Never Buy These 20 Things at Target!

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Some of us have come to peace with ourselves that every time we step into a Target store, we’re gonna come out with a lot more than the one thing we went in for. Yep, we’re more than prepared for anything, including a full bag, or even a full cart!

That’s because Target has some great deals, and no one can’t deny it. That’s why it’s safe to say that we might have a bit of a “Target Syndrome”, where we buy a ton of stuff we never wanted and most of the time don’t need them either, but they did come at a great price!

That’s why we promised to look out for those items at Target that you should never purchase, not because they aren’t cheap, but because they might lack quality. Check out our list:

Target brand water filters

Yes, it’s true, Target’s brand Up&Up replacements for your water filter cost less than their brand-name counterparts, but you have to know that they’re not as reliable.

Target brand baby formula

According to the Baby Formula Expert blog, most of the generic versions of formula might differ from the brand varieties. If you want to be sure you’re providing the baby with the best quality formula, you should take into consideration the experts’ advice and stick to the name brands.

Plus, when it comes to baby formula, you’re always gonna score a better deal by buying formula in bulk at warehouse stores such as Costco and Sam’s club.

Gift cards

Gift cards are the sick pleasure we all have now and then. I mean, they’re super close to the register, and they’re the definition of temptation when we need to buy a quick gift, so we get it.

Even so, you should resist the urge to purchase them from Target. If you want to save money, it’s better if you buy your gift cards from eBay or Raise, which is basically an online marketplace for buying and selling gift cards!


If you’re about to go on a vacation and you want to catch up on your reading, be careful! Target’s prices aren’t as competitive as other retailers. For example, at Barnes & Noble, you frequently get a 20% discount coupon if you’re an email subscriber.

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Target brand coffee

According to Consumer Reports’ taste testers, Target’s Market Pantry brand Classic Roast coffee isn’t all that great. It lacks complexity and it’s super bitter. So, it would be best if you’d stick to the name-brand coffee!

Name-brand beauty products

Some Target brand products are just as great as other name-brands. For example, Target’s Up&Up Apricot Blemish Scrub costs only $1.99, and it has the same quality as the St. Ives Apricot Blemish Control Scrub, which costs $3.59.

If you want something good, don’t rush into paying more, when you can simply go to a chain pharmacy with a discount or go to Target’s Up&Up line.

Name-brand medications

According to Cathy Rosenbaum, a pharmacist, and CEO of Rx Integrative Solutions, Inc., when CVS took over Target’s pharmacy section, the chain ended its rewards program, which made medications pricier.

If you want to shop over-the-counter medications from Target, it’s best if you stick to the store-brand variety.


If you waited to make your purchase from Target on holiday blowout sales, then it makes total sense to buy electronics from there. If not, it’s best to go elsewhere, especially online, where you can easily compare prices.

Throughout the year, Target doesn’t have any deals on electronics, so save your time and money and buy them online.


Cheap furniture from Walmart or Target is more appropriate for college students, but if you want to buy it for the long run, you’re gonna replace those items. Other than that, we recommend you try antique stores, thrift shops, or even discount stores, like T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, or even Marshalls.


The same goes for shoes. If you want to buy a pair of sturdy, long-lasting footwear, you won’t be satisfied with Target. There are other stores that have name-brand shoes for the exact same price, which also have better quality and are more durable.

For example, do you want to buy some fake leather sandals for $20 from Target, or go to Macy’s and look for something that’s quality brand and costs the same?

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At some point, Apartment Therapy conducted a study that showed how Target isn’t exactly the cheapest place to purchase your toiletries. For some categories, such as toothpaste and body wash, Walmart beat Target’s rump when it comes to prices.


If you’re out of batteries and you haven’t had the chance to restock, don’t rush into going to this store. Instead, consider buying from your local dollar store.

A 10-count pack of Energizer batteries will be $8.69 here, but you can get the Sunbeam brand equivalent for only $1 at a local dollar store. I mean, it’s a way better deal!

Target brand trash bags

According to Kyle James from Rather-be-Shopping, Target’s trash bags lack quality and durability. I mean, let’s put it like this: when your trash ends up on your kitchen floor, you won’t be happy that you saved a couple of bucks!

If you want quality, try a brand like Glad, which has better durability.

Gift wrap

You can’t possibly miss the gift wraps from this place, as it’s normally situated up front, close to the bargain section. But even if it’s close to the bargain section, it’s definitely not cheap. Instead of Target, you should hit up the dollar store, T.J. Maxx, or even Marshalls.

Phone cases

When it comes to Target’s phone cases, it’s almost impossible to find the exact fit and design you want and pay under $10. Instead, you should check out Amazon for phone cases that will cost you less than $7.

The online retailer has a great reputation for this kind of item, plus you’ll be able to choose from a huge variety!

Craft and party supplies

If you’ve just discovered your passion for arts & crafts, then don’t rush to Target to buy your supplies! Instead, we recommend you try stores like Jo-Ann Fabric, and even Craft Store or Michaels, where 40-50% off coupons will be waiting for you online.

Name-brand food

And just like with beauty products, brand items here are worthy only when it comes to pre-packaged food. Target’s Market Pantry pasta and its baking supplies are way more affordable than their name-brand counterparts, and they still deliver on quality.

Most of the store-branded baking goods are being repackaged from the name brand. If you think about it, you’re getting the same product at a bigger discount.

Fresh produce

If you want to buy your groceries and home goods in one shot, try Walmart, as they have better prices. According to Business Insider’s Jessica Tyler, Target doesn’t even have as big of a selection, and the products don’t seem as fresh, in comparison to Walmart’s.

Snack packs

It’s Friday and you’re probably dying to stock up on snacks. If so, head to a place like Costco or Sam’s Club that’s specialized in bulk shopping.

At Costco, most snack packs that contain 30 individual snacks will cost you around $20, while individual snacks at Target will cost you around $3 to $4 each.


If you want superior quality, go for Macy’s, look for search sale items, and then ask for a coupon that has a deeper discount. It’s way better to shop from there than from this store, at least when it comes to bedding items. I mean, there are some items where we can’t just skip the quality!

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