Only In Texas: 10 Things That Make Us Love the Lonestar State

Only In Texas?

Between 2010 and 2016, approximately 867,000 more people moved into the state than out, ranking Texas as number one for migration. Fun FAct: Florida comes in as a close second, with third place going to Colorado. We wanted to know why and we did some digging.

Now we’re not gonna start a “what’s bigger” debate with a local Texan because we’d be here for days, and Texans are extremely devoted to their diverse state and take pride in flying their flag at the same altitude as the American flag.

Due to the size of this state, it’s the only one that has almost every terrain on earth, including deserts, swamps, and coastlines. It’s also among the most culturally and socially diverse states in our country.

We’ve discovered that a large diversity of cultural things makes Texas stand out from the rest. What do we mean?

…Keep reading to find out 10 things you’ll likely see “Only In Texas”!

only in texas
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Only In Texas: You’ll See The Biggest Pecan

While we promised we wouldn’t get into the “Who’s bigger?” debate, we have to admit we haven’t seen this any place else in the country! This is a typical case of everything being super-sized in Texas.

Where on Earth would they think having the largest pecan would be an accomplishment that’s worthy of display? Well, in Texas, of course. We have to admit, it’s pretty unique. We were hoping that there was also something edible at this cute little stop in Seguin.

But as it turns out sadly, the only thing this tourist trap was able to offer was this enormously sized pastry ingredient.

Only In Texas: You’ll Find The Best Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders didn’t achieve National Status until the 70s. Where? Dallas, Texas, of course! And while back then, they looked nothing like they do today, they’ve always been a big hit.

Dallas Cowboys general manager Tex Schramm was looking for more national exposure, and after a few failed attempts, he found the secret. After seeing an exotic dancer in the stands one day, it hit him!

He imagined the cheerleaders dressed similarly, and that’s how the modern-day Cowboys Cheerleaders came to be. The cheerleaders quickly became fan favorites at home with Dallas fans, but they had not yet been exposed to a national television audience.

That all changed on a night in 1975 at Texas Stadium when one particular cheerleader caught the camera director’s eye. With a camera trained on her most of the game, she responded by posing, flirting, and even winking at the camera.

…It was a defining moment in the squad’s history.

Only In Texas: You’ll Find A More “Unusual” Sonic

Anyone who owns a fast-food restaurant in the state of Texas has to be aware that they will have a bit more than just your average car in their drive-through.

Actually, Sonic’s are built a bit differently and they can accommodate a horse better than just any drive-through window. People who ride horses instead of cars can stop for a few chili cheese tots and a blueberry slushy with candy on their way to a trail!

That’s great, and it’s all fun and games… until those horses leave a little something behind for the following people to pull into these spots.

…This is the point where you say: “Geez, ONLY IN TEXAS!”

Only In Texas: You’ll Find A Texas Shaped House

Now, as we’ve mentioned, this is a state where everyone seems to be in some big competition to outdo everyone else as far as their state pride is concerned. And for Texans who happen to be well-off, well, you can bet they’re going to make sure to win that contest!

One guy, for example, spent a ridiculous amount of money on having his house built to look like the state itself. If you were to fly over his house, you would see one big Texas-sized object from the sky.

He’s also got a private plane, pilot included, that he uses to impress his guests. So, okay, we’ll give him this win. After all, wouldn’t you be pretty impressed by this display of over-the-top Texas pride?

Only In Texas: Highway Patrol on A Boat?

Police officers in Texas constantly have to chase down supersized trucks with off-road abilities. And it can all appear a bit intimidating Sometimes.

Well, at least it did before the Highway Patrol decided to invest in a particular vehicle that permits them to see over the traffic coming from both directions on all the different types of terrain.

The other officers laughed at the man who originally proposed the idea of a boat on the road, but now that they’ve tried it out, they’re entirely on his side.

So say hello to the Texas Highway Patrol Cruiser, and you better keep this in mind the next time you’re driving through Texas. Would you want to turn around and see this thing chasing you?

…I really don’t have anything else to say…other than: ONLY IN TEXAS!

only in texas
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Only In Texas: You’ll Find The Longest Horns

If there has ever been a breed of cattle with a self-explanatory name, it’s the famed Texas longhorn. Bred in Texas and featuring a hefty and lengthy set of horns, calling it any other name would be pointless.

The Texas longhorn cattle descended from the first cattle introduced by the Spanish colonists and Christopher Columbus in the new world.

This particular breed that presently holds the Guinness World Record for the longest set of horns is called Poncho Via, and he stands at 10 ft, 7.4 in. To put it into perspective, that’s wider than the face of the Statue of Liberty!

Only In Texas: Car Wash? Nope, It’s A Cattle Wash!

I mean, we’ve all been there. Sometimes, your cattle end up getting too dirty rolling around in the mud, and you’ve gotta take em’ to the cattle wash, right? Well, say no more because, luckily, this state has a car wash that is meant explicitly for both trucks AND livestock.

My question is: Do they use shampoo on the animals, or do they just stick to the soap and water you would use to wash your car? Either way, thank you, Texas, for being so inclusive and thoughtful of the needs of multiple species in your structural designs.

We hope you enjoy that shower, Bessie!

…Now I don’t want to sound too repetitive, but I mean….ONLY IN TEXAS!

Only In Texas: Bluebell Or Nothing At All

This tasty artisanal ice cream brand was founded in Texas in 1907 and has been a local favorite ever since. Blue Bell ice cream is primarily enjoyed in the South, although it’s sold in 23 states throughout the country. We recommend Blue Bell’s birthday ice cream cake.

It’s pretty much the most mouthwatering thing ever and is a cult favorite of the brand. Blue Bell makes its ice cream so that it tastes like it was hand-made, with the best milk, cream, sugar, and their secret homemade ingredients.

You can buy this ice cream in a true half-gallon or a pint. And even though it’s being sold in a limited number of states, this ice cream is the third highest-selling ice cream brand in our country.

only in texas
Photo by Moab Republic at Shutterstock

Only In Texas: Reenactment Like No Other

No one “remembers the Alamo” more seriously than your average Texan. And even though we’ve seen reenactments before throughout different states, none are quite like this yearly event in Texas!

The battle shows the Alamo Mission being surrounded and laid under siege by Mexican troops. After a 13-day siege of the area, you probably know it as San Antonio, Texas, triumphed and became its own republic.

And what you see in the picture above isn’t a product of time travel. It’s a reenactment of the conflict and one which Texas holds at least once a year. And in Texas, you obviously go big or go home… Even when it’s to reenact a battle from 1836.

Only In Texas: Bat Country

Austin has many nicknames, but most people refer to this diverse metropolis as the “Bat City.” The state’s capital city is home to North America’s largest urban bat colony.

And during its peak “bat season,” tourists and locals alike gather at the South Congress Bridge at sunset to see the drones of bats flying out for their nightly pursuit. Viewing the bats has become a popular Austin attraction since it really is an extraordinary natural wonder.

In fact, Austin is where you can find the most significant urban bat colony globally! This enormous one showcases its numerous Mexican free-tailed bats in and out of their house under the Congress Avenue Bridge.

…I guess everything really IS bigger in this state, and that applies to bat colonies as well, apparently.

So the conclusion here is: If you’re among those who think Texans exaggerate with the size of everything…THEY BACK IT UP!

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