8 Gorgeous Celebrities Who Are Clearly Aging Backwards

Aging is a process that everyone goes through, but some people appear to be escaping the physical hardships that come with the process. These celebrities never cease to inspire us, not only with their young appearance but also with their perspective on what it means to embrace our Au Naturel Selves.

When it comes to nutrition and fitness, most of these famous stunners who are older than you’d anticipate adhere to a strict set of criteria. It is not always about costly plastic surgery, but rather about lifestyle choices. They eat healthily, exercise often, and get enough rest.

Of course, having a beautiful bone structure and lovely hair helps.

Take a look at these 8 celebrities who are much older than you would expect. They demonstrate that beauty has no age limit and that aging should be treated with confidence.

Celebrities Who Are Clearly Aging Backwards

celebrities who are not aging
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1. Angelina Jolie

Age: 47

When it comes to self-care, the actress, director, and honorary dame doesn’t skimp. She relies on putting caviar on her face to keep her skin glowing—La Prairie’s Skin Caviar, which contains fish eggs.

In terms of her diet, she experimented with veganism for a period, only to discover that “it almost killed her”—the dietary adjustments weren’t suited for her body. (Ex-husband Brad Pitt stays dedicated to the way of life.)

Instead, she eats a diet high in ancient grains, and while she isn’t a fan of Hollywood’s yoga fad, she works out with a trainer, doing kickboxing and aerobic workouts.

2. Cindy Crawford

Age: 55

Sure, Cindy Crawford is definitely in the business of looking good—but it’s been nearly 30 years since she walked the runway, and the mother of two looks practically identical. But don’t expect the supermodel to have a weird, difficult routine (or, you know, an elixir) under her sleeve.

“The secret is that there isn’t one,” she recently revealed to Violet Grey. “Do everything we’ve told you: don’t smoke, get enough sleep, drink lots of water, and find what makes you happy.” She also swears by Chinese medicine, a superfood smoothie in the morning, and her skincare line, Meaningful Beauty.

Another winning strategy? A 35-year-old lady makes no difference when it comes to skincare. When you get to my age, you start to reap the benefits, she says.

3. Helen Mirren

Age: 76

“Do you think she’s a wizard?” In Season 4 of 30 Rock, we’re perplexed by Helen Mirren’s bikini physique. And believe us, we’re with you—the 69-year-old Mirren never fails to wow us with her age-defying beauty, whether she’s dressed down or up for a red-carpet event.

We know that confidence is one of her secrets, but Mirren also relies on a carefree demeanor. In 2011, she told The Mirror, “My mum told me something smart that I’ve learned to be true, which is that you should never worry about getting older.” Because something incredible occurs.

As you go through the ages, you discover, almost miraculously, that you have the weapons, or tools, to cope with it… [And,] you’ve learned you’re not the only person in the world, and beauty isn’t everything. It’s pitiful to be concerned with one’s appearance.”

Having said that, Mirren does rely on a few tactics to take care of herself, one of which is sleep. I don’t party when I’m working hard; instead, I sleep, she explained.

4. Robin Wright

Age: 55

It’s been 30 years since she first appeared in Santa Barbara (and 27 since we saw her as Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride, believe it or not), but we can’t help but be captivated by Robin Wright’s timeless beauty as the calm and calculating Claire Underwood on House of Cards. Fortunately, when it comes to her anti-aging practice, the actress has stated that she “isn’t concealing anything.”

She recently told The Telegraph that she uses Botox twice a year with a “tiniest sprinkling.” During production, HoC makeup artist Tricia Sawyer utilizes Orlane’s Anti-Aging Oxygenating skincare range to keep Wright’s complexion fresh.

Wright swears by Zumba and has endorsed the 21-day Reset Boost Cleanse, which is centered on a diet of 100% unprocessed foods, as her go-to detox diet.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow

Age: 49

The actress is as forthright about her beauty and fitness regimen as she is about, well, everything else. Paltrow, who advocates eating clean, has experimented with detoxes, a gluten-free diet, and vegetarianism, but she most regularly adheres to a guideline of eating whole foods and taking supplements (though she notoriously lets herself enjoy a Diet Coke and smoke once a week).

She also enjoys working out and is credited with popularizing the Tracy Anderson Method. Her cosmetics and skincare routine, on the other hand, is significantly simpler: Paltrow credits her beautiful complexion to exfoliation, coconut oil, and plenty of water. (However, she never gets Botox since it makes her appear “crazy.”)

7. Julia Ormond

Age: 56

We’ve been captivated by Ormond’s romantic beauty since Legends of the Fall, but while we’d want to know how she’s managed to age so gracefully and organically in an industry notorious for plastic surgery, the actress has kept fairly silent on the matter.

She has, however, stated that avoiding the limelight has been beneficial to her mental health—and that in her job, she is delighted to embrace her age. She told the Daily Mail in 2011, much of the industry was focused on creating a youth-centric commercial tone.

There is less of it when you’re at the age where you believe you can offer something more readily because you’re more experienced.

8. Jennifer Aniston

Age: 52

The actress’ skin appears to gleam even more than it did during her Friends days, but she says that this is because she did not undergo plastic surgery. “In Hollywood, there’s this expectation to remain ageless,” she stated in a recent interview with Bobbi Brown.

“I believe what I have witnessed is women attempting to remain ageless via what they do to themselves. I am pleased that I was able to learn from their mistakes since I am no longer pumping s**t into my face… When I see them, my heart breaks.

Aniston, on the other hand, is a big fan of lasers and LED light therapy, which is said to tighten face muscles in a non-invasive fashion. She also attributes her success to using high-quality skincare products, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and having good genes.

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