5 Secrets Surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s Death

Since Marilyn Monroe’s Unsolved Death, fifty-five years have gone, yet the death of one of history’s most famous and well-known women, remains one of the country’s greatest mysteries. Monroe is well-known in the United States for her acting and modeling.

She has captured the attention of every man, woman, and kid on the planet. Marilyn is regarded as one of the most iconic ladies of all time and one of the most visible faces in her field. Her dazzling existence, however, is riddled with dark secrets including adultery, booze, and drugs.

There are various hypothesis surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s death such as suicide by overdose, murder, etc. While Monroe’s beautiful life was well-known, the mystery surrounding her death has captivated the attention of everybody.

Marilyn Monroe's Death
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Top 5 Conspiracies About Marilyn Monroe’s Death

Conspiracy Theory #1: The Kennedys did it

Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, died just two and a half months after her famously sensuous rendition of “Happy Birthday” at President John F. Kennedy’s 45th birthday on May 19, 1962, at Madison Square Garden.

Multiple Monroe murder conspiracies include Kennedy and his younger brother, US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

In 2007, Australian filmmaker Philippe Mora unearthed a partially redacted FBI document that claims Robert Kennedy, who, like his more famous brother, was involved in a scheme to “induce” Monroe’s suicide.

As the conspiracy’s leader, Kennedy’s then-brother-in-law and Rat Packer actor Peter Lawford, Monroe’s psychiatrist Dr Ralph Greenson, maid Eunice Murray, and agent Pat Newcomb are all named.

Monroe, who had suffered from drug and alcohol misuse, was renowned for faking suicide attempts, and the paper implies that the alleged conspirators provided her with the tools to do so — the barbiturate Seconal – but then left her to die.

The FBI file suggests that the purported conspiracy was carried out to quiet Monroe, who had threatened to divulge her relationships with the Kennedy brothers, as many hypotheses have suggested.

Monroe was also regarded to be a liability since he was accused of maintaining logs of discussions in a “little red book” that included highly classified government material.

Conspiracy Theory #2: The mafia did it

The claim of famous wire tapper Bernard Spindel, who had bugged Monroe’s house potentially on the instructions of dishonest union leader Jimmy Hoffa or Chicago Mafia boss Sam Giancana, spawned yet another astonishing Bobby Kennedy idea.

Despite reports of him being seen in Los Angeles and entering Monroe’s home, Kennedy said he was in San Francisco on the night of her death.

However, Spindel claimed to have overheard Kennedy and Monroe arguing in the presence of Lawford that night, followed by a loud bang, which was considered to be the time of her death. In 1966, the tapes were allegedly confiscated and destroyed.

Many individuals stood to lose a lot if Marilyn came out, Porter explained. She was making a lot of risky remarks and didn’t realize she was rubbing shoulders with the big boys. Marilyn may have gotten herself into a bit of a pickle.

Porter thinks Monroe was murdered on Giancana’s orders, with five Mafia hit men using a chloroform-soaked washcloth, stripping Monroe, and administering a barbiturate enema.

In a twist, Porter speculates that one of the Kennedys may have hired the mob leader to assassinate Monroe.

Conspiracy Theory #3: She knew too much about UFOs

In a new documentary, one of the craziest beliefs is examined. Dr. Steven Greer, a conspiracy theorist, thinks Monroe was assassinated by the CIA because she knew the truth about Roswell and wanted to disclose it all. Greer appears in the film, claiming to have a confidential CIA memo written just two days before Monroe’s murder.

JFK is reported to have informed Monroe that he saw proof of “objects from outer space” at a secret airbase in the supposed note, which Greer believes alludes to the fabled Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico in 1947.

We have a number of smoking gun papers, including a wiretap of Marilyn Monroe on the day before she died that has never been disclosed, Greer says.

She was threatening to hold a press conference to tell the world what Jack Kennedy had told her during pillow talk about seeing extraterrestrial debris at a “secret airfield,” according to the publication. As a result of this, she was killed.

Conspiracy Theory #4: She’s still alive 

When it comes to dead celebrities, fake death ideas abound; the more famous they are, the more popular the claims become.

Monroe’s death, according to one guy, was staged, and her doctor, Dr. Ralph Greenson, put her in a mental hospital in New Brunswick, Canada, when she had a nervous breakdown as a result of the threats on her life.

Marilyn Monroe: Alive in 1984? was written by John Alexander Baker. Monroe is said to have spent 20 years at the facility without being recognized before being freed.

Baker claims he picked up a hitchhiker in Nova Scotia in 1984 who claimed to be Monroe, who was now a “homeless, scared, paranoid schizophrenic,” according to the book’s plot.

Baker was taken aback by her likeness to Monroe, as well as the similarities in her singing voice, when she informed him about her days as a former movie star.

I think it’s 99% true that she actually was who she claimed to be, Baker adds, despite the woman’s mental state making her narrative difficult to accept for most.

Conspiracy Theory #5: Her Doctors Did It, But It Was an Accident

Donald Spoto argued in 1993, in yet another book on Monroe, that Monroe had an accidental overdose after lying to her physicians about her medicine.

The physicians faked Monroe’s death as a suicide with the assistance of a housekeeper, which Spoto argued was implausible because Monroe had signed a new movie deal with 20th Century Fox that year and was rumored to be planning to remarry Joe DiMaggio.

Spoto based his idea on police files and remarks from Monroe’s crew and publicist, but it hasn’t gained momentum in the years afterward.

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