5 Most Shocking Melania and Donald Trump Relationship Rumors You’ll Ever Hear!

Go Viral Story presents: the most shocking Melania and Donald Trump relationship rumors you’ll ever hear!

Not a lot of White House couples were as intriguing for us as former president Donald Trump and his gorgeous wife, Melania, were. Besides their political statements and agendas, they were always subjects of controversies, whether due to their cringe moments that were supposed to be romantic, the First Lady’s antipathy for her duties as the president’s wife, or all those cheating accusations the former leader received.

There are many relationship rumors about them, but in today’s article, you’ll hear the most shocking ones. During an interview with Larry King on CNN, the gorgeous former supermodel stated that she met the mogul in 1998 while they were both at a party.

They liked each other from the first moment, had fantastic chemistry, and have remained together ever since. They tied the knot seven years later and welcomed a handsome boy into their family.

But what about their romantic connection now? Are they still happily married, is the chemistry still there, or are these Melania and Donald Trump relationship rumors actually true? We’ll find out together, so read along with us until the end of this article! Let’s begin!

Melania Trump, Melania and Donald Trump relationship rumors
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1. Melania’s post-pregnancy body

We start off this list of Melania and Donald Trump relationship rumors with something that seems pretty weird for partners who are supposed to love, protect, and care for one another.

Six months after becoming husband and wife, Melania became pregnant with her only child, Barron Trump. But instead of being excited about having a kid with the woman he loved, the politician was more concerned about the way his wife looked.

During an interview, he said that pregnant women tend to blow up like a blimp in all those right places, and that’s exactly what happened to his partner during those nine months.

But the story doesn’t end here, because according to a popular magazine, Donald agreed to have a kid with his wife only if she was willing to maintain that gorgeous body she’s always had.

A guest even said that he had seen the Trump family during the pregnancy and witnessed when Melania told her partner that everything would be exactly as it was.

Moreover, Donald wasn’t protective of his partner either, as he didn’t ask her how she was feeling, didn’t help her open the doors, or made sure that she was feeling good.

On the other hand, Melania said that she liked her pregnancy and didn’t have any problems with it. The fabulous former supermodel also stated that there’s nothing like the connection she has with her son, but we’re curious whether her husband feels the same or not.

2. Transactional marriage

Here’s another one of these shocking rumors about the Trump family’s relationship rumors: transactional marriage. If you thought that they were stuck together just like peanut butter and jelly, you might want to think again.

Some people who worked for the former presidential couple said that they’re not together because they love one another so much, but mostly because of the things they can get from each other.

The same source also said that she was a very loving and caring person, but it’s possible that the marriage with the political mogul transformed her into a cold woman.

What do you think about these relationship rumors? Do you think they’re true or not?

Melania Trump and Donald Trump, Melania and Donald Trump relationship rumors
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3. They don’t share a room

We continue with these Melania and Donald Trump relationship rumors by saying a few things about their personal lives. After the famous politician was elected president of the United States in 2016, his wife wasn’t that excited to move into the White House, as she remained in her luxurious place in Manhattan.

She said that she wanted to stay in NYC until her son Baron finished the school year, but once she arrived at the presidential house, she wasn’t excited to join her husband in the master bedroom either.

She wanted to maintain her independence and control over her life, so she preferred to rest at night in a bedroom on the third floor. However, these Melania and Donald Trump relationship rumors continue because other sources say that they’ve never shared a bedroom throughout their marriage, and they don’t spend their nights together either.

Pretty weird for a couple, in my opinion, at least. What do you think about these Melania and Donald Trump relationship rumors? We have many others to talk about, so don’t go anywhere!

4. Renogotiated prenup

Here’s one of the most debated relationship rumors concerning the Trump family: their prenup. Close people to the former presidential couple say that Melania renegotiated her prenuptial agreement with Donald in advance of possibly serving a second term as the head of the country.

But the story doesn’t end here, because the sources say that it’s the third time the former supermodel has renegotiated the terms of her marital agreement.

She’s not planning on leaving her husband, but she only wants to be secure regarding her and her son’s futures, as she wants to make sure that Barron is going to receive substantial trust.

The possibility that her partner could become president of America a second time wasn’t the only reason why she decided to change a few things in her postnup contract.

These Melania and Donald Trump relationship rumors also say that the legal problems her husband faced in the last period were also a trigger for her desire to change a couple of things.

We’re not done yet! There are many other Melania and Donald Trump relationship rumors, so keep reading to find out all the juicy things about them!

Melania Trump, Melania and Donald Trump relationship rumors
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5. Body double

If you thought that these rumors were pretty okay up until this point, wait until you read this next thing, because it might shock you.

Many people say that the former presidential couple isn’t that keen on spending time with one another or sharing a room. Some say that while they don’t seem so close, they have a bond that might be weird to some individuals, but it works great for them.

You’ve probably seen many times that Melania was with her husband at important meetings or gatherings, and in others, she preferred not to be in the public eye.

This entire thing was the trigger of a shocking Melania and Donald Trump relationship rumor, as fans started to say that Melania doesn’t care that much about her partner’s duties and that she has a body double to be there in her place.

I don’t know what you think about this one, but it seems more of a conspiracy theory than the truth—or maybe not. Speaking of, this rumor was heard by the former presidential couple too, who didn’t shy away from talking in public about how this was nothing but fake news.

Since this popular family is one of the most important ones in the United States of America, it’s understandable that lots of people talk about them, with all good and bad.

If you want to know more about these Melania and Donald Trump relationship rumors, I recommend you check out this book written by journalist Mary Jordan, called “The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump“.

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