Trump Had at Least 8 Mistresses – Check Them Out Here!

trump's ex
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5. Allison Giannini

Ex-model Allison Giannini was 27 years old when she met Donald Trump. They reportedly started dating in December 1997, while Trump was separated from his wife, Marla Maples.

It seems that the pair was set up on a blind date, but the romance didn’t last. They only went on three dates, during which Trump allegedly talked about Marla and how much he loved her. At least that’s what Giannini said in an interview.

In fact, she stated that this didn’t bother her at all. Moreover, Giannini has always spoken very highly of Donald Trump whenever she had the chance. According to her, he is smart and a great guy, even if “lots of things are said about him.”

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6 thoughts on “Trump Had at Least 8 Mistresses – Check Them Out Here!”

  1. How about Clinton who cares how many women he had he was a good president economy good no threats from other countries, This Bozo president is awful talks about how many blacks on his team but no blacks good enough to go to school with his children o o worst president he is in another world

  2. John F. Kennedy & Bobby Kennedy cheated on their wives too and we know what happened to them.
    So not wise to break one of the ten commandments (bad karma, and you invite misery into your life along with Satan).
    If you are miserable for a good reason (i.e., domestic abuse), God will understand as he’s merciful.

  3. Holger Finley

    Does not matter, what he has done for our country is of great importance and we need him to help make America Great Again.

  4. Agree with all the other comments! Mistress’s are a phase, some last longer than others. Trump was a good president, he wanted what’s best for our country, don’t think he realized how difficult it was to drain the swamp,the fact that Biden got in , just shows presidents are selected not elected. Kennedy,Regan and Trump didn’t play by the Elite’s rules and look what happened. Wake up America!

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