11 Shocking Vending Machines You Won’t Believe Are REAL!

vending machine
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

#8 Futuristic lettuce

This vending machine is probably the closest we are to the future we see in all the sci-fi movies! After all, the machine, which is called “the Chef’s Farm,” can grow about 60 heads of lettuce a day only by using the fluorescent lightbulbs inside!

You can buy them directly from the machine, and the prices aren’t actually that bad. We heard about buying vegetables from a vending machine, but not one that has been grown in one yet!

And yes, this $90,000 machine can be found in Japan.

#9 Popcorn 

The days of people serving popcorn are over! After all, why employ someone when a machine can do it better? This vending machine does not only serve you fresh popcorn, but it also tops it with butter if you so desire! What else can you wish for?

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