11 Celebrities You Had No Idea Once Worked at McDonald’s

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Do you know which celebrities worked at McDonald’s before making it BIG?

Celebrity isn’t something you’re born with unless your parents are already famous or you’re part of the royal family. It’s rather something you gain through a lot of determination and hard work. Like in many other fields, for some it may be easier to be successful than for others, but that’s how life works in general.

So, it’s not surprising that many remarkable people started working in completely different places than they actually dreamed of since they had to earn a living. So that’s how basically some of them chose to work at McDonald’s, although they wanted to become musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, and so on.

However, most celebrities don’t regret this kind of decision as this experience helped them to fulfill their dreams. It paved their way toward success in some way or another, otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about them today.

While some of these folks admit they weren’t the employee of the month while working at McDonald’s, others see it as a key step in their careers.

So, let’s find out which celebrities once worked at McDonald’s and what are their thoughts now regarding this experience!

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