22 Cool Items Found in Thrift Stores

Photo by Art Posting from shutterstock.com

15. Stained glass

I have no idea what other people think, but in my opinion, stained glass objects do not look good only in churches, but they are great decorative objects.

For example, you can easily turn a boring room into an artsy and stylish one with the help of an item like this. There is someone who bought a stunning piece like this for only $7. Can you believe it?

16. Fabulous beach towel 

Did you know that there are bands that sell beach towels whenever they go on tour? There is someone who went to a thrift store and bought a vintage beach towel that the B-52s once sold when they started their tour.

…Would you buy something like this? 

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1 thought on “22 Cool Items Found in Thrift Stores”

  1. The local thrift store started to sell electronics. I went in and saw what I thought was a single walkie talkie sitting on a table. I picked it up and checked it out. Turns out it was a digital police scanner… price tag on it was $3.99! Of course I bought it, put fresh batteries in it and when I turned it on I heard the weather report as clear as a bell. The cheapest I could find the radio on EBAY was for $299! Most offered for sale was around $350! Now, that’s a bargan!!

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