7 Stars Who Look COMPLETELY Changed in 2023

Photo by Serge Rocco from Shutterstock

Courtney Love

As Kurt Cobain’s muse and widow, Courtney Love gained attention in the 1990s as a musician, actress, and artist. She has earned a reputation for having a wild, unpredictable nature as well as a unique appearance. But in recent years, her appearance has drastically changed, which many believe is the result of cosmetic procedures and enhancements.

Love previously acknowledged getting a facelift and a nose job, which she claimed she had done at the suggestion of Goldie Hawn, a famous actress. She has succeeded in maintaining her recognizable appearance after cosmetic improvements when many celebrities find it difficult to do so.

Love has said she wants to age gracefully despite her physical changes in the past. The 56-year-old discussed her health issues and confessed that anemia nearly claimed her life in March 2021. She has always been transparent about her issues and private life.

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