10 Incredible Body Features That You May Have

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7. A Rare Body Feature That Perfectly Regulates Cholesterol

Some people may actually want to have it! While many Americans struggle to keep their cholesterol levels within healthy ranges, some will never have to worry about this. The reason for that is a mutation of the PCSK9 gene.

According to experts, this gene provides instructions for producing a protein that helps regulate the cholesterol in the bloodstream. When this gene undergoes changes, it keeps bad cholesterol very low.

When one woman figured out she had a rare body feature that stopped her system from developing high cholesterol, she was quite puzzled, as she didn’t really understand how such a thing might be possible. The doctors called her rare body feature “a double dose of the mutation” mentioning she inherited it from both parents.

Since then, 3.2% of white people have been found to have a slightly singly mutated PCSK9 gene, and 2.5% of black people have a singly mutated gene.

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