7 Things China Might Do Better Than the US

Is China Better?

When we talk about China, what comes to mind? The first thing that comes to ours is its infrastructure. While I don’t have a desire to pack up and move there, it’s growing by leaps and bounds, and from time to time, we even see them coming up with something new.

There has been something that sets this country apart from all other ones. And while China has never been a prime example of how to deal with human liberties, they do have many other bragging rights.

Their economy is much stronger than ours, they have the fastest-growing middle class globally, and their government can make decisions. Apart from this, China is very famous for many other things.

So we wanted to make a comparison of sorts and have come up with a list of 10 things China does better!

Do you think China is better than our beloved USA?

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Opening Ceremonies For The Olympics

The world is still shaking from that wild display of tyrannical jazz hands which opened the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

And whether you viewed it as a spectacle of some precision showmanship or as just the result of a lockstep society who’s trying to freak out the entire world, there’s no denying that it was the opening ceremony that put all others to shame.

The hour-long cinematic showcase, directed by famed filmmaker Zhang Yimou, included every Chinese art form, starting from ink painting to acrobatics an even to tai chi and opera.

It stirred patriotism at home and inspired new fans throughout the world during an Olympics fraught with much political tension and human rights issues.

…I mean, that’s cool and all, but did they have Leann Rhimes perform as we did in 2002?!?


Did you know that China was the first place to domesticate pigs? Well, we can be sure that they know a thing or two about how to make pork delicious. According to the US National Pork Board, the first evidence of domestication of a wild boar can be dated back to 4900 BC in China.

Historically speaking, this animal has been so vital to the Chinese society that the written character for “home” is a pictogram of a pig that has a roof over its head. China is the planet’s top producer and consumer of hogs today. And, boy, do they know how to cook it or what?

There are arguably two standards of pork cooking in China: dongbo rou, a glistening chunk of braised pork belly prized for the melt-in-your-mouth fat, and char siu, a sweet-salty piece of meat that’s barbecued until tender and smoky.

Both of these dishes are hard to make and time-consuming to create but definitely worth it. We love and respect the traditions of the entire barbecue world out there, but China’s unique knowledge and various dishes place it at the top of the pork pile.

…Ok fine! I’ll admit that Chinese food is my favorite go-to meal…But you haven’t lived till you’ve tried Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que in Kansas City!


Since we’re on the subject of food, the dumpling has become an art form in China. Nowhere can you find variety and culture that matches China’s comprehensive list of dumpling variations.

And while many cuisines have a savory or sweet dumpling, maybe even a fried dumpling, China’s got dumplings with those cute transparent wrappers, the classic dim sum, dumplings in a mouth-numbing sauce, dumplings that burst with soup at the first bite, dumplings made with fish meat dough, aaaand let’s just stop while we’re ahead because the list goes on for days.

The dumpling is also a symbol of uplifting things in China. Many families gather during New Year celebrations to wrap up and eat dumplings together in the hopes of prosperous times to come.

…Ok, so I have no argument for this one. I love dumplings. But, I will say: Thank God I live in the great ‘ole US of A. Since we have the most diverse options when it comes to food, I can get dumplings in any city I choose to go to!

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Calligraphy in China is more than an art form. It’s a meditative practice, a scholarly pursuit, and, nowadays, can even be an investment.

With a rich tradition of calligraphy that goes back thousands of years, this country truly appreciates their works on paper by great masters and contemporary artists’ experimental new media calligraphic works.

Any of these calligraphic artworks can sell for millions of dollars at an auction and are collected by connoisseurs worldwide. For example, the paper scroll “Gong Fu Tie” sold for $8.2 million at Sotheby’s New York in September 2013.

This ancient artwork was written by a famous poet named Su Shi and consisted of just nine characters.

…I’ll admit we can thank China for this artistic gift. We can all appreciate a handwritten note, especially when it’s done in this beautiful style!


Out of any country in the world, China is the master of copying other people’s inventions and making them more affordable. Nowadays, you can find a cheap Chinese version of almost anything and everything, from luxury fashions to electronics.

While we’re all aware of the knock-offs of IPhones and Airpods being cheap, if you buy the Chinese version, how ’bout some baking soda? Forget Arm and Hammer..try Arm and Hatchet! Are you a fan of Crest when Buying your toothpaste? Try Crust to whiten your teeth!

And you should definitely forget about Jack Daniel’s for your whiskey needs and try Johns Daphne! So, even though I’m poking fun of some of these names, the reality is that you can pretty much buy any knock-off brand you can imagine!

…While I can appreciate a good bargain, I’m gonna have to say “PASS” on this one. I definitely won’t be replacing my “Olay” with “Okay”!


While most of us associate tea with the Brits, the reality is that the Chinese were the first country in the world to savor the simple drink made by soaking leaves in water. And China has since acquired a deep appreciation for this drink.

A good comparison would be to how much wine is regarded in Italy. Different teas have distinct characteristics in China depending on the terroir, treatment, and storage.

Was it picked before or after a rainy season? Were the leaves wok dried, air dried, fermented, or even aged? Has that tea been steeped and served in earthenware? And where did the clay for the teapot originate?

The tea culture has become so crucial to China and is held in such high regard that prestigious versions of it can easily sell for thousands of dollars per kilo. It’s practically currency in this country!

…Well, what can I say about this one?… I drink coffee!!!

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High Places?

I’m afraid Mother Nature is the only one who can take credit for this one. While the world’s highest point, Mount Everest, 29,035 ft, is on the border between Nepal and China and happens to be claimed by both countries, this isn’t really an achievement, just a geographical fact.

The victory is in bringing in the masses as quickly and efficiently to the world’s peaks as possible. So tourism isn’t bad in this country! China also claims the world’s highest railway.

The Tanggula Pass can be traversed via the Qinghai-Tibet Railway at more than 3 miles in the Tanggula Mountains. Meanwhile, the new Daocheng Yading Airport in Sichuan Province lies at 2.74 miles and is the highest civilian airport.

…Now listen, I wouldn’t pass up a free trip to China, but give me my American brands any day of the week!

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