10 US Presidents EVERYBODY Hated

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1. George W. Bush

Finally, we have George W. Bush as number one. Bush is without a doubt one of the most hated presidents in American history. He was responsible for an economic recession, two costly wars, and some of the most catastrophic natural disasters in recent memory.

He also presided over a period of unprecedented political divisiveness and corruption. In the time he has spent in the office, more than any other administration in the last three-quarters of a century, the rich have gotten richer, the poor have become poorer, and the middle class has shrunk.

Most Hated Presidents Ever – Honorable Mentions: Donald Trump

We couldn’t end our list without adding Donald Trump to it. There are quite a lot of reasons why many Americans believe Trump is the most hated president ever. Some of these reasons include his actions, statements, and policies.

In fact, many people think his policies have been tremendously harmful to the country. For instance, Trump suggested cuts to social programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, as well as a tax reduction that would benefit the rich more than the middle class.

Trump has also been under fire for his immigration policies, which have caused many families to be separated at the border.

Who do you think is the most hated US president? Let us know in the comments section!

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