8 Most Scandalous Things Walmart Employees Witnessed

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Concerning attitudes in the gun section

In my opinion, this is the worst of them all. One employer who worked in the store’s firearms department wrote on Reddit that they can “easily write a novel with all the garbage I’ve seen in my five years of work there.” As they say, they become really good at spotting BS a mile away.

The associate recalled how once there were three customers who were looking to buy a gun. One of them gave the older woman who was with them the form to fill out. At that moment, the employee suspected the two were making a purchase for someone else. Then, another person comes and one of the customers said “Is this the gun you wanted?” it was obvious then that it was a straw purchase.

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3 thoughts on “8 Most Scandalous Things Walmart Employees Witnessed”

  1. I go to Walmart in Belleville Michigan and I purchased some cookies for my family, but when I got them home they were open and half empty! So I took them back and the woman at the desk was very apologetic and told me that several people had brought stuff back that day and when they were going through security footage they found that a FAMILY, mom, dad and 6 kids had been the culprits!! As they went up and down the aisles the parents were grabbing things from the shelves (cookies, crackers, candy, and even lunch meat), opening them up, passing it around to the kids, then resealing them and placing them back on the shelves like nothing happened!! At first they thought that maybe the family was poor and couldn’t feed the children, but as they watched the family bought a large TV! And when they left, they got into a very nice car!! They weren’t poor, they just felt entitled! And the worst part was the lesson that those 6 children learned! I only pray that they don’t turn out like their parents!

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