Oops! 9 Celebs’ Worst Wardrobe Failures Caught on Camera

Photo by Tinseltown from shutterstock.com

…Have you ever seen any celeb wardrobe failures?

Oops! That was not supposed to happen! We’re all humans and sometimes, clothes have a mind of their own and don’t want to work for us. What can you do? You laugh a little and then you move on.

The were a lot of famous people who had embarrassing wardrobe failures, such as a torn pant leg or a broken shoulder strap, or they have accidentally shown much more skin than they had intended. What’s terrible about of these incidents is that they usually occur in full view of the general population.

Everyone from Jessica Simpson to Kim Kardashian has had a wardrobe failure at some point in their careers, whether it was on live television or because of the strong and annoying wind while traveling to an event. The world of celebs is definitely a special one and we’re all about it!

While some stars might freeze in the face of a fashion crisis, the majority of them can recover quickly enough to laugh off the nightmare like the professionals they are. Want to see them? Here they are! Click on the next page!

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1 thought on “Oops! 9 Celebs’ Worst Wardrobe Failures Caught on Camera”

  1. This in no way has the glamour or softness of Marilyn. This is angular, hard, and stiff .no innocent look here. Marilyn was no innocent ! But she could project it. She should have choose some costumn. Better suited to her. Joan Crawford, Rita Hayward ,Audrey Hepburn, Patrician Neil.

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