequently linked to the single achievement of fame. Actors are well-known for their exceptional ability to cry on cue and impersonate characters. Musicians are well-known for their beautiful voice and amazing ability to sing perfectly on key.

They’re famous because of such outstanding characteristics, but have you ever thought that they’re just like their fans? Do they, too, have odd, distinctive, or even amusing hobbies and secret talents?

Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have secret talents that are just as amazing as the ones you’re already aware of. These celebrities’ secret talents will completely astound you.

The way some celebrities discovered these hidden skills is nearly as amazing as the secret talents themselves. For some, boredom was the driving force.

You’ll never guess who is a master fire-eater. Other superstars have gained their amazing talent through a passion for unusual activities, such as pigeon racing or iron sculpting.

Although these mind-blowing abilities are not part of their careers, it is interesting to see what celebrities are up to in their spare time.

This is why we’ve conducted this list of 10 celebrities and their secret talents, so keep reading to find out more. 

1. Angelina Jolie 

One thing we know for sure about Angelina Jolie is that she enjoys danger. So the riskier the hobby, the more likely she will be to put it to test.

She stated in an interview with W Magazine in 2008 that she began growing her dagger collection before she hit her teenage years. She explained how her mother took her to buy her first daggers at the age of 11.

She also shared her fascination for other cultures and their history, which is why she only purchases antique knives, that also have a meaning for her. And she’s passing on her secret talent to her son, Maddox.

This hobby has become a way of bonding for the two of them and they both enjoy it just as much. Samurais, the warriors of premodern Japan is also something they often talk about.

According to reports, the actress learnt how to throw knives while filming Tomb Raider and has been gathering knives since she was a youngster.

Jolie was once agreed to put her knife-wielding skills to the test in front of a perfectly quiet crowd on The Conan O’Brien Show. That’s so cool, right?

2. Bruce Willis

Secret Talent
Photo by Stefano Chiacchiarini ’74 from Shutterstock

We all know that Bruce Willis is a man of many talents. One of them that we all know is definitely acting, but his secret talent is playing the harmonica. Who would’ve thought that the actor we all love is such a talented musician?

Before starting his acting career, Willis used to play for Loose Goose, an R&B band. He has even collaborated with The Allman Brothers Band, which only proves his talent in the music field.

Some of his albums from the 80s’, such as ”If It Don’t Kill You” and ”The Return of Bruno” were great hits at the time.

3. Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan has left an everlasting impact on mainstream culture and music since the 1960s. But this isn’t his only skill: the singer, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016, is also a skilled painter.

He initially showed his paintings publicly in 2007 with an exhibition called The Drawn Black Series, in Germany. He is a fan of watercolors and acrylics.

His art has been displayed all around the world ever since: The Beaten Path, a show at the Halcyon Gallery in London, showcased the singer’s paintings on cityscapes, including skyscrapers, railroads, suspension bridges, and roads, during the end of 2016.

His adventures in America, which he considers both cruel and poetic, have inspired him.

More than that, what many people don’t know about him is that he can sculpt iron into beautiful pieces of art. As time has gone by, his passion grew more and more and he started putting his work in several art galleries in New York.

He enjoys turning old iron pieces into something meaningful and he’s good at it, making his secret talent one of the most interesting on this list.

4. Mike Tyson 

We’ll give you a quick rundown of the forgotten art of pigeon racing in case you’re new to it. The return of homing pigeons (a type of domestic pigeon) is timed after they are freed from cages 100 miles distance from their coop.

This passion might appear a little unusual for one of the greatest fighters in history.

But, according to him, he has had a passion for pigeons since he was a boy, when he kept a pigeon coop in a pretty tough Brooklyn neighborhood.

This may have hugely influenced his decision to become a boxer; his first altercation was over a pigeon, even punched a garbage guy, and he ditched one of his girlfriends over a pigeon.

He is still fascinated about the birds, tweeting about them and sharing photographs and videos of his pigeons to this day. In fact, he is said to have around 2,500 pigeons in various places. That’s a weird secret talent for such a tough person…

5. Pierce Brosnan 

Secret Talent
Photo by Tami Freed from Shutterstock

The James Bond bad guy, it turns out, had some high-risk interests. Brosnan took part in a crash session on how to eat fire ,offered by a street performer in the late 1960s.

Brosnan confesses that the only thing that drew him into a fire-eating clinic in 1969 were the topless ladies, so he decided to give it a try. After all, why not?

Brosnan has done a few public fire-eating performances after this lesson, but he is essentially retired from the hobby. Still, he has this hobby written in his CV and he’s proud of it. Well, that’s an unusual secret talent I’ve never heard about… Would YOU try it out? 

6.  Conan O’Brien

We’re all familiar with Conan O’Brien, the charming late-night talk show presenter. Yet, there are some things not many people know about him, including his secret talents. He’s a fantastic tap dancer, in fact.

He begged for his parents to enroll him in tap dancing classes when he was a small child because he aspired to be in show biz one day. He believed that learning to tap dance would assist him in achieving his goal.

They hired a tap-dancing trainer for him because they wanted to help him, and he worked very hard to become a skilled tap dancer. He likes to show off his skills anytime he gets the chance.

7. Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks is mostly known for her role as Joan Holloway Harris in the long-running and highly praised drama Mad Men. Her flaming red hair mirrored her character’s fiery attitude and her charisma was difficult to ignore.

One of Joan’s most memorable scenes in the program occurred during a dinner party she hosted for her husband’s coworkers.

Joan is irritated when her husband insists on her playing the accordion for their visitors, once again treating her as a show piece rather than a human being. While we can sense Joan’s internal rage, her performance is beautiful and pleasant.

But what if we told you that there wasn’t another person playing the instrument for her? She was actually the one to perform it as beautifully as you saw in the episode.

She can indeed, play the accordion and despite how much her character hates it, Hendricks is very passionate about it. She explained in an interview that her secret talent, playing the instrument, represents things she loves: the French culture and romance.

8. Steve Martin

Secret Talent
Photo by Harmony Gerber from Shutterstock

Early in his career, Steve Martin’s satirical banjo tunes were very entertaining and also demonstrated his incredible musical talent.

Martin’s band, Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Rangers, have been playing banjo for years and have even performed on NPR’s Tiny Desk performance series.

Martin has developed even more methods to make audiences laugh since establishing himself in the world of comedy.

Steve Martin has started playing the banjo at the age of 17 and has turned it into a career. In fact, he’s recorded several bluegrass albums throughout the course of his career, winning a handful of Grammys for them – three in total.

Since he doesn’t play the banjo as often anymore, not many people are aware of his secret talent.

9. Nail Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris is an exceptionally great actor and performer, but he’s also been known to execute a magic trick or two and that’s his not so secret talent. NPH is a really skilled magician, and we’re not talking about the kind of tricks you’d show your family and friends.

He’s so talented, in fact, that he’s served as President of the Board of Directors of Hollywood’s Magic Castle. He’s tremendously talented, and he’s well aware of it.

He’s appeared on television a few times previously, but every time you see him execute a trick, you’re left in awe of how good he is.

Whose secret talent would YOU try out? Make sure to tell us what you think in the comment section down below! 

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