The Fascinating Stories Behind These 12 Wedding Traditions

wedding garter
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Tying the knot

We know the phrase “tying the knot” is often used instead of “getting married”, but why does it happen? Apparently, it stems from an ancient Celtic wedding tradition, where the couple’s hands were ceremonially tied together so they can represent unity. A knot was made then for each vow, and the couple had the final knotted rope as a reminder of their vows.

Removing the garter

Slipping off the bride’s garter, which is a traditional piece of clothing that was used to hold up stockings before elastic appeared, and tossing it to someone who is still single for good luck is definitely one of the oldest recorded weddings traditions.

In the Dark Ages, it was considered to be good luck and actually “helpful” for the new couple if guests tore the bride’s clothing off and kept a piece after the wedding. Even more, it was also some sort of proof that the marriage had been consummated. Luckily, the tradition evolved to be less invasive.

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