8 Pieces of Advice From People Who Figured Out Life

…Do you remember what the best piece of advice you’ve ever received was?

I am sure that you know some people who seem like they have it all. They find a way to balance out every aspect of their lives, such as work, love, entertainment, relaxation, traveling, and so many other things.

They are confident, positive, they are not afraid of failure. Whatever they do, it seems like they never make any mistakes. I don’t know about you, but sometimes, watching these people can feel a bit overwhelming.

I’m wondering what exactly I’m doing wrong because my life doesn’t look the same as theirs. This whole topic made me curious, so I asked some people who figured out life about some inside information.

The first one who answered me was Davia Temin, a leadership coach who founded Temin and Company. She told me that no one actually has a perfect life, but many of them know how to give off the impression that they do.

Here are 8 pieces of advice from people who figured out life!

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1. They are prepared for bumps along the way

David Temin said that people who are successful are aware of the fact that it’s impossible for things to turn out great from the first time, so they had to learn how to make things right.

She stated that the majority of them know that challenges are going to happen along the way, so they have a plan B in case something like this occurs.

In addition to that, when they don’t receive what they wanted, they don’t rethink their whole career path, asking themselves if they made the right decision or not.

Instead, they see failure as an opportunity to grow, improve, learn more, and do things better the next time.

2. They are focused on their vision 

Many successful people, such as executives, celebrities, and CEOs, usually have a plan in mind when it comes to reaching their goals. They break them into more micro-goals, that are more palpable and easier to achieve.

In conformity with Scott Sobel, who is the founder of Media & Communications Strategies, Inc, this vision is important because it keeps people focused on their dreams. It is like a path that they have to follow and they know exactly what they have to do and what they need to avoid.

…Keywords: Focus, determination, organization. 

3. They have a healthy mindset

Let’s be honest here! Nobody can be positive and happy from the moment when they wake up to the time they go to bed. Life happens and things can get out of control, but prosperous people have a secret: they have a healthy ego.

You might think that people who have an ego are those who are selfish, but here comes the healthy part: they are actually confident, they know their self-worth, they are not weak, and apologetic, and they know how to act in different circumstances.

…Best advice: If your mindset is not working for you, change it!

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4. Don’t forget to take care of yourself! 

I am sure you know this already and you might be tired of hearing it over and over again! But if this is what successful people want us to do, this is what we have to do!

They say that we should never neglect to take care of ourselves! As much as we want to constantly work and be on the move, without proper rest, we might get burnout.

This means that it will take a lot of time to recover and to find the motivation again.

…Best advice: Take a break every now and then!

5. Pay attention to the people who surround you

When I was in 5th grade, my friends were like my “bosses”. I know it sounds weird, and they really were. We had like a weird unwritten pact, where all of us had to do the same thing.

For example, let’s say that two of them forgot about their homework and they didn’t do it. The first option was for the rest of us had to give them our homework. The second option was for us to say that we didn’t do our homework.

None of these two variants were good. As you can imagine, I wasn’t that smart back then!

When my parents realized that something bad was going on with me, they spent weeks trying to get some sense into their child! It took me a lot of time to accept the fact that the pact we had was actually sabotaging all of us.

Needless to say, I was kicked out of the group, but I assure you that it made me more productive and convinced me that I can do great things on my own.

This is why successful people always advise others to be careful regarding the people they surround themselves with! They can influence you in good AND bad ways!

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6. They have a good sense of humor

Did you know that Walt Disney once said that he can’t take himself too seriously? One of the best pieces of advice from him is to laugh as much as possible and things will seem easier!

I believe that’s right because people who have a good sense of humor can easily get through challenges and things that are not that great. According to many businessmen, this is one of the keys to success!

…Conclusion: Laugh, laugh, laugh!

7. Have fun and trust the process!

I know this tip sounds cheesy and it seems like it’s coming straight up from a life coach! There are many entrepreneurs who believe that having fun while doing something can make it more enjoyable and easy to accomplish!

If we think about it, this is a great piece of advice! Things don’t happen overnight, even though we would want them to. If you are constantly upset and angry, you will feel like nothing is moving.

Think about yourself at work, on a Monday. You are tired from the day before, you are grumpy, and you don’t want to talk to anyone. You can’t wait for it to be Saturday again, to have fun or to relax.

Do you think that the weekend will come sooner? Not the case! The only thing you actually do is to make your time at work even less enjoyable and the only one who will suffer from this will be you!

8. “Everything you need to know to be successful will be caught, not taught”

I’ve saved the best for last! Joshua Lisec, a writer and an entrepreneur, remembered that one of his first clients once said that “Everything you need to know to be successful will be caught, not taught”.

Lisec said that since 2011 when he launched his business, he has spent thousands of dollars on master courses conducted by successful people. He thought that this was the only way to learn and improve the skills he already had.

However, he realized that his client was actually right. He learned more by watching people doing their business than from all the classes he bought.

For instance, he “caught” how to sell a high-ticket service from a contractor who sold him their high-ticket service. Moreover, he “caught” the best way to negotiate with someone by watching an entrepreneur negotiate with him.

One of the best pieces of advice he can give is that if you want to become better than someone, you have to watch them doing their jobs!

…Which one of these do you think is the most useful?

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