The Fascinating Stories Behind These 12 Wedding Traditions

Photo by Africa Studio from Shutterstock

Social media has become a trend to post viral videos of creative and unique wedding ideas. And, of course, the most-watched are creative wedding proposals. When it comes to asking someone to marry you, other old wedding traditions aren’t worth taking into consideration anymore.

I mean, 70% of modern couples said it’s not even the man’s job to propose, and they also say that 90% of proposals should be discussed first, according to a 2021 survey done by the famous wedding planning site Zola. As it turns out, we haven’t REALLY ditched all those time-honored wedding traditions!

Even if both men and women are completely fine for either person to propose, 75% of women said they actually wouldn’t do it.

So from the knee, you propose on to how you do the wedding garter belt toss, lots of current wedding etiquette might come from ancient times. In fact, let’s see what’s the story behind these old traditions that we still care about so much!

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