7 Stars Who Look COMPLETELY Changed in 2023

Photo by Nata Sha from Shutterstock

Melanie Griffith

Hollywood actress Melanie Griffith gained notoriety in the 1970s thanks to her widely acclaimed performance in Night Moves. Griffith has built a reputation for herself as an actress who is naturally beautiful. But in recent years, she has also made headlines for her battles with addiction and her striking physical changes.

Griffith began abusing alcohol and other substances at a young age, which had a negative impact on her personal and professional life. She had a strong desire to be a good mother despite her challenges, and she managed to keep up her parenting skills despite her addiction.

Melanie Griffith gained attention in 2017 for receiving cosmetic surgery and undergoing a dramatic physical transformation. The actress revealed that she had sought out a different surgeon in order to fix the catastrophe after the results were not favorably received by the general public or received criticism. She was able to regain most of her natural beauty, thankfully, after the second procedure was successful.

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