8 Weird and Questionable Flavors From America’s Biggest Food Brands

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Weird Flavor Takeaway!

And don’t worry, these are just the tip of the iceberg! In this case, maybe the weird-flavored cruise ship should sink. After all, we cannot imagine why else they would have made these, if not just for shock value. Some of these attempts at a weird but surprisingly good combination of flavors has gotten horrible reviews from people who tried them.

But possibly, they just went after the shock value! And some people would try anything out there, either to just hate on the product or just out of pure curiosity. So rest assured, for as weird of a marketing decision as these have been, they definitely disappeared off the shelves because people were curious!

You can really sell anything these days!

And while we don’t claim the companies that make such weird flavor combinations, there are a few original American products that we couldn’t be prouder of that are still made in our homeland!

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