11 Shocking Vending Machines You Won’t Believe Are REAL!

 vending machine
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#6 Draft beer

Another machine that makes you wonder how it works is also Japanese, and while it dispenses drinks, it is also not the type of drink you would expect. This one serves people draft beer, with the foam and all, right after you have paid. And while the concept is pretty unique, it is also bizarre to see someone pull draft beer from a machine in the middle of the street!

Not to mention, this stunt is going to cost you about $12!

#7 The hot menu vending machine

This one is also in Japan! It is estimated that in this East Asian country, there is a vending machine for every 23 people, and they even have a Manufacturers Association for the ones who make them! It is truly no surprise that they have so many weird ones!

This one can be found in Osaka, and it dispenses all types of hot food, from the normal fried chicken to the more specific ones like fish fillet and squid balls. We truly wonder just for how long these food items are in the machine…

Would you trust it?

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