8 Times Celebs Made Us Laugh

What’s the problem with our celebrity adoration? It’s possibly because they play characters who make us feel something and promote causes that we care about. Oh, and it could be their superhuman beauty.

We place celebrities on a pedestal, and it’s easy to forget that they’re just normal people. As a result, nothing makes us happier than witnessing our heroes behaving like regular, wacky people.

They’re the same as we are! So, we’ve unearthed some hilarious times your favorite celebrities have had a major meltdown in front of the camera. They’re giggling wildly, and it’s infectious (and endearing).

Emilia Clarke's laugh
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Times Celebs Made Us Laugh

1. Dustin Hoffman is cut

Dustin Hoffman loses it in an interview after he learns he was “cut” from a film. That’s correct! The actor who had portrayed Tootsie was in good shape at the time of the interview. However, he did not accept the remark in its entirety, instead of laughing his head off at the phrase “cut,” which alludes to, well, circumcision.

It appears to be one of those instances when one person’s laughter feeds into another’s since the interviewer couldn’t stop laughing as well. It just goes to show that even one of the greatest performers of all time can be driven to uncontrollable giggles by a single inappropriate joke.

2. Tom Cruise had a meltdown on Letterman.

This wasn’t the most renowned wacky Tom Cruise interview, but it was a lot of fun. He told Letterman about a time when he was traveling on a plane with little oxygen. He and the co-pilot agreed to switch off the oxygen in the passenger compartment so that they could get to their destination on time.

It wasn’t harmful, but it sounds terrifying! “Isn’t that attempted manslaughter?” Letterman asked him. And Cruise broke apart altogether. He was in fits of laughter, and you couldn’t help but laugh along with him.

Cruise told Letterman that the altitude was not dangerous to him, so it was all in good humor, right?

3. Emma Watson is adorable when she’s in a bad mood

Emma Watson cracked up when she was asked how long she’d been filming the Harry Potter movies in a somewhat extensive interview about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I.

She never explained exactly what tickled her funny bone so much, other than to say she kept remembering something amusing someone told her earlier, but she had a hard time bringing it together. She’s cute, so it’s entertaining to watch, but the interviewer has like, ZERO emotion in his voice, and he’s off-camera the entire time.

It would have been wonderful to see his expression every time Watson burst out laughing. It makes you wonder what’s going on in the background because she chuckled practically every time he asked a question for the whole of the interview.

4. Joe Biden and his awesome sense of humor

Diane Sawyer refused to let Joe Biden depart on Good Morning America in 2008 until she heard his response to Jason Sudeikis’ impersonation of him on Saturday Night Live. Biden was amused and remarked, “I wish I had that much hair.”

He kept mentioning how wonderful the performances on SNL were, even joking that he mistook Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin for the actual Sarah Palin for a second.

Sawyer asked whether it was the first time he’d seen it, and he admited that he’d seen it before, but it always made him chuckle. It’s easy to understand how his sense of humor created so much of his fictitious comedy in the 2016 election memes.

5. Elijah Wood is duped

During the making of the Lord of the Rings films, very vital friendships were forged, as evidenced by a 2004 “easter egg.” Wood didn’t realize co-star Dominic Monaghan was interviewing him – he informed us at the start that the interview was conducted via satellite.

Wood could see Monaghan, but he couldn’t see him. So, the interview began (after an introduction from Monaghan), and it’s quite awkward. When the topic shifted to Sean Astin calling Wood a “beautiful guy” and the “interviewer” questioned if there’s something “gay” about it, Wood can’t help but chuckle.

Later in the interview, Monaghan mentioned Wood’s latest project, which was about football hooligans, and asked him whether he “kicks balls” – it appears like Wood finally realizes he was being pranked, and he completely lost it. It’s difficult not to chuckle along with him.

6. Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson are having a good time

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey had a good time with Norwegian comedian Truls Svendsen during an interview for their film Fool’s Gold. The renowned onscreen pair appeared to be mocking Svendsen’s accent in the brief film.

As it turns out, when you watch the whole interview, it’s evident that the comedian is purposefully making them laugh, which makes the whole thing a lot more entertaining to watch. The entire interview was a joke, with Hudson and McConaughey having a great time. After working on films together for so long, it’s evident that the two are buddies.

7. The mother of dragons roars with delight

It’s difficult to find an interview in which Emilia Clarke doesn’t burst out laughing like the charming person she is, but she was in fits in an interview with Regal Movies’ Sit Down With The Stars.

She was promoting Terminator: Genisys, and while we don’t know the background for this specific footage (she gave multiple interviews on the same day, it appears, and laughed in all of them), we do know that something struck a funny chord with the skilled young actor.

If you read the YouTube comments (a notoriously negative area), you’ll see that the entire internet is in love with her and her giggles.

8. Of course, Jennifer Lawrence enjoys a good bathroom joke

It’s difficult to choose a Jennifer Lawrence clip. She’s hilarious, and she’s the coolest chick ever. In this Graham Norton Show segment, though, Jack Whitehall’s restroom anecdote had her in tears. It’s a silly narrative, but James McAvoy appears worried for her as he rubs her face and asks Norton for a tissue.

Whitehall jokes that she’s breastfeeding (there are a lot of push-up bras she’s wearing), but McAvoy simply appears concerned. Lawrence was deafeningly silent throughout, except when she laughed hysterically.

Her laughter was provoked earlier in the show when she recounted the text message prank she played on her then-boyfriend, which is where the lactation link began. It’s worth viewing the videos to understand what’s going on!

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