NEVER Purchase These 16 Things at Target

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Almost every American does their grocery shopping at Target. Whenever we enter the store for just one product, we always end up buying a whole bunch of unnecessary items. We just love it. It has irresistible products which we can never say no to.

But this shopping fever, also known as the Target Syndrome, is making our wallets cry and bank accounts dry. Even though we are HUGE fans of their items, there are several things we should NEVER buy!

And here are the ones we should avoid at all costs and why:

1. Target water filters

If you’re using a water filter at home then you should know that buying Target’s replacements for water filters is not such a good idea.

It’s true that Target’s brand, Up & Up, is cheaper than the rest, but it’s also not the best or the most reliable one. In addition, they don’t last too long either.

Target items
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2. Target’s baby formula

There are hundreds and hundreds of brands that sell baby formula. And so, the quality differs from one brand to another. When it comes to your child’s safety and health, it’s for the best to only stick to the popular and safe brands.

Plus, it can turn out to be cheaper if you buy in bulk from Costco or Sam’s Club.

Fact: Once, a mom found a plastic string inside a baby formula package. That sounds awful!

3. Gift cards

Gifts cards are, to say the least, VERY tempting. They are right next to the checkout, and these are a very good idea for a quick gift. But the thing is you should avoid buying them from Target. You can easily purchase them on eBay or Raise.

The last one is an online marketplace dedicated to selling and buying gift cards. You can easily save up to 20% if you buy from these two places.

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4. Books

Buying a book is always an exciting thing. That is, however, until you reach the checkout, and you have to pay an outrageous price for one book. The thing is, supermarkets will always put a huge price on simple, light reading material.

So, it’s better if you choose to go to a library or a book store and purchase it from there.

5. Coffee

Coffee is amazing and we all love it. It’s how we start our day and what makes us get through it. That’s why it’s vital for us to have the best one we can. When it comes to Target’s Market Pantry brand Classic Roast coffee, customers were rather disappointed.

Most of them said that it tastes bitter and it’s not very intense. If you are a real coffee lover, you should buy something popular and trustworthy.

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6. Beauty products from popular brands

Unlike what we’ve said earlier about purchasing products from popular brands rather than Target’s brands. There are many people who stated that there are several Target beauty products that have the same quality as the name brand ones.

The bonus here is the fact that they are less pricey than the popular ones.

7. Medication

As you may know, the pharmacy section was taken over by CVS back in 2015. Ever since then, the medication got more expensive. This is why it would be a better thing for you to purchase a store-brand kind.

Now, we are not saying that your health should come second, it should always be a priority. But, you should know that the quality between them is about the same, they can be as efficient and they are cheaper.

Target items
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8. Electronics

Buying electronics from Target is not a good idea unless you do it during their blowout sales. If you do it during the high sales season, then you got yourself, and your wallet, a good deal. That being said, if an electronic product is not on sale, you shouldn’t buy it.

At least not from Target. You should pay attention to the deals that electronic stores have. They have several discounts all year long. So, next time you’re thinking of buying something, do your research and choose something affordable.

9. Furniture

If you’re not a college student, then you need to stay as FAR AWAY as possible from the furniture at Target. They will save you a lot of money, but they are not a good investment long term. After a while, they will just break.

You will actually end up paying more to replace everything that you’ve bought. Instead of choosing Target, you can go to Marshall’s, HomeGoods, or any thrift shop that’s in your area. You get a lot of affordable deals and high-quality furniture.

Target items
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10. Shoes

Shoes are not a good thing either. They don’t last and you will have to pay much more just to replace them. There are several other stores that will sell name-brand shoes, for a reasonable price. In addition, their quality will be much better than the one offered by the shoes displayed at Target.

11. Batteries

We rarely shop for batteries since we always slap the remote control or simply flip them over. But when we do, we must go for a good, durable brand. Funny enough, the big box filled with batteries at Target is not as efficient as it may seem.

The 10 pack Energizer box that is almost $9 is less beneficial than the ones at your local dollar store. Keep this in mind the next time you run out of batteries.

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12. Trash bags 

When it comes to Target’s trash bags, customers are not happy with the product. They apparently lack quality and durability. Try something that you know for sure is good. You don’t want to end up with your garbage all over the kitchen floor, am I right?

13. Phone case

When you purchase a phone case, you want a product that will protect your precious and expensive phone from breaking. You also want something that will fit it perfectly and that it’s also not that expensive.

Well, at Target you will get the exact opposite. You will spend a good amount of time trying to find one that suits your phone and that is also under $10. It’s better to try on Amazon since the online retailer has a lot of options and you will find affordable products.

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14. Snacks

If you feel like buying some snacks you should choose a store that offers products in bulk, and the price is decent. At Target, you will end up spending a fortune on brand-name products that don’t even get you full.

15. Name-brand food

When it comes to pre-packaged food, Target brand products come first. They are very tasty and are far cheaper than the brand-name ones. The quality is just about the same, so in the end, you will get the same product, but for a more convenient price.

Target items
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16. Kitchen appliances

Most customers have complained about the prices of kitchen appliances from Target. They are too expensive. There are several products that are worth buying from Amazon or HomeGoods due to their decent price and great quality.

Some of the kitchen gadgets displayed at Target aren’t even a good long-term investment due to their poor quality.

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