How Melania Trump Feels About Husband Donald Trump

Melania Trump and Donald Trump
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If you’ve followed Joe Biden’s presidential campaign at the end of 2020, you already know that there have been a few controversies between Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump.

As we all know, she is Trump’s third wife and if we look at the pictures where they are together, it seems like the two really care about one another.

However, we wanted to know a bit more about their relationship and we were curious to find out more details about the way they’ve been after they’ve packed their bags and moved out of the White House.

With that being said, in today’s article, we are going to talk about how Melania Trump feels about her husband Donald Trump. If you are just as curious as we are, make sure to stick around till the end, to find out all the juicy details.

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12 thoughts on “How Melania Trump Feels About Husband Donald Trump”

  1. They are made for each other. One to have a trophy wife, the other for the money. As for love, they have sadly never experienced it.

  2. this is funny, it is a marriage of convenience. there is no love from her. she has her child, that is automatic support. i am sure she had a contract with him prior to marriage. I hope she gets it all, because there will be a divorce soon.

  3. Of course there is little in print about the real relationship. She is the most elegant, intelligent, dedicated First Ladies we have ever had. I think she truly loves her husband & will be by his side whatever he decides to do. Unlike some of the previous…and present one…….she was a true example of how a First Lady should present herself when representing America.

    1. Trump is a genius, not a sociopath. He did more for this country than any other president. If you prefer the way the country is now, then move to Venezuela! As for their marriage, I 100% agree with Donna.

  4. Sylvian McClain

    I think that the Trump family will stay together, Mrs Trump I think is a strong as her husband. Best of luck in 2024 election

  5. Last I read she lives in a different state with her parents and her son . Donald rarely sees his son . It’s been painfully obvious his followers have never gone to library get a FREEbook and read ONE page about Donald

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