Unsafe: You Should STOP Shopping at These 7 Grocery Stores!

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Grocery stores aren’t known to be unsafe for customers per se, but some are also not known for their extremely clean environments. It can happen, especially since when they are dealing with so many items, many of which have an expiry date and are also fragile, and with human error, not everything ends up being as spotless as we might like.

Yet, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a surge of reviews and even citations for some stores, due to their not only having bad reviews when it comes to cleanliness but also because they have been lax when it comes to dealing with the virus. Surely, a lot of things may have changed since the last Consumer Reports rankings, but this doesn’t mean that any of these stores are necessarily any cleaner or potentially less dangerous to your health.

With how conscious all of us have become due to the pandemic, it’s sad to say that some of these stores are pretty well known and still have been deemed unsafe. When you take into consideration their previous low cleanliness ratings and their reaction to the pandemic, it may not paint such a good picture of the store overall.

Let us know if you ever feel these stores are unsafe or if you’d have any other ones you deem worthy of being added to our list!

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15 thoughts on “Unsafe: You Should STOP Shopping at These 7 Grocery Stores!”

    1. Claudia williams

      Yes you can stop shopping at Walmart. I’ve only gone in there twice in over 15 years. Deep fryer and a car seat.
      That’s it.
      My daughter called me after calling 911 she was so sick.
      The doctor asked where she had been in the past 3 days. She said Walmart. The doctor moved his arm around the ER. AND said. The one thing you all have in common.

  1. Aaand this is why I pay no attention to Consumer Reports — their “criteria” for condemning products and businesses is usually not remotely relevant to me. All that they succeed in doing is to further damage the U.S. economy. Good grief — wash your hands, wash your produce and get on with your life!

    1. Amen! Funny, I shop at both Stop and Shop and Key Food, and I haven’t perceived either of them being “unsafe.” It’s hard to tell if this article is talking about the history of the stores’ protocol since the pandemic started, or if they’re only talking about recent days. Most indoor mask mandates have been lifted, even where I live, and mask wearing is optional. If people posting on Consumer Reports still think that’s “unsafe”, then maybe they should stick to ordering their groceries online or doing curbside pickup.

    2. So the reason you stop paying attention to CONSUMER REPORT is because they are telling you the truth? Now, they are not “The Gods”, nor do they pretend to be. Some of their ratings have been, shall we say, “way off the mark”, but overall, they are a reliable source. And, as with any source, it needs to be checked. But having traveled extensively around the country, I can say that in this case they are pretty well on. All stores? Probably not, but if there looks to be a pattern, there usually is one.

  2. I had a roommate/friend that is very social and seems to live for the purpose of becoming much closer to anyone that he sees routinely, he reported to me that there were numerous Safeway employees that were infected with the Covid 19 in the first two years of the breakout, still, he never contracted Covid himself and only became infected when he moved to PA where most of his family live and they have no Safeway to shop where he lives in PA. He is convinced that it was him relaxing his normally rigorous hygiene around his family that was the cause of his infection of Covid. I also do most of my shopping at this same Safeway and have not contracted Covid, (but for the grace of YOU KNOW WHO) both My friend and I are very careful about caring for our own hygiene, but it is foolish to rely on others to be responsible for our own personal hygiene, in the area of protecting ourself from being infected, it is very common to see that there are many more customers not wearing their masks than ever before in this very Safeway in 2022 ( may HE give them grace for their lack of personal responsibility) The shame here is that I cannot use the CREATORS name or this post will be banned as offensive. Today is the day of salvation, we are not promised tomorrow.

  3. I live in New Jersey and do shop at Teaneck store, which the store is clean< staff is helpful and registers are always maned, which means lite or no waiting.
    While visiting my daughter in Brooklyn (Flatbush) I went shopping at the Flatbush Avenue store Brooklyn NY 11226. IMUST say I had expected to much, The store was a mess very, very long lines NOT enough resisters open not able to locate a manager, I purchased a cake for my great-granddaughter requested her name be written on it, however, in order to have that done, I first had to pay at customer service window (which had line for people buying lottrey) then return to the cake person.
    My only reason for this kind of service is it is in a black community, where the residence got no respect. Maybe your corporate should take a look ate this location. I must say the cashier I had was very nice she said good afternoon and thank you.

  4. Every business—-stores, restuarnts, bars, offices, medical, dental, hospitals, etc. every public place is back to pre-pandemic days—–NOT CLEANING< NO-MASKS, NO DISINFECTING, etc.

  5. Stop with the damned fear mongering. We get enough from DC and the media. Be more concerned with poisons added to our food through chemtrails, gmos, fake meat etc.etc.

  6. Ratings like this are irrelevant since individual chain stores are what matters. The local management and staff. I have been to some fantastic WalMart stores, so cannot paint them with one brush

    1. SAME HERE, my Walmart is clean. I have been in all grocery stores a night club and anywhere that was open during the so-called pandemic. I have COPD and don’t and didn’t wear a mask the entire time. I am very clean about myself keeping hands washed and not getting in peoples space. I’m 76 and have not gotten sick. Funny how regular flu just pfff disappeared?

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