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Celebs Most Likely to Run for President

9 Celebs Most Likely to Run for President

Donald Trump’s historic victory in the presidential election of 2016 has sparked conjecture about other noteworthy persons with no political experience who may contemplate running

Rhode Island is one of the most unfriendliest states in the US

Top Unfriendliest States in the US

Everyone enjoys whining about their home state — the weather, the job market, the taxes — but some disgruntled citizens have far more ammunition than

Emilia Clarke's laugh

8 Times Celebs Made Us Laugh

What’s the problem with our celebrity adoration? It’s possibly because they play characters who make us feel something and promote causes that we care about.

Some Americans Love Europe

Reasons Why Some Americans Love Europe

Americans have been coming to Europe for as long as there has been an America. Our colonial ancestors began planning their return on a 10-country

Items You Don't Need in Retirement, walmart

16 Items You Don’t Need in Retirement

Items You Don’t Need in Retirement It’s a good idea to start honing the focus of your retirement vision as you retire. You must plan

America's Most Famous Athletes

America’s Most Famous Athletes

When it comes to the finest athletes of all time, American athletes have dominated much of the world’s sports. They are a powerhouse of everything