8 NFL Cheerleaders That Make the Games More Enjoyable

Go Viral Story presents: NFL cheerleaders that make the games more enjoyable!

Some people have a strong enthusiasm for football. They are patiently waiting for the start of the National Football League (NFL) season and never miss a game. These sports-passionate people are the first to get tickets and are fully there for every moment that takes place on the field.

If you don’t follow football games because they’re not interesting to you, NFL cheerleaders might make you change your thoughts. They’re lovely, entertaining, vivacious, and appealing, and they’ll surely make the games more enjoyable to watch!

They not only encourage the whole audience to join in on the dancing and enjoyment, but when the game becomes too drawn out or lengthy, they know how to shake things up a bit! If you want to know exactly who these gorgeous NFL cheerleaders are, keep reading!

NFL cheerleaders
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1. Brittany A. – Baltimore Ravens

We start off this list of fabulous NFL cheerleaders by talking about one of the Baltimore Ravens’ most stunning girls, Brittany A. She has entertained the audience and supported the squad since 2020, and she does a wonderful job.

Despite her small height of 5 ft 1, she doesn’t hesitate to flaunt her skills, and we couldn’t be prouder. Who said that all NFL cheerleaders have to be tall, anyway?

This wavy-haired blonde from Annapolis, Maryland loves to dance and do sports, but she’s also passionate about other subjects, such as graphic design.

Besides doing an incredible job encouraging both the team and the audience on the field, she works as a senior graphic designer, and she would love to become a graphics marketing manager one day. Good luck, Brittany! We’re sure that you’ll be a fantastic manager!

2. Jenna – Arizona Cardinals

Besides being talented, these NFL cheerleaders are breathtaking, and Jenna from the Arizona Cardinals knows how to keep everyone’s eyes on her! The stunning dancer has a Bachelor of Science from Arizona State University and would want to work as a physician’s assistant one day.

She’s a strong believer that stereotypes are there to mess with people’s lives, so she’s determined to prove to everybody that blonde girls can be both smart and charming!

As the old quote says, “Once a dancer, always a dancer,” she never let go of her place on stage. Before she became one of the most popular NFL cheerleaders, she cheered for her high school for 4 years and danced for 6 years at the Arizona Angels Studio. God is a dancer, am I right?

NFL cheerleaders
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3. Sarah L. – New York Jets

We continue talking about these fabulous NFL cheerleaders by saying a few words about Sarah L. from the New York Jets, a dark-haired girl from Connecticut. When she’s not encouraging the team to do their best on the field, she manages an office and teaches dance classes.

She grew up as a dancer, and she’s constantly trying to improve her skills when learning the challenging routines that the team requests.

When journalists asked her about her role models, she said that her mother was the one who impressed her the most, as she always encouraged her to reach for the stars and follow her dreams. She knows that what she wants won’t come easily to her, which is why she’s always working hard to reach her goals.

4. Summer – New Orleans Saints

Summer is the name of one of the most gorgeous NFL cheerleaders from the New Orleans Saints. She graduated from Wesson High School, and she would love to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sales.

She’s passionate about photography, jewelry-making, and fishing when she’s not hanging out with the other fabulous girls from her cheerleading squad. Summer is all about integrity and morality, and these are strong values she learned from her dance teacher, the woman this gorgeous NFL cheerleader considers to be her role model.

We have many other NFL cheerleaders to meet in today’s article, so keep reading to discover them!

5. Kristen – Arizona Cardinals

Let’s go back to the Arizona Cardinals for a few moments because this team has many gorgeous and talented NFL cheerleaders. Kristen is one of the veterans on the team, as she’s been with the squad for more than 5 years.

She was always a talented girl, and when she was only a 3-year-old kid, she started performing jazz, modern dance, ballet, and hip-hop. Her passion for art made her a fabulous dancer and coach at Northern Arizona University, the same place where she studied.

Kristen is a beautiful and hard-working woman, and she works at a laser aesthetics firm. When she isn’t practicing with the squad, she enjoys working out, watching movies with Will Ferrell, and taking well-earned beach vacations. Same, Kristen, same!

6. Melissa G. – San Francisco 49ers

We continue with this talk about NFL cheerleaders by saying a few words about Melissa G from the San Francisco 49ers cheering team. Thanks to her fierce appearance, the public loves it each time she comes on the field, and we couldn’t agree more with them because she looks fabulous.

Melissa G. is from Clovis, California, and she’s the proud owner of a boutique. She’s passionate about many things besides dancing as a cheerleader, and she studied as a fashion merchandising student with a business minor. We appreciate a girl who works hard for her goals!

NFL cheerleaders
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7. Gretchen – Seattle Seahawks

There are many talented and gorgeous NFL cheerleaders out there, and Gretchen is one of them. When she’s not rehearsing with the team, she loves to work out so she can be in the best shape ever.

She believes that in order to be healthy, she needs to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle, so she tries to work out a lot, whether in the gym, doing yoga, or going out for a jogging session.

Besides being passionate about working out and dancing with the other fabulous cheerleaders, she’s also interested in helping people in need, especially the disabled and the elderly. For instance, she once spent a week in Yakima, on a reservation, where she helped people clean, paint houses, and even build different things they needed.

8. Danielle – Dallas Cowboys

Danielle is the last NFL cheerleader we’ll talk about in today’s article, and she’s one of the most talented and hard-working girls on the Dallas Cowboys team.

Every person in the audience can rise up and join the ladies in dancing when they see her lovely smile, attractive features, and stunning blue eyes.

She’s now one of the fantastic NFL cheerleaders from the Dallas Cowboys, and people interested in the girls’ journey can see them on the team’s YouTube channel: CMT’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, where they share plenty of details regarding rehearsals, dance moves, and so many others.

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Which one of these NFL cheerleaders is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know! If you’d like to read something else from Go Viral Story, here’s an article you’ll enjoy: Everybody Says These 8 Stunning Celebs Are Cringeworthy! Do You Agree?

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