9 Famous People Who Were Related and Still Got Married

Rembrandt Peale, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

#6 Thomas And Martha Jefferson

As one of the founding fathers of America, Thomas Jefferson is famous for a lot of things, but most of them are horrible, and this also included his history with the slave trade and abuse, as well as marrying someone with whom he was related. What’s even creepier is that he was related to not only his wife, Martha (they were third cousins), but also to the slave he sexually abused since she was fourteen and with whom he had several children!

To explain this complicated background, Martha’s father was Thomas Wayles. When his wife died, he took one of the slaves he had as a concubine. Her name was Betty Hemings, and they had six children together (which added to the four from her previous marriage). One of them was named Sally. When Thomas Wayles died, his slaves (including Betty and her ten children) went to Martha.

And when Martha died, her possessions (yes, including her slaves because that was the twisted norm back then) went to her husband. So not only did Thomas Jefferson end up marrying his cousin, but he also sexually abused his half-sister, with whom he was probably related as well if we follow the trend of this story! Talk about being properly twisted!

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