16 Chilling Things People Found on the Beach

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Who doesn’t love the beach? There is no feeling like the one when you walk on the beach with no shoes, so you can feel the sand in between your toes.

We kind of want a vacation right now! Of course, you can find various things on the beach, from some amazing seashells to weird plastic bags or other things that the sea brought us to the shore. But what if you find a shark’s head? Or some giant eyeballs from a fish? Does this give you some chills up your spine?

What was the most chilling thing you found on the beach? Write us in the comments! We are more than curious to know!

1. Giant squid 

Along with whales and other sea creatures, a giant squid was found on the shore of a New Zealand beach. Even if it’s chilly to see something like this, the New Zealand Department of Conservation says that this is pretty normal to see, especially in that area. How would you react if you saw a giant squid?

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2. Puffer Fish Skeleton

These creatures are so nice to watch (at least on the screen), but have you ever seen a pufferfish in real life? In New Zealand, an amazingly preserved pufferfish skeleton was found on the shore. Imagine what it would look like in a museum!

3. An unexploded bomb

In 2009 in Massachusetts, a rusted aerial bomb was found on the shore of Martha’s Vineyard beach. Weirdly enough, practice bombs from the Second World War can still be found in the Chappy and Long Point Wildlife Refuges. Chilling right? How would you react to such a thing? Would you be terrified?

4. Ice Balls in Lake Michigan U.S

Winter can be so unpredictable, right? A strange thing happened in Lake Michigan! Balls of ice had been seen floating in the water until they reach the shore of the Great Lake. Sometimes nature can be amazing.

5. Toothbrushes, Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Remember those articles when literally everybody told us not to throw plastic in the water, only in the special bins? This time around, in the Whitsunday Islands in Australia, a huge number of used toothbrushes were found.

Note: Please remember that throwing plastic in the water or in the environment will cause more harm than you can possibly imagine! Take care of your surroundings for a better life on this planet. 

6. Flatboat

A huge flatboat appeared on the shore of St. Pete Beach in Florida and it measured almost 40 tons, 200 feet long, and 8 feet tall. Chilling right? Tourists said that they hadn’t seen such a thing up until point on this beach.

What was the latest weird thing you saw on your holiday? Tell us in the comment section below!

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7. Shark head

Omg! This is one of the most terrifying things that can appear on a beach while you’re out for an evening walk or your daily dose of sunlight. A shark head was found on a beach located in New Zealand. Even the sea life specialists had no clue how the shark head appeared on the shore. Weird right?

Brrr…A trip to New Zealand might not be the best idea for your next holiday plans!

8. Jellyfish

This is definitely a common sight on the shores. In 2017, a huge wave of jellyfish covered the beaches in Wales, England. Have you ever seen a jellyfish in real life?

9. Conjoined Dolphins

This is something that you won’t see on a daily basis for sure! Unfortunately, a two-headed dolphin, which was only 12 months old and measured one meter in length, was washed up due to a terrible storm in Izmir, Turkey.

This is something chilling that you’ll remember if this happened on your holiday, and we can’t imagine this being a pretty sight to see in person.

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10. Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks and abandoned boats find their way to the shore because of the heavy winds and strong tides. But one shipwreck has become quite a tourist attraction and can be found on Fraser Island, Australia, where some enthusiastic tourists have dared to put some colors on its rusty body. Cool, right?

11. Face masks in Hong Kong

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic started, most of Hong Kong’s residents were used to wearing face masks due to pollution or just to protect themselves from a simple flu.

Anyway, after the pandemic started, a lot of people, including tourists, threw their used masks on the beach shores or randomly on the streets.

As a side note, these masks are made of polypropylene, which is a plastic that breaks down very slowly. Be careful where you dispose of the masks because they can harm the environment more than you think.

12. Motorcycles

Weirdly enough, things like motorcycles or parts of a car, or maybe the engine itself, are found on the shore mostly after a giant storm or a tsunami. This was the case of a rusty Harley Davidson motorcycle that was found in Canada.

Many believe that this may have been swept into the Pacific Ocean by the Japanese tsunami in 2012. How would you react if you saw something like this? Would you try to find its owner?

13. Iceberg chunks, Iceland

Oh, Iceland! With its chilling winds and black-sand beaches, it becomes even more gorgeous when huge chunks of ice are found on the shore.

The Diamond Beach, the way it’s known, is actually located by the Jökulsárlón in the southeast of Iceland. This phenomenon appears regularly, and it’s pretty nice to photograph as well.

The ice pieces could be hundreds of years old, which is an interesting fact.

14. A fish inside a jellyfish

This is a bit chilling to watch! Unfortunately, jellyfish can be found almost daily on the shores all over the world, but a fish trapped in a jellyfish isn’t that common, right? This happened in England.

The whole process might have been harsh to see from the very beginning. What a weird thing nature is! How would you react to this?

15. Tar balls found on the Israelian shores

In February last year, weird balls of tar began to wash up along the Israeli coastline. More than 160 kilometers were actually affected by the tar balls, and this was the result of an oil spill more than 50 kilometers off the coast.

If this happens, it usually forms a slick residue across the sea and comes to the shore in a liquid form, but because of rough weather conditions, most probably a storm “made” the balls. This was an ecological disaster!

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16. Rubber Ducks

This was a funny thing to see! The rubber ducks had landed on Hawaiian, Alaskan, South American, and Scottish shores, and they were called Friendly Floatees. A container carrying 28,000 rubber ducks was actually lost at sea nearly 25 years ago, but they are still appearing around the globe even nowadays.

Not all things wait to be found, but unfortunately, we did find them.

Because more than 70% of the Earth is actually covered by water, almost 80% of what the water contains remains unknown. Who knows what weird creatures are lurking in the deep?

What gives you the chills? What would you do if you found a bottle with a message in it? Tell us in the comments your opinion about our article and maybe tell a short chilling story about something you’ve found on the shore.

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