7 Most Bizarre Celebrity Diets

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6. Gwyneth Paltrow

Perhaps you didn’t know, but the actress Gwyneth Paltrow has her own wellness website where several doctors share tips and tricks to keep your body healthy.

In a 2017 Q&A, a “naturopathic doctor” named Linda Lancaster advised readers to consume goat milk and nothing else for eight days straight. According to her, this diet allegedly helps you get rid of any parasites that may live inside your body.

“In those biblical times, when people got worm-infested, healers would put those patients in a tub filled with milk and let them sit there until the worms would come out to drink. Yes, parasites love milk!” Lancaster said.

We don’t know for sure if Gwyneth Paltrow follows this diet, but we know that this advice lacks evidence. Not to mention that drinking raw milk could also lead to foodborne illness, which can only be treated by hospitalization.

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