8 Restaurant Chains With the Worst Reputation

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Does the reputation of a restaurant influence YOUR decision when choosing a place to eat?

If there’s one thing Maslow taught us, it’s that food is one of the most basic human needs, and it’s at the bottom of the pyramid. Food has gone a long way from being a means of survival to being a multibillion-dollar enterprise capable of transforming food into some kind of art.

Restaurants are very competitive these days because let’s face it, there are so many choices. There are so many different sorts of cuisine, so much variety, and so many varied experiences.

So, aside from the cuisine that restaurants specialize in and the service that they provide, how important is their reputation in the eyes of customers, and does it influence their decision to visit or not visit a restaurant?

Reputation is something that takes years to build, but can only take minutes to ruin. Effective reputation management isn’t always about establishing a positive customer image, but it can also be about repairing a negative one. If your restaurant has a bad reputation, you’ll need to do everything you can to repair it, since it can seriously damage your brand image and ultimately your revenue.

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72 thoughts on “8 Restaurant Chains With the Worst Reputation”

  1. Good for In-N-Out Burger for standing up to a political decision! Nothing about the vaccinations were based on science. JUST GREED and political overreach.

    1. I agree with both of these comments, Mike and Bettt. I’m a lesbian and I LOVE Chic-fil-a. Their food and their people are fantastic. Sadly, the gay community seems to feel that EVERYBODY has got to love and accept us. I say GET A CLUE buttercup. It is called having an OPINION and in this country we are still allowed to have this freedom. Try this concept on the Muslims and some of them will just kill you for it. When the gay community can stand united and say THEY love and accept everyone, let me know. Then we can talk about it. The gay community is made up of some of the most misguided people I have ever met. Not due to who they love, but due to their blind eyes for everything but what THEY want. Y’all might want to study Socialism and Communism because neither group is especially accepting of Gay or Lesbian people.

      As for In-N-Out… this was pure political overreach! And they just won’t stop with additional vaccines either. Anyone who KNOWS HOW vaccines work, should see and know this is a pile of crap. It is just one more brick in the wall to killing America, along with the government seeking to control everything. Medicine, Banking, Food, Utilities, Schooling, Housing and Transportation, Climate Control… (aka known as the weather.)

      Good Gravy, the latest thing I read claims that pet owners should feed their dogs and cats BUGS because of all the meat those animals eat. I have raw fed my meat eating, pointy toothed animals for 18 years. True enough, bugs do provide a fair amount of protein. Unfortunately, they lack a fairly large number of OTHER NEEDED nutritional attributes that a dog or cat requires in their healthy, balanced MEAT DIET.
      If you love America, you had better get a serious clue, we are about to lose all of it.

      1. Thank you so much, I can and do love many gay friends and family members, I do not have to agree with their choices of life partners to love them. Like Chick-Fil-A I am a Christian and am called to love ALL people. I agree with you when did it become I illegal in America to have a differing opinion. Thank you for your good sense and acceptance!

      2. Thank you for having common sense, which we all know, is in short supply these days! And yes we have lost many of our freedoms and we need to stop nitpicking all causes and issues apart and to death.

      3. Your response shows a lot of thought and common sense. It makes me want more Chick-fil-a because they follow Biblical principles (remember: closed on Sunday). And the responses here show that in-and-Out did not follow the government misdirection and idiocy of COVID.

      4. I really liked your post and the way you feel is how the vast majority of people do. Your post was so insightful and reasonable. I think that some people become extreme in their views because it fills a void for them.

      5. There are so many things wrong with your rant that I have decided not to try to correct them, I kind of like you being an ignorant person, it is refreshing to know that you are miserable too.

      6. Kathy Persohn

        One of the best replies I have ever seen on Facebook. You nailed everything as it should be . I wish more people could believe this way. We would be a much happier and successful society. Thank you so much.

      7. I agree with everything you opine. Work with a lesbian and she is the hardest working most practical and down to earth person I know. The ability to look at yourself or your group critically and objectively is rare. You are a special person. Socialism may briefly elevate some groups but subsequent crushing tyrany, loss of 1st ammendment, social rating systems and goverment control of every aspect of our lives in pursuit of utopian equity is a terrible price to pay.

    2. Curbing a pandemic has NOTHING to do with greed as the county health departments that were requiring it did not profit from it! How dumb. Vaccines are main reason quarantining is no longer nesessary.

        1. Robert you need to stop . Putting people into different groups and saying you dont like them. Most of us are reasonable people no one is totally one way or another. This is why when we vote most of us go with the person that we most agree with. What I mean is their usually is something you wont 100% agree with but you still vote for them because you mostly agree with them. This is why you should be more open minded and agree to disagree. My father was a life long democrat he served in world war 2 and the korean war how would you categorize him? Also as a registered nurse I can tell you the county health departments are not making profits off the pandemic. I would of liked to give you a real life tour on what the pandemic did to people. But Iam sure you will reply with all kind of unfounded mixed half true misinformed speech.

      1. Is there one universal Bible? One can pull out any number of parables to justify their stance on beliefs. Then maybe 8 pages later there are contradictory verses. If folks want to use religious history and philosophy then just simplify it down to the 10 commandments. Bet most don’t live up to those expectations. Start with one that involves not hurting or hating others.

    3. You are so right, and yet we find ourselves in almost the same political situation today! What is wrong with people! Small businesses die and yet the big ones flourish. What a mess.

    4. Their principled stand against a clearly dangerous vaccine has caused me to visit it more and make it my number 1 burger restaurant. Shame on you for pushing the clot shot

    1. James Grady Bishop

      I agree with you I will not stop eating at Chick-fil-A. Why should Chick-fil-A be punished for standing up for Biblical Christian Principles?

      1. I had rather be hated on earth and go to Heaven, than agree with sin and go to Hell. I may be wrong, when I agree with the Bible, but I am willing to take that chance.

      2. What biblical principle? Sunday is the first day of the work week. The Sabbath is Saturday- day of rest. Look at your calendar and read the 4th commandment to keep the 7th day holy — no work, no shopping, no money exchanged- day of worship to our heavenly Father.

    2. Eleanor Porciello

      I do NOT take politics into consideration when selecting where I will eat. I’m with you and will continue to enjoy Chick-Filet.

    3. Chik Fil A may have specific beliefs at the corporate level but their hiring practices are inclusive. As long as they are hiring based on skill or willingness to learn and are not discriminatory I will continue to support them.

      1. Yes and they are aloud to have specific beliefs just as the people who criticize them are aloud to have theirs. Their hiring practices do not discriminate . Some people have a big void in their lives and make up these battles with people so they fell they are righteous and have a purpose.

  2. Chick – fil – a’s success is in part because of their stance on LGBTQ threats. Although their menus doesn’t particularly float my boat, I will continue to support them because of their moral values.

  3. Bob the chicken fan

    Chick-Fil-A’s overpriced chicken and mind-numbing long lines are biggest issues in Colorado. I suppose what their foudners do is a seperate issue, but do they understand that “mixed race” couples, gay couples, trans folks, LBTQ folks and everyone else eats together? What is it that they continue to have a problem with? Let’s start with a better value in their food and moving those lines along.

  4. Since when vaccinations have being looked at GREEDY? If done right, it saves life and minimizes suffering. I grew up in India – living proof of vaccinations being GOOD.
    Jack Dhuwalia

    1. I prefer to have vaccinations fully tested before I put them in my arm. Best that they work and don’t cause terrible side effects including death.

    2. So right. You have to understand some American people in general have it so good here they invent conflicts to make them feel alive. And they are not constructive conflicts. They are made up conflicts for the sake of conflict. They are people who lack imagination and purpose. They are angry, blame others for their unhappy lives and are easily fooled and led by the nose.

  5. Yes it has opened my eyes to what corporate greed can do. When restaurants discriminate whatever the reason and are not cognizant about people’s health it shows me what extant many companies in our country are just plain greedy. non care about the consumer just bottom line.

  6. I love Chik-filet. I love that they are a Christian store. I support In-m-Out for their stand. We have lost enough freedom and privacy rights since 9-11.

  7. Chick Fil A makes good food. The only reason we will not patronize them is their overt support for right-wing causes and politics. Same goes for Hobby Lobby.

  8. I love Chick-fil-A and Chipotle two of the few restaurants that have not made me sick at one time or another in Fredericksburg. For the others listed I would agree for those I’ve dined at. We don’t have several of these in this area.

  9. You’re hit job on Chick-Fil-A is unfortunate, and unfair! Their food quality, service, and pricing make them among the very best in the nation. Because the do not espouse your deification of the lgbt movement in no way reflects poorly on this wonderful company. Your politicization of the issue reflects poorly on your professionalism more than anything else.

  10. Chick – Filets owners have the right to support who and what they want…and I will continue to frequent them due to their great food and service. In-And-Out Burger sound like maybe they were one of few who have had any sense in this Covid/Vaccine debacle!

  11. I have never tried an In-an-out burger but I can’t wait to try them. I also love Chick-Fill-A. What ever you say about these restaurnts is not going to stop me from going to them. I think most people just give them bad reviews because of their stance against the left. I agree with the restaurants

  12. You really have no right using your own political views to undermine successful chains that don’t conform to your “wokeness”. California had no right to demand restaurants show proof of vaccinations & if you didn’t like that In-&-Out didn’t want to abide by that unjust ruling , people could choose not to go there. Chick Fil A has every right to donate to whatever group they choose, for them it was a religious conviction & should have nothing to do why people would be encouraged to not eat there. If they like the food they should go or not, Your opinions are just that & formerly in this country we were allowed opposing views.

  13. Chik Fil A makes a great sandwich and has an awesome business model but the corporation is a prime example of self proclaimed Christians contradicting the teachings of Christ and promoting hate for people different from themselves. SMH

    1. Doug,
      So sad to think that standing for something right and moral and natural is an act of hate toward another. No such feelings accompany that stand. Courage, yes; integrity, yes; hate, no. Cheers for Chik Fil A!

  14. YAY for IN-N-OUT standing up against governmental tyranny!! I also support Chick-fil-A for standing strong with Christian values!! Great businesses!!

  15. Sharon DiPiazza

    This hit on Chick Fil A is nonsense. They have NEVER discriminated against gays. They hire them and serve them at their many restaurants. What the founder believes is no ones business. Our local Chick Fil A is swamped 6 days out of the week and everytime someone from the left lies about them their support just goes up.

  16. Will continue to support Chik-Fil-let, Olive Garden, Pizza Hut and Applebees. Food and service at my locations are A+..

  17. Applebee’s has had it’s ups & downs but i think they have made great efforts to improve. We go there often. The wait staff at our location is always on point, friendly and service has been fast and efficient. I say give them another try.
    If you are not happy with either a drink or food , tell them and they will acknowledge your complaint and make it right so you are satisfied.

  18. I love the feedback/comments you received. The customers know best and their comments are right on. Hooray for Chick-fil-A, a great restaurant with pride in christian values; they have the right to promote who they choose. Boo to the corporations, like Coca-Cola, that promote socialist values.

  19. Perhaps these eight are the eight with any notable reputations at all? Of course, I’ve never heard of BurgersIM, but I have eaten at all the others cited, with no problems at all.

  20. I love Chick-fil A. Our Family & Friends will continue to get the best foods there.! Employees are police & good services! Hooray!! From The US Marine Family

  21. Currently the entire population of this country is bending backwards for the 3% of the woke crowd. Chick-fil A doesn’t give a chicken shiit about the gay community. Talk back and stand up to the 3%.

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