17 Most Shocking Things Captured on Live TV

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Have you ever thought of something amazing but in a bad kind of way when you watched the news? Or when you watch a movie? There are so many shocking things captured on TV. But that’s the catch, right? Starting with shocking awards and celebrity slip-ups and ending with political events, anything can happen.

Let’s go on a trip to rewind some of the worst or funny things that were captured on live TV.

What are the most disturbing things you’ve seen on TV? Tell us in the comments! We are eager to know more!

1. The collapse of the Twin Towers 

When you say September 11, you remember one of the most awful days in history! We won’t ever forget the scene of the collapse of the Twin Towers, captured live on the screen when a United Airlines plane, flight 175 hit one of the towers. Horrible!

This is one of those times when we get instant goosebumps! The whole world was watching this disaster.

Where were you when this tragedy happened?

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2. John F Kennedy’s Assassination

Even if this event happened more than forty years ago, it’s still present in our minds. At the time he was murdered, John F. Kennedy was attending a celebratory campaign with his wife in Texas. An entire nation was watching this on screen! awful, right?

This is probably one of the most horrific and iconic videos of all time.

3. Christine Chubbuck’s suicide on broadcast

This event was actually the first suicide committed live on television. Crazy, right? After she presented the news, she pulled a 38-caliber revolver out of her purse, placed it at the back of her head, and pulled the trigger.

A lot of people who were watching the news called the police, scared because of what happened.

4. Madonna and Britney Kiss

Looking for a bright side after the previous events that we’ve mentioned? Remember the 2003 MTV VMAs show? Of course, you do. After their song was played, Madonna and Britney kissed on stage.

It was even funnier to see Justin Timberlake’s face immediately after this happened. Have you seen this happen? What was your reaction regarding it?

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5. Kanye West Says “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”

More than a decade ago, in 2005 (time flies!), during a telethon to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Kanye West said a silly thing. He claimed that President George Bush doesn’t care about black people.

Of course, this event raises a lot of questions. Shocking right? Did you catch the moment on the screen? Or did you see it later on Youtube?

What was the most awkward thing you saw on the TV screen? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

6.  Daniel V. Jones set himself on fire

Do you remember that shocking event from ’98 when Daniel Jones parked his car in the middle of the freeway? That man actually shot himself right after he set himself on fire. At that time, it was unusual to see this happening.

7. Death of the Ceausescu spouses

In December 1989, on Christmas Day, the former president of Romania was shot alongside his wife during a broadcast. This shocking event happened so quickly that in the footage you will see just the part where the last round of bullets leaves the bodies on the ground.

The presidential couple asked to die together, despite the fact that the orders were for there to be two separate executions. Everybody was happy that the communist regime had been totally eradicated.

8. Cat drops in Local News

Who doesn’t like cats? Everybody loves them, and what’s not to love about them? Some news broadcasters were assaulted, but in a cute way, by a cat who appeared in the studio. This kind of stuff is exactly what you need after hearing something not very pleasant.

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9. BBC got hacked on air 

The BBC wanted to demonstrate how computers work, and the results were astounding. But what if a random group of hackers decides to seize control of the reports? The entire show was compromised because of that. Funny right? What do you think about this?

10. Budd Dwyer

He was found guilty and convicted of accepting money and gifts in exchange for illegal papers. Budd Dwyer shot himself in a press conference. This event was very shocking and surprisingly, the video can still be found somewhere on the internet.

11. Lee Harvey Oswald was blown away on TV 

Lee Harvey Oswald, who was suspected of being the murderer of President Kennedy in 1963, was fatally shot by Jack Ruby, who came out of the crowd. This event happened when Oswald was brought to the Dallas police headquarters.

This shocking scene was filmed entirely! Crazy, right? Do you think what happened was OK? Was Ruby justified in doing this?

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12. Randy Johnson Hits a Bird with His Pitch

In 2001, Randy Johnson, an ex-professional baseball pitcher, accidentally hit a bird with his pitch during a game. Imagine those people who were there at that time! How would you react?

These things can happen by mistake, but it’s definitely not pleasant to see. Does anybody know if Randy won the game?

13. The marriage proposal at the Emmys 

No one saw that coming, right? Of course, this was filmed entirely! Glenn Weiss proposed to his significant other, Jan Svendsen, in front of the entire world. What an amazing thing to do. Quite romantic!

What do you think about this? Was it shocking or rather cute?

14. Happy reporter about the thunderstorm in Boston 

Weather can be unpredictable for sure, but what if it’s winter and it’s snowing and you hear the thunder? When this happened in Boston, the reporter, Jim Cantore, was pretty excited about it! He was jumping around in pure joy. Are you happy about a specific season? How do you react when something unexpected happens?

15. Tucker Carlson falls asleep on air

We started with some depressing and shocking things that happened on TV, but on a brighter note, we’ve collected some fun stuff too. Tucker Carlson Tonight, a Fox News political talk show, was hosted by the television host and political commentator, Tucker Carlson, who fell asleep on air, and his excuse was that he was sleepy because he stayed up all night. Funny right?

16. Sharon Osbourne walks into a door  

The X Factor was always fun to watch, especially when a lot of celebrities were being clumsy about something. Do you remember Sharon Osbourne? If the answer is yes, then you must remember that time when she bumped into a door after she was kicked out of the room by Simon Cowell.

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17. Moon landing 

This was a moment to remember for the entire world! It was a proud moment in 1969 when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. With bated breath, more than 600 million people from all over the world were watching the whole Apollo 11 mission.

Did you watch it? This moment was definitely regarded as one of the proudest American moments in history.

Everybody makes mistakes, and sometimes this can be fun for the audience, but not for the person who made them, of course. How many times have you laughed when you saw something quite disturbing on TV?

What are the funniest things you’ve seen on TV? But what about the most shocking ones? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, and don’t limit yourself to just one!

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