Queen Elizabeth II: 10 Shocking Facts Everyone Should Know

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#8 The Queen was a “pretty nice girl”

We caught your attention with the song dedications that the queen got over the 70 years she reigned. Yet, while it may sound flattering, some of them weren’t as nice as other songs. It was unavoidable that such a public figure would become the subject of songs.

The Beatles have famously made the song “Her Majesty,” where they manage to get away with calling the royal a “pretty nice girl” and then follow it with the fact that “she doesn’t have a lot to say.” Paul MacCartney managed to record the short song in 1969, and he was able to include it in an album (Abbey Road).

Others were not so lucky with the songs they had written about the Queen. For as many monarchists as there are out there, there are also just as many anti-monarchists. The Sex Pistols were famously against the monarchy, and the song they wrote and released before the Silver Jubilee back in 1977 (titled “God Save the Queen”) was banned from being played on British TV.

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2 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth II: 10 Shocking Facts Everyone Should Know”

  1. I probably know more about the Late Queen than most, as we were cousins, altho not close ones, through my maternal grandmother’s family, going back to the Battle of Culloden, when Prince Charles of that era was going to be King of England and there were those who did not want this to happen. I had another cousin, a few times removed on my Grandmother’s side who was from the Isle of Skye, where my Great-Great grandfather was born. She was called Flora MacDonald and she helped Prince Charles escape to the Isle of Skye in a boat. The rest is all part of history. I liked this article and will be making a copy of it. I also am interested in getting a copy of her biography. When I look at a recent photo of hers on a magazine, I noticed the resemblance to my Maternal Grandmother. May the Queen rest in peace!!!

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