Melania Trump’s Most Inappropriate Outfits

4. Heels and trees don’t go… well together 

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You might say that Mrs. Trumpt learned her lesson regarding the appropriate outfits while hosting gardening events at the White House, but it is not the case.

In conformity with The Guardian, she was planting an Eisenhower-era oak tree sapling and her outfit looked more like a cocktail look, rather than gardening.

Maybe Melania wanted to give off the impression that she is a true fashionista because she appeared in a $4,000 mid-length colored skirt from Valentino and a pair of four-inch Christian Louboutin stiletto heels that cost her more than $700.

Even though she looked beautiful dressed like this, everything was in vain when she lifted her ceremonial shovel. According to Alys Fowler, a gardening expert, after she posed for the photo and dispersed some dirt, Mrs. Trump left. Many people were disappointed in her and Fowler stated that “even the Queen stays until the tree is watered in”.

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32 thoughts on “Melania Trump’s Most Inappropriate Outfits”

  1. What about the jacket that said, “I really don’t care. Do you?” She was on her way to Texas to see the children that were taken from their parents at the border and were being kept in cages. She is anything but elegant.

  2. Melania Trump outfits were perfect for everything she was involved in. She wore beautiful clothes and wore them well. No first lady was as elegant as Melania not even Jackie Kennedy, Jackie dressed beautifully but Melania dressed perfect and beautiful for each occasion.

  3. Get a life. This woman could wear a paperbag and look elegant! She is one of the most beautiful first ladies and she was shunned by magazines and newspapers. Opinions are just that, someone’s thoughts. To each his own. Let it go and find something more interesting to talk about.

  4. Roberta J. Watson

    Melania looks fine in everything she wears. Her high heels might sometimes be inappropriate for the task at hand. As far as the cost goes, her husband is very rich and she has no reason to worry about the cost of a garment. If she tries to wear something from Walmarts, then she would be criticized for that also. Leave the beautiful woman alone.

  5. President Trump took $00 salary. I am quite sure every outfit, pair of shoes was bought and paid for by the Trumps, so where do you or anyone get off by griping about the cost. She is a beautiful lady and entitled to wear what she wants. It is no ones business to pick over her outfits for the day

  6. Clearly, you are delusional if you think Melanie was one of the most popular women in the country. She was a “do nothing” 1st lady and made little or no contribution to the country during her husband’s “reign. (Yes, Donald believed himself to be king.). In comparison to first ladies like Michele Obama, Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Reagan and even Roslyn Carter, she falls far shott.

  7. Patricia Waldrip

    To all who are whining about her choosing the expensive clothes she wore to events: The woman probably has no clothes that cost under $1,000 y’all. Get real, remember who she is. Those type people are not going to wear something off the rack from Kohls like a lot of us do, or even a little more upscale stores.

  8. Melania was a very elegant First Lady and always dressed very nice, seems the press was always criticizing her and the President for something. The previous one was no comparison and also the one we have now!!

  9. I have found her to be the most beautiful and well dressed of all of our first ladies. she is always appropriately dressed for any situation she is in.

  10. Absolutely none were inappropriate. What a stupid article. First of all, she dressed liked this far before she was First Lady. She was a model and is married to a wealthy man. She has impeccable style. Why should she dress beneath who she is? All her clothes are expensive, as are all the First Ladies. Have you never seen how executives dress when ceremonially ‘breaking ground’. They all wear suits and high heels for women. It’s a ceremony and photo op for goodness sakes. If people truly are in an uproar about something so dumb, they need to find another avenue for their rage. How silly.

  11. she can afford the outfits so why not wear them. She is beautiful and am sure her greetings and speeches were well received and accepted Leave the poor lady alone.

  12. She looked fabulous on each and every occasion and should not be criticized. People re not satisfied unless they are bitching about something!

  13. No matter who you are or what you do, some people will swear by you and some will swear at you. Of the pictures I have seen of Mrs. Trump, I think she looks great in what ever she wears.


    1. Don’t you have anything better to do than pick on Melanie? She was a very classy lady and we haven’t had much of that with the last two Democratic administrations.

  15. Ernestine Alfonsetti

    Stunning woman who wore appropriate attire in her position. Never seen in shorts with a sleeveless blouse descending Air Force One. She is a class act. She knew her place. Confidant & kind. Beautiful First Lady.

  16. The designers probably asked her to wear their clothes…she was probably doing them a favor. She looked great…Jill Biden looks great too…I would not want their job.

  17. Melina looks great whatever she wears. She got class and great style. Some people are just so jealos of her. Now look at Jill Biden now she dresses like a slut and clown She is a joke

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