Queen Elizabeth II: 10 Shocking Facts Everyone Should Know

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Unknown author, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

#5 Did you know of little Lilibet?

You may be thinking of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s daughter, Lilibet Diana, who was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana. But what you may not have known is that the monarch, which was born and christened¬† Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor of York, was said to have not been able to pronounce her name properly, which ended up with her calling herself Lilibet.

It went beyond just that; the whole royal family knew her as that when she was little. She went as far as to sign a letter to her grandmother Queen Mary, “Love from Lilibet.” We think this was just adorable, which just makes the fact that her grandson named her little girl after her grandmother even cuter.

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2 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth II: 10 Shocking Facts Everyone Should Know”

  1. I probably know more about the Late Queen than most, as we were cousins, altho not close ones, through my maternal grandmother’s family, going back to the Battle of Culloden, when Prince Charles of that era was going to be King of England and there were those who did not want this to happen. I had another cousin, a few times removed on my Grandmother’s side who was from the Isle of Skye, where my Great-Great grandfather was born. She was called Flora MacDonald and she helped Prince Charles escape to the Isle of Skye in a boat. The rest is all part of history. I liked this article and will be making a copy of it. I also am interested in getting a copy of her biography. When I look at a recent photo of hers on a magazine, I noticed the resemblance to my Maternal Grandmother. May the Queen rest in peace!!!

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